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  1. that is a quote we are forced to say every day at our "team meetings"
    i work at best buy and that quote refers to shrike, nothing to do with testicles, but involves loss of money in a store. these posters cover almost every wall and has a horrible looking image of a dog that is out of focus and looks like a newb photoshop project.
    anyways our manager talks about nothing but shrike and thus hired a ton of new people to help this store, i was one of them. well to tell u the truth, the system sucks. the managers are about as dumb as a box of dildos that are missing batteries.

    before i started working i pointed out a damaged laptop, well 2 months later its still there and broken.

    I pointed out a deffective security device, on a $2000 projector. After the second time someone did fix that, not a manager though.

    Phone system is far beyond FUBAR, ask for a manger or supervisor and u get a janitor or talking monkey of some sorts.

    And a very big problem i discovered today. We offer and sell alot of computer stuff and i found that some of it cant even be used in this area. I am talking about cable modems. our advertisement is that set up instore account and get the modem too, go home and its done. well not so easy. infact only 1 of the 6 modems is usable. Time waner will only support their own modems, which are cheap. When i called up to register my mac address they told me this. my thought was "bullshit" never heard of that. so i called around. And even tried sneaky approaches.

    so i had purchased a $80 cable modem that was useless in this area, and by that i mean 95% of southwest ohio. Bestbuy has no information about this and so i must tell home office, who doesn't listen to the average grunt, that they will loose a whole shitload of money on this. personaly this is why i hate economics in the US. i smell a backwoods deal that timewaner has made. they claim a BS FCC statment, however the modem i used was of higher quality, had signal filter and was compatible with the network.
    so none of these modems will even work in this area, and i can wait to see all the returns we get.
    Also what if u want to update to a better modem. you cant, you get stuck with a POS. though the modems get the job done they have there bad points, lack of signal filter is one.

    personaly i will have to warn best buy, but i know nothing will happen and it will be one of those "i told you so" moments.

    other things i have done

    damaged VGA cable, no one replaced the thing, despite the fact i had told them twice about it. I tried to but they got mad and put the old one back on. 3 days later, due to the nasty short in the cable, it killed a $700 monitor.
    i cant tell customers that "thats not a good idea" even though it would aviod a return. i cant recomend what i know will work best, only the most expensive.

    so what should i do, tell them of their mistake or not tell them. truth is they will not listen. hell cant even get a message around the store with out something wrong.

    but hey i did my job so i could give 3/16ths of a rats ass what they do. but due to the cost and disapiontment people will face i will tell them (dont buy that modem)