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  1. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat 2.0 - GZDOOM - Doom 2

    Hotfix 1: Fixed a switch activated door locking after a single use. Enhanced the visibility of the Blue keycard. Made a door in the pinkie room slightly more visible from the entrance. Added a greater number of health pickups to the final boss room. Added a BFG and Plasma gun into the hallway leading up to the boss room. Having a surplus of ammo before reaching this point is still dependent on exploration and scrounging.
  2. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat 2.0 - GZDOOM - Doom 2

    Thanks so much for showing this off! It means a lot to see people enjoying something I made. I'll be comin out with some fixes very shortly to address some of the problems you had.
  3. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat

    Thanks for going through the trouble to give me such in-depth feedback! If you're interested, I released a revised version of this map just yesterday that, imo, is a vast improvement on this version.
  4. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat 2.0 - GZDOOM - Doom 2

    This is a single map WAD I've been building on and off for the past year. This the 2nd version of this map that I've released publically, 1.0 is here if you want to compare and contrast; Name: A Hole for Meat Game: Doom 2 Format: UDMF Port: GZDOOM No crouching/jumping. Mouselook permitted and required. Description: Fairly long single map WAD, perhaps double the length of your average vanilla doom level. Saving is recommended. Consists of two forking routes that can be tackled in either order and a final third route leading up to a boss gauntlet. All assets used in the creation of this map are vanilla, including enemies, textures, music tracks, weapons, etc. Download: A Hole For Meat 2.0 Hotfix 1.zip Gallery:
  5. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat

    Hey thanks! I appreciate the feedback. The exit area is one I'd like to come back and redo, the critical path round there is all sorts of fucked up, like you said. I'm not sure whether the blue keycard area is beyond help and I should scrap it or if I'd be better served trying harder to make it work? I'm kind of sick of looking at it tbh. Also, i'm actually working on a level for Deadtech atm, so I guess I'll post about that when I have updates.
  6. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat

    Update 1.1: Fixed some incorrectly pegged door tracks. Fixed some incorrectly tagged doors. Modified lighting in some areas where it was either too jarring or ugly. Removed the revenant in the teleporter room at the base of the large pillar, as it felt unnecessary and kept teleporting to the mancubus room. Changed the Barons in the cafeteria to hell knights, they soaked up way too much ammo and took too long to fight. Added some more former humans, an ammo pickup, and slightly more detail to the connecting room between the lab and the penultimate hall. Added some lights to the hall leading to the crate filled room. Added a semi-secret ambush to the lab. Added and removed pickups where necessary. Removed some extraneous ammo pickups to the pillar room. Rounded out the end of the penultimate hall, for aesthetic purposes. Added a new ambush after the mancubus room. Removed a few enemies from various rooms, enemy volume was something of an issue, especially in the arena. Changed the baron at the end of the lab corridor into a pain elemental. Side note: I absolutely detest the pillar room, lol. It's an area I added to the level pretty early on, I wanted it to be this large, imposing arena with a more lengthy and well paced climb to the top, but it's kind of just a messy, ugly chaosfest. When I have time I'd like to come back to it and break it down into some smaller areas, make the techbase and hell themes meld together a bit better, and make the side rooms connect to it in a way that makes more sense.
  7. Acid-Seltzer

    A Hole for Meat

    Hi! This is a map I've been working on for the past few months. It's my first doom map, first proper level that I've made for anything really. It's something of a jumble of techbase and hell themes, I wanted to focus on making some interesting encounters. Visual quality might be somewhat mixed in some areas as I'm no artist and I struggled a bit with scale, especially early on. This map consists of a short starting area that branches out into two paths that can be approached in either order. This map isn't very interconnected but I'm hoping to make up for that with the encounter design. I haven't included any variable difficulty setting's so you'll get the same experience at every level, which is pretty "Hurt Me Plenty", at least from my perspective as someone who's only okay at Doom. I'm hoping to go back in later and add some variance, I really like the way Doom handles difficulty. I originally designed the map with the ability to jump and crouch in mind, but I quickly came to the conclusion that doing this would ostracize users of other source ports. I've done a few things to try and make it a bit more widely compatible but I'm not too up to date on the intricacies of each different source port, so I'm not sure how much of the map will break if you try anything other GZDoom, but you are welcome to try, and I would appreciate any feedback, I'm comparatively new to this so I expect to have made a few mistakes. Download here: AHFM.zip Edit: Version 2.0 of A Hole for Meat has been released! I'll keep this version up for archival purposes, I guess, but I'd only recommend this version if you're interested in seeing what the version differences are. I may or may not release a patch for this that fixes the bug with the exit door, but that's certainly not a priority and I don't imagine anyone reading this is itching for it exactly.