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  1. LateToDOOM2020

    Townhouses (Townhous.wad)

    I put 5 stars because I found it enjoyable. No it does not have super detailed design but it does have details that make it an enjoyable game play. the way textures line up perfectly for example buttons on a washing machine and the railing for the stairs is very clever and Its cool to see the use of textures in this way. I enjoyed the lack of linear game play and the lack of typical puzzle solving. You sneak around the houses and with uncertainty what is around each corner you find that the monsters keep coming out of nowhere. The houses give you cover to protect your self and its cool to see the little details in each house. There is more than enough ammunition and you wont be able to pick up every item. Its very fun to play doom in this more relaxed free roam style. To those who have played many doom levels and have high expectations you may dislike this map but for someone like me who likes the older style of maps its very enjoyable.
  2. That maze looks like a nightmare! @jpsplat What you said makes sense about the hit scanners. I guess I will just have to kill every monster on the map then! I Think it would be cool to have a maze the size similar to the original but with more towers and small pockets of open areas with some buildings etc.. All difficult to get to yet rewarding. @thestarrover Agreed I hope to see more cool maze maps😁
  3. Yea I'm still having fun with this maze. I have been on maze 2.0 now I abandoned the original map because I was bad at navigation lol. @jpsplat Did you make it so the player cant get to the top of the tower? I killed 3 of the spiders but when I try to get to the top I die almost instantly. I would think its archviles but I die before even catching on fire. On another note the tower is fun to fight around. The spiders have a delay with their plasma balls depending on your distance. So You can lure monsters on to a pathway where they will try shooting you and move out of the way causing 50 plasma balls to hit them all at once. Very devastating attack using the tower.
  4. My bad yes I can go up just like the image you showed. I guess it works fine on Woof doom thenπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž I think I just misunderstood. Its actually a smart idea just to get a peek only without breaking the game play. Thanks I will look at it I did not ever know there were so many doom ports!
  5. @jpsplat I am using Woof DOOM because my poor computer cant handle running GZDoom. When I try to go up the stairs and full speed running I hit it like a wall. I will look up crispy Doom and see if I can play with that.
  6. My progress is not impressive but that's okay I don't want to suffer that bad lol I had an observation going through marking all the dead ends and continued going deeper until I find more dead ends. Theres a spot you can see where I begin to hit many dead ends all at one time and it is limited to an area. Its a petty cool visualization to see where an area is cut off from the rest of the maze. Also is it just me or does anyone have difficulties going up the new stairs? I cant get up
  7. Thank you for making our torturous game play experience of being stuck in a maze forever more improved and enhanced with an update. πŸ˜‚πŸ€˜ It looks good. One thing I notice is making it possible to walk on the maze walls causes the entire map to become discovered. Its good to see the entire map but it also makes it difficult to know what has been explored. I guess its a trade off you could say.
  8. This wad would be really cool if some areas you step on will make walls lower while other areas you step on will make walls raise up. It would make this maze even more of a mess to navigate.
  9. Thanks I was using GZDoom but I will see about using another port. Maybe I will get to play this maze after all! I just tried Woof Doom and it works amazing! Great advice. Chocolate Doom Crashes trying to load itπŸ˜‚
  10. 4 hours that is crazy! Im a little jealous! This looks like a fun map but My computer cant handle it. Its cool to see the progress others have made with the discovered areas based on the map. All the conversation around this really makes me want to play some maze maps.
  11. OHH MY COMPUTER.. ITS COUGHING UP A LUNG It cant handle it! But that looks really cool I wish I could play but my computer will hate me forever if I do.
  12. LateToDOOM2020

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    Like you I made a script to simplify the process of running the source port I want while loading the mods and wad files I want to load. I did not realize at the time that there are tools for launching doom.
  13. LateToDOOM2020

    Can someone tell me how he does not get harmed by fires?

    I can see the appeal now. Even though its not a player in real time its amazing to see what 1 doom guy can do. By the way did anyone see this part of the video? Doom guy is able to lure many of the skeleton missiles and direct them in to the cyber demons taking both out in one attack. Its very cool I don't think I would see this outside of TAS.
  14. LateToDOOM2020

    Can someone tell me how he does not get harmed by fires?

    So you are saying its impressive because they have to plan every moment to dodge all the projectiles with perfect timing? That is pretty cool...😎 Edit: Are these maps really designed to be beaten by people playing with their keyboard! I cant imagine but I know you can exhaust the monsters by infighting. Wow never mind I watched more of the video
  15. LateToDOOM2020

    Haunted Helipad (First Singleplayer Vanilla Doom Map)

    I like the single maps that are quick and fun to play through. I was not stuck looking around and wasting 5 minutes trying to find where to go it was just fun!. Great map!