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  1. ax34


    This wad needs a Cacoward.
  2. ax34

    Nuts_Infighting: a MAGNUM OPUS TERRYWAD

    Cool mop! Do any other wads dedicated to infighting exist in the wild?
  3. No, i prefer to berserk punch them. I like pork chop.
  4. Usually you should report these problems at https://github.com/ZDoom/gzdoom/issues
  5. ax34

    Archvile appreciation post

    Arch-vile is just very hungry mancubus.
  6. Maybe into bigger cat, like Norwegian forest one...
  7. They looks a bit similar, they usually occur together (even when you play Doom community pwads with Freedoom), so i ask.
  8. ax34

    My drawings

    "Indian tea"
  9. ax34

    [Shitpost Enemy] Paingunner

    Next time: Archpaingunner
  10. ax34

    Plasma Rifle sound: let's discuss our favorites

    I prefer "puff-puff-puff" sound of DOS version to more harsh sound of modern ports. But if we talk about mods then i like Doom 3 variant.
  11. ax34

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Pinkies - yes, i like pork. Cyberdemon - no, i don't like beef. Barons and knights - i didn't try mutton yet so i'm unsure if i'd like it.
  12. ax34

    My drawings

    Kind of JRPG: Refined version of Laughing Gas Molecules: