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  1. Well, it's Thursday, October 16, 2003, and I like it here. And for some reason I've become fond of the "Post Hell" forum. Maybe it's just the guy screaming with the guitar blaring behind his mutilating scream...or it could just be the fact I LOVE seeing idiots be told their idiots, and then they STILL DONT REALISE THEIR IDIOTS! HAHA! So funny...and I hope that if one of my posts get in there, it will be the dumbest post of my entire life, and then I can say, "Yeah, that was my stupidest post, and guess what? I LIKED IT!" Er...wait...that right there is probably the dumbest thing I've said all year...Er :( I better get to doin something before I get damnated to hell...

    Stupidly, Hellishly insane,

    Sir Blastalot

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    2. Hobo


      Map23 is Alice In Chains - Them Bones

    3. Linguica
    4. Bloodshedder


      I meant No Remorse by Metallica, as I wasn't even aware anyone else had made a song with the same title.