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  1. Well it depends what kind of shoot em up it is. the old doom had colorful graphics ( in some levels i think ) and some games look better whit not so much color while others look really good whit colorful graphics. I think Halo looks fine whit all those colors and i hope that Doom3 will have less colorful graphics. By the way that was that whit the avatar pic? was it illegal? if it was i didn't know that and i hopÄe i haven't made you mad.

  2. "IN THEORY it's better. However, the controller sucks, turning with the D-Pad is too slow (half as fast as the psx) and there's not that much levels. In other words, the graphics are better, the atmosphere is better, but it doesn't feel or play as well as the PSX version"

    you don't use the stick don't you? DOOM64 levels are better than DOOM PSX