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  1. Playing first two Games recently. You really need a while to get used to it, but than it doesn't bothers you any longer, at least not too much. The Thing with the Jumping is not a Sort of Input Delay, it is the Movement Logic behind. "A Human being needs a few Steps to jump such Distance properly". It is as in Games as Prince of Persia, ment to be realistic and i can understand how People dislike it (i normally really do so haha). Somehow, it feels good when you master the Controls and you run, jump and move around in a fluent Way. What bothers me the most is, that you have to stand in a certain Point to pick up Items or use a Switch. If someone wants to play the Games, on PC remap the Buttons to a modern Scheme. On Console, don't play it on Console or use a Emulator to use Save States. To replay a full Level because you had a bad jump is just stupid and only a Limitation of the Consoles of the Time. I really can't imagine that it is good playing on GBA, it has not enough buttons and these Combinations will kill you in stressful Situations.
  2. Azuris

    Doom 64 is flawed

    @WaKa I know wich Parts annoyed you ;) But in my Opinion the Fun shooting Parts and cool Enviroments where more frequently than such Traps. And the Darkness is something even the Creators state, that they've made an Error to playtest and program all the Time in really dark Rooms ^^ So it is nothing wrong to turn up the Brightness. I would recommend the modern PC Port or the Mod aviable for the N64, but more the PC port to just be able to save often.
  3. It can do more, but has gotten so many Super Nintendo Ports* that everyone (including me^^) haven't seen the full possible Potential. But Tomb Raider here is a full new Level, it is some kind of black Magic. *The GBA can't replecate the 16bit system pretty well, why many Games sounded weird and it added to its Reputation. The Youtube Channel Minime has some nice Videos to GBA Games. I think the Videos adds to how impressive Tomb Raider is. Skipping through it shows a similiar looking cover Shooter game. Edit: Ok, comparing it. It is the draw distance that makes Lara look and run better as the Games in the Video^^
  4. Azuris

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Yeah, i also feel like they are way to bland. In real life it is a bit glozy, so it has bit more life into it. Have some other Pictures with Animals on the Wall, maybe i copy some of those into the Squares to give it a bit more Life. Hopefully i'll find also something more martial or aesthetic when digging up the Pictures ^^
  5. Azuris

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Trying out to make my own Textures out of Photos i've took. Golden Paintings and red Squares are from a roman Villa, white "Marmor" is from my Bathroom and the Woman a Picture i have in my PC Room I've got from a Flee Market. Let's see if i can make a roman Map, a Temple of Mars... on the Mars :P
  6. Azuris

    Ever miss the analog world?

    That would be sexy, i think they showed one at digital foundry. I bought myself a CRT 2019, it is pretty nice to see how well stuff looks on it after so much time without it. Sad that there is no place for that technology. Haha i can remember how stuff was treated as gold, some games aren't allowed to be sold openly here and other stuff was just late to the party in germany. So if you had such games, movies or else, people tried hard to trade it with you.
  7. Azuris

    Ever miss the analog world?

    I think somewhere between 1998 and 2008 we had really nice sweet spot between the analogue and the digital world.
  8. Azuris

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    haha glad you're enjoying it. Mine is still under Production :( $32.99 for Shipping :> Can't they settle also in Europe?:P
  9. Azuris


    I think this is a good Idea to have it that Way in Map 16. I put one in mine (Map20) as a not to hard hidden Secret after the Fight against the Cyber Demon, to give the Players a Chance to have the next Fight easier. But from those Videos i've seen, many skipped it because they went the Shortcut i offered after the Fight in that Area :P Normally it is easy to see that a new Room has opened. So, Lazyness keeps them Away from the BFG.
  10. Different Projects, different Developers, no development Hell. Streets of Rage for was made straight forward.
  11. Azuris

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Cyberpunk 2077 Metal Gear Solid Tomb Raider (original one)
  12. Azuris

    The Industrial Workers of the World

    Had to search for them. Well, it really depends on where you are from. Are Companies bound to what gets written in the Contracts with the Unions in your Country? I've joined one here in Germany about ten Years ago because it brought me the Benefit of working nearly two Hours less. My Contract was 40 Hours a Week, than it changed to 38,5. I calculated and paying 20 € a Month and having 6 Hours a Month more Time was just more profitable. They also help you with Lawyers and Taxes if needed. You also can get your Money partly back by doing your Taxes. The Industrial Revolution showed here in Europe that it is deeply needed to have such Syndicates/Unions and is supported by Law, as Companies tend to be brutally anti social.
  13. Azuris

    Free Game Deals

    With Amazon Prime you get at the Moment - Two Point Hospital - Fahrenheit - Jedi Fallen Order (Needs Origin)
  14. The third one is Fun in VR.
  15. Azuris

    Did the Hungarian Doom novels ever get translated?

    I think not. For my last Vacation (thats to long ago) i've buyed the third official novel, because it was dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger... It was so far away from Doom with Aliens as an Explanation. Why are they afraid of using Hell and leting Things in the Dark?