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  1. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    I think that inescapable death pits have no place in classic Doom because they kill player too slowly. It's very frustrating to get fall down and just wait for sweet release of death. However insta-kill pits are okay because they don't fool the player that maybe he can still escape and of course dying is less frustrating than waiting for death. So if you want to kill player for falling down don't waste his time and do it quickly. I think it's pretty obvious because every other game use insta-killing pits
  2. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    What weapon would you retouch/replace?

    Me too like when my ears bleeding
  3. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    Greetings and Salutations! I would like to present Scourge of Leviathan.WAD. It's a one big Doom map about length more-less two medium maps. Created primarily for singleplayer vanila Doom type expirence. Provides spooky environment and lots of tough and tricky fights. Making it took me more-less month. It is one map separated in two parts, first one is the spooky town and second is bloody fortress. Whole map is made in very dark, edgy fashion with lots of difficult fights. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sgwo05lxs7vvzui/ScourgeOfLeviathan.rar/file Works with Source Ports: Zandronum, GzDoom GLBoom+, PrBoom+ (requires Complevel 9) Freelook - no Jumping - no IWAD - Doom 2 Custom stuff: it contains few textures, and music. It should be mod friendly Music: "Hallowed Grounds","Unholy Voices" and "The Lair of Shial" from Blood Cooperetive: 2-4 players. Some extra monsters. Still possible on Single Player as UV+ Known bugs: There's trap with Chaingunners that should teleport around player while being asleep. In PrBoom+ they immediately awake. It does not make this trap imposible, just very nasty and rude. It works as intended in GzDoom Supports difficulty settings, it's made primarly for Ultra-Violence General difficulty level is quite high, if you ask me, but of course is balanced, again if you ask me. So if WADs like Plutonia were too difficult for you, you should consider playing on difficulty other than UV. Plot A demonic cult appeared in a small town in central Europe. Worshipers of The Leviathan slaughtered people of that town to summon the sea of blood, form which rise fortress of the Leviathan. And You will have to clean up this mess! Full version in text file. Here's some screenshots: Always happy for some feedback. I'm a silent guy, but when i make stuff, i am little bitch that wants attention
  4. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    Zalewa is only one that I know is Polish
  5. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    Thank you very much for feedback. I must say that you very resourceful and you deal with most area very well. Intended way to kill cyberdemon on a marble stairs was to make them infight with Cacodemons cloud, so you can sneak on them and shoot BFG from up close. I see on you video that blue room with Spider-demon was not work as it should, on which Source Port are you play?
  6. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    The Gentleman's Doom recording.

    Hello Sir! I always happy to see playthrough of my maps so how could i dont make a submission here! This is single map but Very long, basically two maps WAD in one map. It's also pretty hard, think twice if you want to play on UV (I recommended that ofcourse xD) Some advise: In first part you should spare your rockets wisely, cause they are priceless, in second part the same goes to cells And because nobody got it so far I'll spare you for you some frustration by saying that in a last fight you have to shoot fleshy columns.
  7. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    My first *finished* map

    Just finished. Cool thing. I especially like a secret. Shotable pentagram on a wall that usually serve as a teleporter is nice way to play with Doomer's expectation. Second secret is broken. Sector with the bars is tag as a secret and you can't reach it. It's canide weard becouse borders of the Baron room are perfect to tag as a secret. I was thinking it is a second secret but when I go through whole of the border and nothing was tag, i use noclip to find real, broken one.
  8. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    I've run it up but I'm afraid you don't even finish prologue.
  9. Hey! It was fantastic to see your "experience" xD It's pain me a little that it's not clear enough what to do with final boss. Archvile jump it's a speedrunning strategy, not the original way. Intended way is to shooting a fleshy columns inside his mouth, after few times you can enter his jaw and finish level. But only clue was thous two columns that you have to shoot to pass by them. When you decide to retry this fight from the beginning, I was hoping you connect the facts but apparently it's not clear enough, so that on me. When you do it that way is actually quite easy to beat. Anyways about some other parts: In a church fight, intend way was to fight Cacodemons inside. When you defeat them inside is much more easy to kill Archviles just by popping from the door. Escape actually make this fight harder and much more tedious Room with chaingunner and revenants (6:34:36). Windows with invisible walls was put there to show you that's are lots of chaingunners there and that Partial Invisibility will be very needed. Unfortunately you wasted Invisibliity and save game after that so this room become a bitch to get through. So, happy you manage to get through whole thing, I can clearly see it wasn't easy for you xD
  10. Hello Sir! I would like to leave you my request It's single map but very long, In general it's 2 separate maps that merge together even if they were made together. So expect 1h of gameplay if you gonna play it It's also quite hard but beatable. Just don't get careless with rockets in first part and in second with cells and you should be fine
  11. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    My forgotten snapmap

    Back in 2016 i was enjoying new Doom game very much. I try to have all the achievements and one of them was to make and publish a snapmap. Sure i could just take default sets and published, get achievement and move on but i wanted to put some effort to it. So i started work on my little snapmap. Back then i've play campaign a few times already and i like it very much but i felt it miss few things. One of that things was absolute mayhem! Last few levels provide really crazy fights, with lots of monsters at once but there's only few fights like this and you could easily get through them by using powerups, bfg or some other overpower stuff. So, i wanted to fill that empty space with my map. The idea was to make hardcore Doom 2016 mission, not something weird thing that share with doom only engine. So maybe it is not very orginal idea, is classic arena-corridor loupe as Painkiller, Serious Sam and... Doom 2016 but is very fun to play, at least I like it. Of course my map drowned in spam of hundreds mediocre maps on the main board that probably nobody check it out. And i'm not surprised, i try few times get through that shits and it was so hard to find something half-okey, and even then i dont feel it was worth my time. I understanded that Snapmaps will never be new version of custom WADs. So i show it to my friends, they like it and thats end of its story. Nobody seen it ever again. And now I decide to give it another chance, here it goes, my first and only snapmap: Z3CNC4BL What to expect? 1) Doom Slayer start with: dubble jump, frag granade, shotgun with no rechargeing grenade launcher (very cool, try out, you cant have it in main game), Have Rifle with micromissile and + 20% movment speed 2) You have 3 life, when you die you respown with full health, armor and ammo but monsters get +20% dmg bonus, so dont die. When you die 3 time it's game over, also in last room (miniboss fight) you will game over immediately after die (no matter how much life you have) due to technical issue, sorry 3) Expect hardcore fights that will grow even more hardcore when you kill stuff. But is never too much to take on, I really put my heart to balance this fights 4) Dont miss Supershotgun in first big room! Is not hide but everyone who played this, miss it somehow For people that not familiar how Snap Maps works, expect little difference in gameplay compared to main game. Glory kills are sometimes weird to perform, chainsaw doesn't have its own key (my tip is to pick supershotgun and roll your mausewheal up), Gauss cannon have only few shot, shotgun and super shotgun have separate ammo etc. Looking back on this, I'm happy to say that Doom Eternal filled the same hole (and much more of course) that i tried to filled with that map Screenshots: Post youre video if you recorded one ;)
  12. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    My forgotten snapmap

    Here they are
  13. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    What is your favorite Icon of Sin fight?

    ... and way? My is The Gatewatcher for Plutonia 2 I'm ashamed to admit that but mostly because it just look cool. Redesign is great and still keep classic Doom art style and that little 3D effect add a lot of existing presentation, something more then just a wall. We also get a little build up to that encounter with Gatewatcher marble texture, exactly like that one with Icon of Sin. That textures was put there and there throughout latest maps..I remember the most the one in infamous map 11 "Arch-Violence". It might be its first appearance but i'm not sure.. The point is you can see a lot of icon of Sin image in this level but there is only one image of Gatewatcher, on this evil levitating cube. In the same room you can see also that image of Icon of Sin is just on a wall, way below the Gatewatcher's cube. Small things but somewhere in the subconscious they work And fight itself was good too. I like that you have to fight with monsters and Cyberdemons, before you can try to shoot his weak spot. It is more about getting through crazy mess to get clear shots, not fill momentum of the lift.
  14. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    What is your favorite Icon of Sin fight?

    I understand what you mean but i dont complytly agree. Concept of "do something in a level before spawning monsters will overwhelm you" is simple enoth (like most doom mechanick) to make it in meany creative ways. Iluminaty Revealed form Anciet Aliens is a good example of that
  15. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Mutagen Rapidem - Single Map

    I just finish your map on UV Very cool green color palette, especially on a lost soul and Pain Elemental with that nice green smile. I like that rocket launcher is your go to weapon, you can kill stuff fast and you can blow yourself up because there's not that much space, it give some unique challenge Main problem of this map for me is that it is a bitch to navigate. Lots of switches that do something, somewhere. After your little troll with Plasmagun i have no idea where to go. I was hanging around looking for I dont know what. Even after slaughter-sewers i was no idea what i have accomplite. I think some more color key could be helpful or something like that. Also platform to the end do not work for me or maybe i did something wrong, i dont know. Overall, good map but easy to get lost
  16. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    Thank you very much for help. I fix that, also I hunt down every clipping texture in software mode i could find. I think I will stay with Complevel 9, i'm afraid if i change movement speed it will mess up something else But out of curiosity I have to ask if scrolling floor have to always have the same movement speed (32 unit) to work the same in various Complevles/source port?
  17. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    UV all the way and I like when maps have extra coop monsters as a UV+ like Back to Saturn X
  18. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    It should be invisible walls (action 242). I dont know whats wrong with them because i they work correctly for me. Is there some specific way to create them to make 100% sure they will work? i sorry but i have to google what is complevel 9 to understand what you talking about. I will play whole thing on PrBoom+ with that setting. If it gonna work i will add this to description. Did GlBoom are also affected by complevel? Because i find relly strang that in GlBoom i can use every lift without tags
  19. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    *2020 HAKAWARDS* I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2 *CLOSED*

    Thanks for playing my WAD. :D "The setpieces were often strategy-oriented" in general that's true. When you save after killing Cyberdemon i was thinking you completely screw yourself, luckily you are very resourceful and you meaneg to get out from there. I know it's kinda my fault that i don't give any clue but you already were on a platform with Mancubus before and you know what caming. In that case i would immediately get the idea to use Cyberdemon, is that only my natural reaction? About ammo issues, I put just enoth rockets to deal with main fights (in act 2 the same go to cells), if you go careless you will be out of them really quickly. That way i want to add some resource management to gameplay and after watching you video and think it works really well. Way you defeat Archvile (the one that came out with pinkins after Arachnotron waves) was allsome, just look what lack of powerful resources make you play :D In final battle you don't miss any clue. It was problem pointed by few people and I add it in patch, so my fault, hope it is more obvious now. I was struggle if i should separate this in to two maps but i decide i just like it more as a one.
  20. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Happy (Now on Idgames!)

    I finish whole thing (it was 15 maps, when i download). And Jesus you are so cruel person xD I afraid i don't have anything really useful to say, just my opinion. I play it with big breaks because whole experience was good but in make me very tired. Your "normal maps" always makes me approach them slowly and careful because every step can release another FUCKING ARCHVILE on my back. I dont think is wrong but it makes whole experience very tired and overwhelming, what works well with whole esthetics. So if you try to make oppressive atmosphere, you succeeded. But there are some slaughter maps as well and they are the best in my opinion. Mostly because they don't take forever to clear it like most slaughter maps. With some strategy and monsters infight you can see how your kill count increase very fast which is very fun. Major Flaw in my opinion is darkness level. It' cool and stuff but when i have to fight in the rooms where i can see things only ones for a few seconds when lights go on it's just annoying. Also i think that you could put some more health in some maps. Fights are difficult so it would be nice to get restock before another one. And i see that matter was already point it here so I just say: "That red room with Cyberdemon". Dont ever dare to tell me that i make something too nuts! xD
  21. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Happy (Now on Idgames!)

    I'm stack in this room and i cant switch anything. I dont press that switch becouse this room did not open. Like on my screenshot you see, there's no ambush.
  22. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Happy (Now on Idgames!)

    I just find some time to play more of your WAD and I get stock in this room: I kill everyone here, find secret, hump all walls and nothing. I cant get out or proside. Should I noclip or I miss something?
  23. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Some question about Boom map making etc

    Helo evryone. I make a Boom WAD and I have some question about map making: 1. First one is simple. When I start a new map in doom buldier and i use Boom Game Configuration, that's all i need to do to make Boom compatibility Wad? I hope yes cause I'm already more than have way through to finish it 2.I'm don't have very much knowledge about source ports, I'm just use GZDoom for everything. But if i want Boom Wad, then it have to works with: ...yeah, with what? That's the question. I guess Gl Boom + or something like that. 3. I know that's Boom WAD are divided into limit's on and off. Except monster what the other limits? My WAD will be one very long map so i obviously i have to aim in to limit's off but i just want to know if i should be careful with something. I make lots of sectors and soon gone have 160 tags, and i'm kind a start to be wary 4. Custom Textures. I'm export some texture form Hexen using Slade and i was surprised that they are in PNG, not a bitmap. If that's gonna be a problem? Also i'm gona use XWE to put that Texture into my WAD because XWE can do it without making outside file. 5. Does music have to be in midi or i can just use MP3? thanks in advance
  24. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    About that boss fight. In a corridor before i put two columns with flesh texture that have to be shot to lower. Maybe that will give player more clue what to do
  25. Pełzająca Część Twarzy

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    I afreid i will have to do that. I have a lot problems to make it works with GLBoom+, a specially with conveyor belt that works completely different with different source ports. That's what i'm toking about. At first it was super fast in GLBoom compere to GZDoom. I fix that and now it turned out that is super slow in PRboom, wich of course i was thinking it's fine. I dont even know anymore whats couse this diffrence. Also in that case i'm surprised that rising fortress wasn't broken. Anyways thanks very much for feedback and bugs raports. I will fix it what i can, and remove PRboom + from the list of working Source Ports. I consider this as a failure but i will have to live with that.