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  1. Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    Hello all! It's Veterans Day! I know I should be running around doing abunch of wacky shit, or just sit here in some teenager-sized military uniform, but Im sitting on my ass at the computer.
    Anyway, I havent made a blog or informed you of anything new happening, and I figured that since the blog is here im gonna use it for what it is. Here's the general summery of what's been going on:

    Well, Im apparently, ahm, gaining some mojo (or im just becoming more interesting). There are a few girls who talk to me out of their own free will. It's really cool, considering two of them I used to like :). And, not only that, I think neither of them have bf's! Whenever a dance shows up and their still single, im gonna ask one of them to the dance by God!
    Also, I have located a full-version of Doom that I can download online. I just gotta finish downloading it (I got stuck with the SNES Doom ROM...not very good, and too sluggish). Just thought you guys needed to know that.

    I'll type another blog later. Untill then, happy gun-slinging and demon-head-totting!

    Sir Blastalot