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  1. what the fukin hell is christmas? is it a mass of christs, knowing how you pronounce it, (chr-eye-st m-a-ss) or am I wrong.... tell me what it is please.

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    2. Danarchy


      Gokuma said:

      I heard Santa Clause originally wore green but Coca-Cola changed that.

      Yeah, more or less. He wore a lot of green and red with some brown, and had a hood instead of that silly cap. Then one year, Coca-Cola decided to make an ad with santa, and the guy who designed it incorporated their colors into his costume: red with white trim. Eventualy, that became the classic image of Santa. Christmas is truly a holiday based on capitalism. :P

    3. Nanami


      Santa wears a lot of different things, and looks different depending on where he's from. In some places he's represented as a tall thin man that wears almost all green.

    4. zark


      The Ultimate DooMer said:

      Err...I believe she is Japanese, so she might not've heard of it. (different culture, different festivals)

      Grazza said:

      His IP address suggests he's in Utah.

      PWNED :D