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  1. elmo972

    Best joke WADs

    Oh My God! It is the NUT man!
  2. elmo972

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    And then it deletes your family.
  3. elmo972

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    Three words: ultra mega nightmare.
  4. elmo972

    Best joke WADs

    That sounds like a fever dream.
  5. elmo972

    Best joke WADs

    Basically the title. I am looking for some joke WADs to have fun (or suffering) with.
  6. elmo972

    Longest and Shortest WADs?

    What is the longest time you spent on making a Doom WAD and what is the shortest time you spent on making a WAD?
  7. elmo972

    How would you change the Doom 1&2 Chainsaw

    Make it similar to the one from Serious Sam where the chainsaw is like 6 feet long.
  8. elmo972

    Alpha Centauri now on Idgames!!!

    Looks great! I'm going to tr it out!
  9. elmo972

    Good weapon mods

    Basically, i'm looking for a good weapon mod. It doesn't matter if it's the most realistic thing ever, or just a joke. Thanks!
  10. How did you decide "Hey, im gonna play this game from 1993" and how did you get hooked? Personally i got into Doom because i wanted to try making maps for games.
  11. Everybody loves Raymond, but it's an archville and everybody hates him.
  12. - GZDoom (Doom 2) - recommended to play with freelook and jumping - map takes about 10 minutes - no gameplay changes - Brutal Doom not reccomended because it isn't built with it in mind My first WAD, yay! https://www.dropbox.com/s/le283h1ikxbvpn4/MAP01.wad?dl=1