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  1. So, the other day I decided it was format time. I moved all of the important stuff (mp3's, midi's i'd been working on, .wmv's of my roommates penis, etc.) off of my windows hd, rebooted my computer (after it had been on for 9 days, a personal record since I put in the pretty colorful epilepsy-inducing sleep-reducing fans), and began searching for my Xp disk. When the bios started, I got an error message, something along the lines of "CMOS ERROR: Loading Fail-Safe Defaults... Loading complete". Scared, I let the computer boot properly, no noticeable problems. Confident, I rebooted again.
    When XP started, it began loading, then about 5 seconds into the loading screen, the computer rebooted, and did the same thing over again. About 4 reboots later, I turned off the computer, frustrated.
    Later, I found my XP disk, stuck it in the CD-Rom, and turned the computer back on. I got to XP setup, and started formatting my windows drive. At 98%, the computer turned off. I turned it back on, started the process again, and this time, it formatted properly, no problems. I started installing XP, and while setup was copying files to do so, I got a bsod, something along the lines of "IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL".
    Now mind ye, I've not changed a god damn thing at all that would cause this BSOD. I got this error a few months ago when I bought a new motherboard; a friend took my processor out, put it back in, and it was fine. I didn't set it properly or something. However, I hadn't touched the processor at all since he did that, so it couldn't be that causing the error.
    Frustrated again, I gave up and tried again later. This time, as XP setup began, I got another bsod: "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE" or something similar. I turned off the computer and removed all the IDE drives except for my CD-ROM and Windows drive. THIS time, when I clicked on the power supply switch (NOT the computer power-on button) the computer started up, the hard drive (i think, anyway) making odd noises, and a strange smell coming from inside, while the monitor flashed NO VIDEO SIGNAL.
    Scared, I turned it off and took the entire damn thing apart. I checked EVERYTHING for signs of damage, scorchs/burns, anything. Everything looked clean and fine, PSU, processor, ram, motherboard, everthing. I put everything back together slowly, making sure everything was connected and mounted properly and correctly. When it was all back together, I hit the PSU switch, and the same thing happened again; the computer turned on, an odd noise came from inside.
    I turned the computer off, and one by one, I took everything out and replaced it with a different part, to see if it would fix the problem. I changed the PSU first, to my old one, same problem. I changed ram, processor, motherboard, hard drive, IDE cables, even switched chassis and power switch for the computer, in every possible combination, for roughly 7 hours. Each time, the same damn thing happened.
    I don't suppose ANYONE might know wtf is going on here?

    Specs for the systems:

    Comp name: "Suzie" (The one having problems)
    PSU: 480w PowerMax Demon (I tink thats the name)
    Processor: Amd Athlon 2100+
    Motherboard: Foxconn KM400M01 MiniATX
    Ram: 512mb DDR Samsung
    HD: Western Digital 6 gig (Windows Drive)
    Cd-Rom: Mitsumi 48x CD-RW
    Chassis: Generic Thing I got for $50
    GFX: GF4 MX440

    Comp name: "Hehbox" (My backup that I stole the parts from)
    PSU: 300w Generic
    Processor: AMD Duron 2600+
    Motherboard Asus AV78X (or something with all those letters :P)
    Ram: 512mb DDR 'Valuram'
    HD: Western Digital 20gig, Maxtor 20gig, WD 2gig
    CD-Rom: Creative Labs 52x
    Chassis: Same as the other one, with a bunch of stickers on it
    GFX: Ati Rage Pro

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gotta go now, tho, my roommate's gf just had a baby :D

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      That's a tough one to diagnose. I'm not exactly where you would start looking to tell you the truth. The motherboard would be the first place I would say to look at, taking it to a professional to have him test it. The last time my laptop acted funky, which was just before and at the 2003 QuakeCon, it ended up being a thing on my motherboard that fried itself.

      You may also want to try changing CD-Roms and graphics cards for shits and giggles. A friend of mine had a problem not long ago which he traced back to his graphics card.

      But if you switched motherboards, processors, ram, HDs, and all that, it sounds more like you switched computers.