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  1. Anyone know of any other resources? I myself am interested in regular, unarmed, particularly hungry, zombie sprites... or models, for that matter.

    I've spent the better part of the last year working on a Day/Dawn/Land of The Dead/Dead Rising/RE inspired project, a city overrun with zombies and the main character fighting his way through them to set up a safe haven for the rest of the world. I'm pretty proud of my work; One level, a map of a city, full of shops/hotels/offices/government buildings, streets trashed and littered with cars, just about every area is accessible, easily about 5 hours of gameplay as is!

    The only problem I have is that I have no zombies at all to fight! I've gone down many venues, from making my own sprites (horribly time consuming) to making my own models (time consuming + I can't seem to do it) to stealing from other games/media (too hard to find)... I'm currently looking into grabbing models from the RE series and editing them as a last resort, although this too looks to be pretty hard to do.

    Last week, my computer burnt up and I took that as a sign... I'm using the next week as one last chance to find some (or someone that will make me some!) before giving up completely :/

  2. I've been searching for a game for about 3 years now, and it took that win95 post to make me realize i could probably ask here!
    Back when I had win 3.1, there was an old program (not entirely sure if it could really be considered a game or not) called "Engine" (i think). It shows you a picture of an engine, you hit the ignition and it tells you what happens, ie, grinding sound, or the engine chugs for a second and quits, or nothing at all. You have a list of parts to repair/fix/replace/whatever, and you click on what you think is wrong.
    if you're right, it starts up, if your wrong, probably not. Anywho, any help in finding this would be much appreciated :)

  3. sargebaldy said:

    wow, tobe does do news sometimes!

    <lobo_eire> Any doomworld news hounds around tonight?
    <@SargeBaldy> for some reason there's only one newsie in this channel, and he's on vacation
    <@SargeBaldy> well, i guess there's tobe
    <@SargeBaldy> but he never posts news

    I do news whenever someone asks me too. Not to mention that I use ESL a lot when my hand isn't cut in half :P

  4. ....Though I'm one of the few EDGE-savvy patriots left. Lobo updated his nifty Edge Shell/Launcher port. Guess I do know what it means! Insert my leet copy and paste skills concerning new features:

    ++ "Package it!" option. * This will create a compressed zip file which will contain all of the add-ons (wads, bex etc.) currently loaded into ESL, as well as a readme.txt file and a MiniLauncher program. * The MiniLauncher program can be used by the end user to run your TC in the chosen source port, with all of the add-ons automatically loaded (so the end user doesn't have to know nor use commandline parameters) * There are 2 customizable image files which you can edit to change the aspect of the MiniLauncher: one is for the background and one is for the actual "Run/play" button. * There is also a Readme.txt file which you can replace with your own.

    Sounds pretty awesome. And for all you other people who hate EDGE, something else worth noting:

    I should point out that while the name implies it only works with EDGE, that has not been true for several versions now, and ESL works with ALL source ports.

    Tobester tested, Tobester approved. Go grab it here.

  5. Schneelocke said:

    In the words of the comic book guy (from the Simpsons): worst. newstuff chronicles. ever.

    Well, maybe not quite. :) But it really would've been nice to get a bit information, not to mention some more screenshots; the purpose of t/nc is, after all, to let people know what the good and the bad maps are, so that they can concentrate on the former and disregard the latter.

    FWIW, that also means that you'll have to play all the 1994 maps. Sure, they're crap - or at least most of them are. But it's your job as the reviewer to do this kind of grunt work so that everyone else doesn't have to. Don't like it? Then don't do the newstuff chronicles.

    Ah well. I'm sure you'll do better next time. :)

    For the record, I DID do all the grunt work: I played all the maps, including the 94 maps. The ones at the top were not worth a review :P

  6. As for wads I didn't review, I reviewed everything that was in the /newstuff directory on Saturday morning. Someone sent me a PM claiming I forgot some, but the ones he directed me to were uploaded later that day.

    As I said, I apologize for said shitty reviews. Gimme another chance :)

  7. Thanks for the criticism.

    Yeah, I spose I should've made screenies for each map. That would've been the smart thing. I forgot all about making screens tho, and BS reminded me to like 5 minutes before he posted newstuff, so I did the great maps and canned the crap maps.

    Want better reviews? Make better maps :P

  8. Lol, sorry. To be honest I wasn't 100% on being able to do newstuff; I signed up for it like a month ago, thinking 'hey IM ALWAYS BORED' and my mother, totally randomly, decided to move on Wednesday, tapping her son who has a hand cut in half to help her. I spent 18 hours moving all her furniture and everything out of her house to a new place. I've been hurtin ever since.

    However, if you ever need newstuff again, im more than willing, now that I've had practice i could probably pull it off properly. The reviews were short for the most part because I played them in a short amount of time (I was expecting to be tapped to help move again).

  9. So I decided to do /newstuff, since I've been a DW newsie since '02 or so and I've not posted any news since '02 or so. I've beaten cancer, I've cut my hand in half, I've broken my right leg in 3 places and had to walk home on it, and I was once "nudged" by a car, but I think this will be my biggest challenge yet.


    Edit: I don't have to review them. Fuck.

    First off, of everything in /newstuff, do NOT download the following WADs. They are either 1994ish WADs or suck so much ass that they choke on it:

    All the others:
    • Woah - CheapAlert
      Boom Compatible - n/a - 1391KB -
      GFX/Sound/Weapon replacement. Not terribly bad.

    • Euphoria in Green - Cartelli
      Multiplayer - Deathmatch - 176KB - (img)
      A pretty nice DM map. Slopey and green. Recommended.

    • UAC Nukage Refinery - Leonardo "BuzzBomber" Venturelli
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 278KB - (img)
      A very nice E1-styled level. Recommended.

    • ChiselFest 2004 - CheapAlert
      ZDoom - Solo Play - 1818KB -
      9 levels, mspaint gfx. Good for a laugh because of the chikchok, but that's about it.

    • Motor Home 2 - I'm me
      Boom Compatible - Solo Play - 145KB -
      Nice idea for a map (I like it, anyway), horribly executed.

    • uac meat packing - terualn and torvul
      Limit Removing - Deathmatch - 59KB -
      I'll just copy from the text file:

      Description: this is my first wad! i made it for my little bro for his birthday to practise deathmatching on! then he wanted to make doom levels and then he done some mapping for for the map and it looked really cool and then it become really awesom! But then we added som stuff and it like stopped working in some sections. Youll need like an ultra fast Pentium or something to run this. It took forever to make nodes.

      It's actually pretty good looking for a '94 level. I beat it in about 10 seconds. (Editor's note: this looks to be a bad joke WAD rather than a genuine 1994 WAD.)

    • Total Darkness 3 - evilhomerdoomer
      Skulltag - Solo Play - 591KB - (img)
      Skulltag map. Nice. Recommended.

    • Bloody Cheese - Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen
      Boom Compatible - Co-op - 125 - (img)
      Nicely detailed, hordes of monsters, made for co-op. Recommended.

    • Fear is the Key - ReX Claussen
      Limit Removing - Solo Play - 320KB -
      City-themed map. Lots of monsters, good detail.

    • Halo Gen - Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen
      Boom Compatible - Deathmatch - 288KB -
      A set of 10 Deathmatch maps. Pretty. Must-have, I say.

  10. When actually creating music? Usually I wait for something to piss me off or make me really depressed. Then I get extremely drunk (I think I play my guitar better when I'm drunk, and my friends agree!) and write a song about it. Some of my best songs have come out this way. Unfortunately, I've only got midi samples of it, till my spoon player moves up to playing drums and I grow extra arms to play bass and lead guitar at the same time.

  11. I should've mentioned thats one fix-all i'd rather not to have to try; Call me lazy (cause thats what it feels like to me), but I'd rather have everything fixed proper and clean than do it like that. But otherwise, I'm sure it'd work like that (after changing around where the shortcuts point and all that).

  12. Heya, sorry if someone else has already had this problem and I missed it, but I'm having some trouble. I tried asking on the planetdoom forums before I remembered 'wtf Im kind of a newsie on doomworld what the hell am I doing here' and got one reply that didnt help at all and I kinda feel retarded.
    I got Doom3 and installed it back in August, and all was well. However, about a month later (and me not that far into the game; I beleive I was in the Delta Labs) the HD I had installed it to died. Although I was able to salvage the savegames from the HD, I can't uninstall the game so I can reinstall it. I've tried from Control Panel, from the CD, from the Start Menu group. Each time I try, the game 'uninstalls', but the only difference I see is that the 'Uninstall' option on the CD is changed to 'Install'; When I click it, it tries (and fails) to uninstall. Short of a format, is there anything I can do? I'm sure I could probably do something with the registry, but I have no idea what to do there, either.

  13. Rancid said:

    i once heard from somewhere that whats his face Les Claypool of Primus auditioned for metallica at some point, dont know if its true or not but just some info. Woulda been fuckin awesome to have him up their instead of Trujillo

    Quote from Metallica Behind the Music (tho im not sure of the correct wording anymore):

    Hetfield: We had Les Claypook from Primus try out for the Bass player position after Cliff died...

    Claypool: I got in there for a bit and played, I was like, 'Hey guys, wanna jam on some Aisley Brothers(sp?) tunes?

    Hetfield: We were like 'Sorry dude, but you're like, too good for us!'