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  1. Azuris

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Played Warsim on Work, hadn't to do much, so i loaded my evil save Game to conquer the Lands for the Demon Lord. I destroyed the Demigods living in the Swamps and killed their God King by forcing him to drink Poison.
  2. Azuris

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Inkulinati, but i just can't find fun in that game. I try to refund it.
  3. Azuris


    Map 20 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlSD11DCjpjwh-tPTlYRsLmgF62qJw?e=yzAp6V Checked the last dated Version i found on a quick Search on my Drive. Here the Door is set as DR with a blue Key. Should fix it :)
  4. This. Such Items are a clever Way to lead Players into one Direction.
  5. Azuris

    If I ever get healthy...a convention question

    As Quakecon is more specialized and "closed" Convention, i would guess it is a bit harder to get in Contact with a Person within ID that can handle that. As here in Doomworld are Persons that are contracted by ID to make Conversions of their Games, maybe they could help out with a Contact. The Page of Quakecon doesn't seem to have such "contact". The Email Adresses on IDs Website seem to be the generic ones, you can try them. Or search the Web a bit, if you find another direct Adress to someone from the Marketing Department or similiar. Another Way would be to spam Social Media Channels to make them Aware. Wider Convention not based on a single Company can be easier to accsess. From Gamescom to Comicon Alikes. Btw. Many have Afterparties, you could compose some fancy Track for them haha. If i think about it, if Quakecon takes you, why not make a official Hymn for it? Most of the Techno Festivals have a hymn per Year. Edit: People could "spam" social Media with: "We want Lee Jackson to make the Quakecon Hymn!" #Leejacksonsquakeconhymn (is this made right? I am 34 and too old for social media XP)
  6. Azuris

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I should start it again, is i only touched the campaign a bit. We only played Scenrarios (here i've learned that it is fun raising undead armies haha) To the Topic: This Week my Brain was destroyed because i had the early Shift (weaking up at 3 AM). So i played Blade Runner, as i normally wanted to play Cyberpunk. Nice detective Adventure, nice Graphics.
  7. Azuris

    How I became a Doom fan

    Maybe you haven't "seen" it yet, but Doom has much in common in its Design with Plattformers as Mario that other First Person Shooters do not. - Straight forward Action - Puzzling Levels - Secrets to discover "Oh, there is a Plattform, how can i reach it" , could be a Sentence used in Mario World or Doom ;)
  8. Azuris

    some changes that i want to see in doomworld

    A Forum was open Community and Market Place in roman Cities. I quote Wikipedia: So a private Meeting is better be done in a Domus :)
  9. No, as you can't upscale Mario and say you changed him enough. Make everything new. Here two Examples of Games being sold using some Source Port of the Doom Engine: https://www.gog.com/de/game/hedon https://www.gog.com/de/game/rekkr_sunken_land
  10. Seems a fair Balance for all those Bullet Sponges :P
  11. Azuris

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Get a USB one, they're about 12-16 € :) Sadly they don"t sound as satisfying as the old build in ones.
  12. Azuris

    Prayers Hive - Doom 1 Spiderdemon Battle

    @thelamp@Clippy Thank you for playing and the Videos :) When seing this, i would say HMP is harder, as there are less Barons that can damage the Spiderdemon and you actually have to care more about hiding :D But well, these are the Desicions you can make in this small Map. Hide a bit and kill, or go a bit riskier and don"t stop runing. When you do the first round about 70% of the Walls are gone. If you have bad luck with Infighting, it could make your Life hard :) But i see that i acomplished my simple Goal, make a more engaging Boss Fight^^ @Clippys @Axuris Is it my evil Twin? Or am i the evil one oO?!
  13. Azuris

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Than i'll send you such "Card" , hope you will get well :) Btw. even if you know what you have, the Range of what it does and how it will go can be very wide, so hear what the Doctor says, he has the Experience to take all the Informations and make a proper Conclusion, the Internet will tell you the most horrible Scenario :D So just be aware of it when searching. Ereis Overture is pretty nice! It is some kind of JRPG Castle Theme spiced with a bit Warcraft 2. I also like the Super Nintendo "E-Guitar" Vibe in Double Decker Chase and Ant Farm Melee.
  14. Azuris

    If I ever get healthy...a convention question

    Uff, from those Conventions i have been i would say no, as they are just big Markets where People wear Costumes and you can buy the Stuff you see in your local "Geek" Store or online for 20% more :> But i guess if it is a more Fan based Convention and if it wouldn't be a whole Ocean inbetween, it could be a yes. Put a Stand with signed physical Albums on there and a Bar where People can have a Drink or two with ya :P