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  1. Friday, October 31st, 2003.
    No, Im not going to say anything about Halloween. And, no, my dear friends that live under a rock, Im not talking about the 5/6 Halloween movies. Im talking about the DAY Halloween. Got it?
    Yeah, anyway, Im kicking myself in the ass. Literally. I got a big red spot---wait, you didnt need to know...*kicks himself in the ass agian*
    Alllllllllrighty...well, today was a pretty good day actually, but there is a quite simple reason for me kicking myself in the ass. Im 15 and it's almost the end of the 1st Semester and I HAVE NO G/F!!! WHY DID GOD GIVE ME AN INTELLEGENT BRAIN WITH NO CHARM!!!! WHY COULDNT I JUST HAVE BOTH??!!
    Yeah yeah, I sound like a dork. Guess what? I AM ONE!

    So, take my advice: cherish your girlfriend/boyfriend. There are people out there who aren't as fortunate...or maybe just not that lucky...But, Im not one of them, so what do I have to worry about?:(

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    2. Melfice


      People who think they can't survive without someone and then when they get someone obssess over them are the most pathetic kinda of people next to hobos, but hey, atleast they have a reason they're pathetic, they're poor and live on the street.

    3. Danarchy


      Meh. I'm almost 20 and I've never had a girlfriend. The closest I've been to a girl is just some minor touching, and not really in a sexual way. Um yeah. Of course there are several reasons for me not having a girlfriend.

      For one, I'm too selective. I've even been asked out before, but turned it down because I didn't know the girl well enough. I've only known four girls in my life that I'd seriously consider ever dating. Probably has to do with my raging egotism.

      Secondly, there is of course the pshysical aspect. I've been called cute by at least one girl (and a guy), but I've been overweight my entire life and thats not good. Also, in the past I was a little lax on my hygeine. Personaly, I think I'm fairly attractive (or is that my ego again?), but physical standards are high these days.

      Third, I'm too nice. Despite what the movies tell you, girls don't want to date nice guys. As someone (Bloodshedder I think) said in a previous post, they see it as a weakness. It could be because of a Freudian concept of their fathers being cruel to them (as they often are in this male-driven society) and them looking for an equitable father-figure, or it could be because of a primal instict to find a protector. Or it could be something else entirely. Sure, guys like us make great friends but they dont want us as boyfriends.

      Next, I'm too much of a free spirit, a loner, an...egotist. Yes, god damn it! If there is one trait about myself that I could change, it would be my ego. I always want to do my own thing and I suppose this ties in with the rest of the stuff.

      Lastly, whenever I do form a close relationship to a girl, I end up trashing it by doing all the wrong stuff. In fact, three of the four afformentioned girls are no longer my friends. Perhaps you'd call this being a nerd or something. Perhaps its called being a horrible friend. I don't know. When it comes to intimate social situations I'm an idiot.

      But ah well. I meant to write a bit of advice, but instead turned this into a rant about me and myself. Damn this arrogance. But perhaps you can shift through the crap of this post and pick out corn kernals of wisdom. Really, just listen to what Dunbar said. Do what you can, what you want, what you must. Worry about sex and drugs when you get older.

    4. toxicfluff


      I wouldn't say don't bother with a girlfriend/boyfriend. I think there is a hell of a lot to learn from relationships (unfortunately a large amount of this usually comes at the breakdown), and a lot of experience to be gained. Just because most relationships end doesn't make the experience they provide any less genuine - it's best to have experience both sides of most things in life. But I do think it's useless to just throw yourself into a relationship for the sake of it.