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  1. Wednesday, December 17, 2003

    Yeah yeah, I know alot of people are going "Who the hell is this guy?" Well, lets just say Im busy. Im a member of two forums, an up-coming rock band, the school band, Boy Scouts, a community service club, and I have no goddang friggan' time for myself! So, im usually here just to look (dont have alot of time, no time to post) and I figured I need to slow down and post a little. And, just in case your wondering about the other forum, its BlizzForums.
    Anyway, for those who know me here (maybe all two of you), you need some updates. Short and sweet:
    --I've told the girl I like that I like her
    --I've been oficialy ivited to my first party (New Years Eve)
    --I've got alot of friends
    --I've got to get a Bass Guitar
    --I've got too many things I have to do (schoolwise, clubwise, etc.)
    --I've got too many things I want to do (bandwise, videogamewise, etc.)
    --I still need to get a life :P

    Anyway, my sensless rambling has come to an end yet agian, and im signing off...maybe by January my workload wont be so bad...I just gotta finish my StarCraft map...my forum RPG idea...my artwork... gotta work on my Bass Guitar skills...gotta get an Xbox...hope that Doom3 comes out before March 22 (my birthday) so I can get it...etc etc I need to shut up now. Goodbye,

    Sir Blastalot

    PS> I wish to have my name changed from "Sir Blastalot" to "Unorthodox" (without the quotations of course). Such a change would be gladly appreciated. Thanks! <End PS