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  1. After seeing this post I had no idea that was a thing so I tried it out. Its pretty fun and impressive that this could be generated. If I couldn't find any wads to play It sounds like it would be an option. I do notice there is a "theme" with the generated wad in how things look and how secrets are designed but I'm not sure if it will change per wad creation. I have only played 3 levels so far in this wad so I don't know if it will be very different next time. I cant tell if the software just combines various rooms together and then adds secrets and doorways or how it works. If it can generate rooms and shapes from scratch that make sense that are not based off templates I could see it being pretty fun, if its based off limited templates I could see it getting old.
  2. LateToDOOM2020

    Lego Carnage - WAD DOOM 1

    Aw man I see the mistake I made - I did not mention Jumping is required. sorry about that I Did not mean to mislead you into confusion. I Tried to add stairs on the beginning so you don't jump but never added stairs on the end area. It was really cool to watch the gameplay though and I'm glad to see your able to get through it even with plenty of monsters! By the way the switch you said that did not do anything was a switch you pressed before - the walls came down and it looks different then.
  3. LateToDOOM2020

    Lego Carnage - WAD DOOM 1

    I just felt like trying to implement Legos into doom. No good reason for this. Title: Lego Carnage Description: This is a WAD for DOOM 1 I built after thinking how it would be interesting if Doom guy was a Lego figure or if Legos were somehow incorporated into doom. I was just playing around building this wad but I thought I would complete it and make it playable. This does not work with the original doom port you must use something like GZDoom. Make sure to Jump! Some of the Legos are stacked high. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So I just thought these giant Legos looked cool on a doom map. I'm not sure if the wad is that good Its just a small simple map and I had fun building and testing it so hopefully someone has fun also! I'm not a skilled map builder so don't expect a super large and complex map with heavy building skills this is my second map! Have fun! Download Here: Lego_Carnage_WAD.zip NOTICE: Jumping IS Required to complete this map! WARNING: Wont work on Original DOOM Engine through DOSBOX due to weird mirror issues evreywhere - Use GZDoom or another Port
  4. LateToDOOM2020

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    I'm guessing if you play any "style" long enough then that would make sense. I guess im just thinking a wad with minimal development skills is probably still surprising but I haven't played Doom for long enough! There are things that I could see becoming predictable in some of those wads that from what I have seen with newer wads are unexpected and feel new to DOOM due to the creativity. That is ofcourse within the doom style gameplay design but the maps can really surprise me based on how things can be designed. Even something as simple as the DOOM2 Episode thats ..a mineshaft? I noticed quickly the cross fire that I have not really seen in doom before. These little changes Make gameplay more tricky and fun.
  5. LateToDOOM2020

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    Does anyone just like that old amateur 90s wad type? I'm talking about some wads made within an day or an hour.
  6. will all these be compiled into a single "IWad"? It would be pretty cool to play all of these once they are complete.
  7. LateToDOOM2020


    Finished in 2:30 killing all the monsters. Quick Challenging little map and yes its a straight shot to the exit.
  8. LateToDOOM2020

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    I somewhat like that type of "style" for wads just simple and quick wads to play through in 10-20 minutes. Though it is funny because I thought if i created a wad similar to the ones of the mid 90s people would think its crappy. Not because its intentional but because I Have only created 1 wad before and I have only doom 1 and 2 as reference points just like mentioned. I kind of like that old wad feel anyways because it seems to follow no standard and I never know what ill expect!
  9. LateToDOOM2020

    Have WAD Expectations Changed?

    So i downloaded an .ISO file containing a 1000 wads a while ago. * I have also downloaded others previously with other wads - not just this "dvd". I assume this is from the time DOOM was released... not sure but it does not look new like its from 2021 for sure. While playing they had a different feel from the newer wads I see now days. They seemed more quickly put together and without heavy focus on design. I made a wad a while ago and while there was no bad criticism there was detail focused on the choices for weapons put on the map as well as layout and other things that i never would have thought about. It made me really think that the wad development community within doom is very serious and a huge amount of effort or skill has been put into the modern wads. After seeing some of those older maps I think those maps would be seen as not so good actually. Though I do like the older wads and I assume others may too, simple designs and interesting choices for monsters/weapons added to the wad I think things have changed. It makes me curious if anyone playing doom for a while has noticed a change in the expectations of wads?
  10. LateToDOOM2020

    Your opinion on Brutal Doom

    I like the brutal doom mod but I don't use it all the time. I think its fun to play on Realistic Mode and make the difficulty hard so its very limited to how much I cant be hit before I die. It makes me have to be more strategic and plan and wait carefully when fighting. (I usually die a bunch anyways but its fun to at least try to survive!)
  11. LateToDOOM2020

    DOOM Poster Details on the Monsters in it

    Very Odd I have played through DOOM1 and never seen that level before but I can get the reference after starting off with a pistol and being chased by barons! I guess its the Un-Official Monster of Doom ! A mix between everything.
  12. LateToDOOM2020


    Just began playing it and its very cool from the sounds to the textures to the hellish design! I really like that fog effect.
  13. LateToDOOM2020

    DOOM Poster Details on the Monsters in it

    Also that's a cool story It gives some insight i was quite curious about that picture.
  14. LateToDOOM2020

    DOOM Poster Details on the Monsters in it

    That bugs me now! I did not notice that. This kind of makes me think they are more similar to barons and you don't see any of their legs to conform the similarity except those horns. Yea this poser makes me over think it!
  15. So I was looking at this poster and thinking to my self.... What are those demons? At first i just assumed imps but they lack specific things like spikes on them and imps don't even have horns. Though they do shoot fireballs out of their hands as seen on the right side of the poster. Also I assume this is an older poster from the 90's so I'm guessing it relates to DOOM I or DOOM II. I haven't finished doom II yet so I guess it could be a new monster but I just don't know I have never seen it. Also I notice the gun is some sort of rifle not seen on the original doom but i think I'm looking too much into this poster. So what is it on this poster? Is this a monster within doom or is this some random depiction of doom?