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  1. gman829

    Post your Doom textures!

    We do a little trolling
  2. Since Doom and Heretic/Hexen have different color palettes, is there a way I can use the Heretic/Hexen textures in Doom Builder for custom maps? If not, are there any conversions out there where its all the textures remade in the Doom palette? Thanks.
  3. gman829

    Problem with a script

    I'm trying to make a brown key door with this mod: Various Community Keys. It comes with a lockdefs script, but it doesn't show up when I set a lock in UDMF. It only shows the default keys (red, blue, and yellow). So how do I add a thing that says "You need a brown skull to open this door."? Also I'm using Doom Builder 2, with ZDoom in UDMF format. And I'm not using GZDoom builder its too confusing for me.
  4. gman829

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm gonna make a sky texture of the paramount mountain lol. Maybe the Windows XP Bliss background too.
  5. I already know, if you use a transparent texture in the middle, you can shoot through it. My question is, how do I turn a cage like that, and make it a door?
  6. gman829

    How to change the DOOM 2 sky texture?

    So I did all this, but when I make a MAPINFO file and load the map with GZDoom, I get a message saying this: MAPINFO" line 2: (: Unknown top level keyword . Does anyone know how to fix this?