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  1. I'm Just wonder ing if Doom3/Quake4 is going to support TrueForm?I'm Going to buy a Radeon 8500 card when it is realesed.....
  2. The Unknown

    Is Doom3/Quake4 going to support TrueForm?

    Really?I'm using T&L and still 30 frames per second in 800x600 >:(.Thats why i'm going to buy a Radeon 8500 to make Black&White run in higher res and 60 frames per second
  3. The Unknown

    Is Doom3/Quake4 going to support TrueForm?

    What the hell do you mean it's the worst time to buy one?My crappy GF2 MX can't even play Black&White in 800x640 in res whit the lowest quality (Duron 800 256 MB ram) I like the card really much and i just wondering if Doom3/Quake4 is going to support TrueForm?
  4. The Unknown

    Carmack On OpenGL Versus Direct 3D

    Will Doom3 Support TrueForm?
  5. The Unknown

    Geforce 256 works for Doom3?

    That will suck big time when u haven't a Geforce3 card or better!Just think playing the lowest resulotion and no Special effekts!hehe the game will look as good as Quake then hehe....
  6. The Unknown

    The Story Boards/ Missions

    How could the icon of sin be in earth if it's so increadible large?Why doesn't the UAC go in to the portal and killa ll the damn demons?Anyway quake2 is a real cool game
  7. The Unknown

    intresting updates

    I'm going to buy a Radeon2 8500 instedd of Geforce3.By the way.DOOM3 WILL ROCK!!!!
  8. The Unknown

    intresting updates

    I read that Readon 8500 will work better whit Doom3 than Geforce3 is this true Zaldron?
  9. The Unknown

    intresting updates

    I don't really understand a bit about the Doom3 Engine.They aren't using Vertex and shaders at all or are they going to make the game to run so smottly on GF1/GF2 MX cards as possibly?
  10. The Unknown


    Zaldron aren't u sick of Ralphs love?I mean i would go crazy (really) if someone was like this to me.Anyway aren't u starting to get tyred of all ralphs posts?
  11. The Unknown


    Ok....what is a packet?Sorry if i ask you Zaldron i'm not from USA so i don't know what it is
  12. The Unknown

    Plasma Rifle 2001

    Can you put a nuke inside the plasma rifle? Only joking, it looks really cool
  13. The Unknown

    I forgot something

    Who was Deadnail again?
  14. So the AI should outsmart us?Dumb ass that will never work!How fun is it when u are in a really hard level and then some Imps run behind u and kill you or some bull demons?Better than Half life whould be good
  15. The Unknown

    I hope that the A.I. is gonna be better

    I want a Fraking ugly demon whit twin chainguns and a rocket luancher for a ass....
  16. The Unknown

    Hexen 2...

    Stupid assholes i have a GF2 MX and i can make Hexen2 run really smooth (take away Opengl32.dll in Hexen2 folder)but i have only 640x480 and can't change the resulotion
  17. The Unknown

    I hope that the A.I. is gonna be better

    Zaldron Q3 bots are really easy to beat so i hope D3 will have so damn hard monsters to kill...
  18. The Unknown

    New 'multi-player id game'

    It would suck if you have a sword and meet a damn CyberDemon but it would be cool in a way.NO gimme some weapons so i can blast them to death
  19. The Unknown

    doom3 kinda scares me...

    This sucks....I love both Quake and doom
  20. The Unknown

    Why is the Bull Demon so weak?????

    When i play doom/2 i always think that the bull demons are weak.But in Doom 64 they are huge (big as a baron of hell) and look more powerful and more dangerous!But still they are too weak to ripp of a marines head (i wish they could do that)or kill a hell knight.So i hope that if id has all the Doom2/64 monsters back i hope that the Bull Demons get stronger.
  21. i want to know which demon in doom2 or doom64 is your favorite?Which is best doom2 or Doom64?
  22. The Unknown

    Which Demon/monster is your fave in doom

    Bull demon is my favorite.Big fast and...weak.Doom64 is the best in doom series
  23. If it gets more Realistic then i can kiss Doom3 goodbye...Doom is Doom and nothing else.
  24. The Unknown

    DUDE!! - gba

    GBA is better than PSX.PSX sucks because it had no good frame rate at all!!!Play driver 2 and when there are 3 cars in the screen then the Frames drops :-P.If you want to play really good games so buy Towny hawks pro skating and Super Mario Advance.
  25. The Unknown

    Is it true that Doom3 will be more realistic?

    Stupid cacodemon ;-).Super mario bros/2/3 is a real great game