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  1. Is "Lost Civilization 2 part 1" a part of this wad?
  2. ax34

    Courthouse | New map

    Thank you! Cool map.
  3. ax34

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    My the only complaint about Freedoom is protagonist's face. He looks like yesterday he had big booze.
  4. ax34

    My drawings

  5. Patiently waiting for megawad...
  6. ax34

    [MBF21] "Sweet Tremor"

    Эти бы все твои мапы да в мегавад объединить...
  7. ax34

    Horror Mods for DOOM II?

    Total Chaos Unhinged The Thing you can’t Defeat
  8. His leg is not lubricated enough so it squeaks.
  9. Added new song called play "o0l20aa>aa<aa>aa" (back-to-basics.fur). It's a music for good old PC Speaker. Also GZDoom-compatible version (conversion to Sega Genesis VGM file) included for those who want to make some kind of Yet Another Sky May Be wad. Preview: https://vk.com/wall19150046_758 or https://zxart.ee/rus/avtory/a/ax34/play-o0l20aaaaaaaa-konversija-s-pc-speaker/
  10. ax34

    Best looking enemy?

    I like worms
  11. Great wad! Does something similar exist for Plutonia? Also MAP13 deserves to be it's own separate wad.
  12. ax34

    I got the Corridor 7 TC working!!!

    Try to run it with Wine.
  13. ax34

    Cursed Doom Images

    You forgot a chaingun
  14. ax34

    My drawings

    Pallas cat: https://zxart.ee/rus/avtory/a/ax34/nikto-ne-ujdet-nepoglazhennym/
  15. ax34

    [MBF21] "Urban Crusade"

    Спасибо, классные мапы! Отсылка к Сталкеру порадовала.