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  1. After playing my same peice of crap geetar for 3 years now, I finally put a down payment on a new guitar. About a week ago, my roommates and I were browsing a pawn shop, doing things like buying Glocks and Trumpets, when I saw a pretty Jackson Randy Rhoads V on the wall. However, the $600 price tag made the $239 white Flying V sitting next to it a whole lot prettier.
    I took it down, plugged it in, and was greeted with a tone that a generic guitar found in a pawn shop does not deserve. I played a few metallica songs while the guy behind the counter told me how much they sucked at a show in Cincinatti this year, played some random Ozzy riffs (which no one recognized), and played a few doom-ey riffs (d_shawn, and e1m1, which was recognized by another guy browsing stuff \m/), and fell in love.
    I took it back to the counter, sad and broke. 3 days passed, I got paid, and the guitar was still hanging in the shop when I went back yesterday. I took it down, played 'Sad But True', and asked if I could put a down payment on it. The guy behind the counter took $39 off of the asking price of the guitar, giving me an even $200 to pay, before tax. I gave hime $30 for a down payment, leaving me about $200 to pay, including tax.
    If I didn't have to lend some dough to my roommates to help cover bills, I'd be in the garage right now with the guitar until my fingers bled :) Ah well. When they pay me back, I get my guitar :D

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      I actually played one of those while browsing... very awesome guitar, bout $800 out of my price range, tho :P Heavier than shit, too.