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  1. WELL! Im here, for the first time, on Doomworld. And here be me blog. Yeah Im a newbie and im lame, but that's ok cause I LIKE DOOM! And anything thats called a FPS.
    Anyway, this is my blog, and Im gonna freakin' use it! Anyway, it's Wednesday, October 15, 2003. Alot of interesting things have happened, including people doing criminal acts agianst the band and certain band memebers, I now have friends that are girls, and Im still insanely stupid.
    And, not only that, it appears to some girls that im funny...my two new friends, actaully. Then agian, that was YESTERDAY...today I didnt have much coffee left in my system, so I wasent as funny in class as normal...O well...at least Im getting SOMEWHERE.
    Okay, that basically sums it up. And I hope I just didn't make myself look like an idiot by typing this...O well.

    The weird, the crazy, the plain dumb,

    Sir Blastalot

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer
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      "Gotta love teh cat" - ravage.

    4. Darkhaven3


      Waitwaitwait, I got this one!

      Grazza, before you start loving teh cat, be sure you have something to show first, like blablablablabla...