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    Where can I find the Doom 2 Decorate files?

    Wow Thank you! Yeah i figured maybe it was a hard-coded issue, but these links have gotten me what i needed. I will refer to the zdoom wiki for any future code related questions.
  2. I've been using Slade 3 to open Wad files from sites like Realm667.com for awhile now in which usually they include a decorate file with the actor scripts and such, but recently I noticed that when I open the Doom 2 wad from the base game, it only shows the maps, sounds and sprites with a few other files, but not the decorate files. Is there a way to access these decorate files and the actor scripts that are within them? I'm asking simply because I want to find and replicate the script that creates the hitscan feature that the zombieman and shotgunners use against the player. I tried to google any examples for setting up a custom hitscan script myself but haven't really found any examples that deal with giving an AI a hitscan script against the player.