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  1. Marcovalent

    Crispy Doom on Steam

    When I tried to install it on steam I followed this guide, only difference is that I used Crispy Doom instead of Chocolate Doom, if it's not possible that's fine, I just prefer to play it on steam to know how much of it I played.
  2. Marcovalent

    Crispy doom exe file

    I'm replying because I too had this issue, I suggest you turn off your antivirus for this, It worked for me, mine automatically deleted both the .exe and the setup files.
  3. Marcovalent

    Crispy Doom on Steam

    Hello, does anyone know how to install crispy doom on the steam version of ultimate doom? I tried the same process as the one for chocolate doom but everytime I change something in the setup it doesn't change in the actual game.