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  1. ax34

    What graphic settings makes you pee'd off

    Chromatic aberration
  2. ax34

    Doomcute thread

    Можно ссылочки на эти вады? Хочу поигать в них.
  3. I consider "vanilla" everything that doesn't require a source port.
  4. Ion Fury and Black Mesa
  5. ax34

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    My first Doom was in computer club: i started it, i loaded someone else's save (it was The Pit), and i was not able to figure out what to do in this game.
  6. ax34

    Creative Uses Of The Automap

    Sadly can't remember what wad exactly it is, maybe one of DUMPs...
  7. Commander Keen 4 and 6 Basic and Pascal Also my screensaver running while Visual Player playing intro music from Pinball Fantasies through PC Speaker in background, and that all on weak 80286.
  8. ax34

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Face-rocket at lost soul or Get finished off by single regular zombie in slaughter map
  9. Yes, i wait for it, but i doubt my current hardware (especially video RAM) will be able to handle it.
  10. ax34

    Most satisfying sounds in classic Doom?

    Explosion, arch-vile dying, pain sounds of multiple monsters at once.
  11. Recent years i mostly play games based on Doom, Build and Quake engines. I also like Stalker series (do they count as retro games already?)
  12. MAP29 from Plutonia Experiment maybe...
  13. ax34

    Do you do any drugs?

    Does ones prescribed by schiziatrist count?
  14. ax34

    My drawings

    Slightly improved version of my old ZX Spectrum art: