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    I die a lot.

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  1. if I should perish
    if I should die
    no one would know
    no one would cry

    no one would care
    no one would notice
    life would go on
    in ignorant bliss

    I won't be remembered
    I won't be missed
    life will go on
    in ignorant bliss

    no beautiful angel
    will come and save me
    I'll rot alone
    for eternity

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    2. fraggle
    3. Tobester


      fraggle said:

      I'm no gothy fag, buttfucker.

    4. Melfice


      A black hole in empty space,
      It's pouring out,
      All the thoughts in my world,
      Feeling myself slip away.
      White and blue, red and black,
      It's time to pull the rope,
      To drop the final curtain.
      The act is over, no more to see.

      Once I could feel,
      Once I thought I was free,
      But then it hit,
      That I can't be me.
      Lived long enough,
      So that I could see,
      That everything is dead,
      And I've become something
      I can't let myself be.

      There are people above me,
      Identities blurred,
      Silhouettes of my demons,
      Waiting to take me to
      Somewhere unknown.
      I feel them lift me,
      But can barely sense
      That they were the medics,
      Trying to undo what I've done.

      I can see the light,
      Though I feel I'm blind,
      It flashes constantly,
      From all directions,
      But I can hear them all.
      The sound of a million words,
      The sound of a million tears,
      As people gather together,
      To witness a new story to tell,
      I'll be on the front of the news,
      So they can make more sales.