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  1. arnaldocsf

    How do you download unofficial classic doom games?

    Hey, I'm brazilian, I can help in our language. Please, OP, confirm it.
  2. arnaldocsf

    How do you download unofficial classic doom games?

    Just try to grab the WAD and put in your DOOM folder, then drag the WAD to DOOM.EXE and see the magic happens. PS.: this is just ONE WAY (and not the better!) to play the WADs.
  3. arnaldocsf

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    Pants, obviously. It's a demon in his workplace.
  4. arnaldocsf

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    What is the correct form: DOOM, Doom or DooM?
  5. arnaldocsf

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    Well... Registered: 04-20
  6. arnaldocsf

    Ultra-Violence and the opinions of the players

    I just press Enter three times and that put me HMP. But, I'm still too noob for UV.
  7. arnaldocsf

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I worked in the same place for over 8 years now. And yesterday... I gotta a call and will start in a new place, with higher salary and better benefits. Also, I will try to help a friend to get my latter position in the older place, so... I'm having a good day, guess.
  8. arnaldocsf

    New map (Riphean Mountains) Need Test!

    I like the concept. Gonna try asap.
  9. arnaldocsf

    Pistol start/Quicksaves/Permadeath? How do you play?

    I save the save to save the saves in savegames. A lot of saves.
  10. This is it. I'm in love.
  11. I don't know, sorry. What I DO know is that Marathon (all 3) are avaible to download for free with a new open source engine. Downloaded Marathon 2 today, it's beautiful.
  12. This said, Marathon still is a good game. I remember playing Durandal in the early 90's I guess. Good memories.
  13. Just did a little Google Search: https://web.archive.org/web/20120104155012/http:/www.next-gen.biz/reviews/doom-review For anyone who might be interested
  14. That's something I didn't know. Thank you, my friend. And yes, I will try your mod asap!
  15. I'm here just thinking if we have someway to make the Actor Doomguy little or if you just make all the map bigger.