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  1. Azuris

    Burdens of Mortality

    I had to stand up tonight, because i had somehow to feed the Toilet At the Morning the same and now after two Coffees i am again on the Toilet It is not the first Time i am thinking that this Time Wasters are a Burden of my Mortality. Same with eating, it is often something you have to do, but i could leave it at all if i could I was even "eating" for a Month one of those "Meal Drinks" that was supposed to exchange your Meals. But my primitive Instincts just wanted to bite into something XP Do you have such Stuff, that you see as a "Burden of Mortality"?
  2. Azuris

    Enemy theme songs

    The sound if Splatter when they decide to be a muddy Mess after you shoot a Barrel and they stand asid.
  3. Azuris

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

  4. Azuris

    Fellow insomniacs?

    My brain just doesn't work proper, i can't find solutions for stuff in work i normally just do on the fly. It also needs some days until i recover.
  5. Azuris

    Some Alpha Versions of Doom

    It is never late enough to be amazed by old Stuff :) It is also nice to see how some of the early Ideas got brought into Doom 3, well almost the Experience in the Base before everthing goes down to Hell (or does Hell comes up, hmm). Edit: I love seing such Stuff, because you can follow a creative Process evolving. What worked and what didn't and also technical Details. But i am a Sucker for such Stuff I've spend Years learning about 3000+ Years of Roman/European/Mediterranean History and Languages, because i was curious, why i am understanding the italian Girls in the Backrow at School as a spanish Guy.
  6. Azuris

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    It was coincidentally that i was playing Tomb Raider 1 and 2 beforehead the Announcement of the Remaster. I want to proceed with Baldur's Gate 3 and now Cyberpunk, but my Brain is too destroyed from Work to enjoy it properly. So i went playing Tomb Raider, as it is as Doom and you can quickly jump in and out. I also tested all the other Titles, 4-6, and it really seems the least BS has the first Game. You can play Tomb Raider 1 and figure out all the Stuff by yourself. Tomb Raider 2 is giving me some hard Time in some Levels (Opera, especially the Opera, i spend at least 3 Hours there), and has some pretty annoying Parts, but it is overall more enjoyable than annoying. I was also browsing some CDs with PCem on Win98, to just play around with Demos and found this one with "Laras Lost Adventures". I seemingly never gave it much of an Look back then, but it is a Fan Campaign and has this Doom Beginners Map Vibe to it haha But who of us was released in a official Magazine? https://archive.org/details/SF2002-12 Researching a bit, the TR Mapping Scene seems to have as fun Maps as the Doom one.
  7. Azuris

    How many games can be considered IDTech?

    Maybe this old Tree helps a bit.
  8. Azuris

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    Rotten.com is pure Art compared to Tiktok
  9. Azuris

    What are you listening to?

    What a banger, the Intro promisses to be one of the best Shows ever... But the Show disappoints :> But hey, waking up your Parents on Saturday at 7 AM with Techno was seemingly very common.
  10. Azuris

    Doomworld Merch?

    You should mix some of the Sex Toys with "Doomworld - My first Map".
  11. Azuris

    How to make all those sprites?

    Would say more 4-5, as it was my first try :) But yes, i think someone talented can do such stuff way better than me in 2-3 Hours :)
  12. Azuris

    How to make all those sprites?

    Depends on what you are doing. I have only done it once, i tried to make a Doom 3 Caco. So i made Screenshots in the Doom 3 Editor from all Angles and in different Frame Animations and reworked it to a Sprite. Cost me an Evening and i am not super content with the Death Animation.
  13. I wouldn't trust that Rating alone! It is as searching for a Club and finding the Rating for the best Fetish Club for Socks. The Rating will be 90 out 100, but until you aren't loving Socks in a special Way, you will not share that 90/100 Opinion :D
  14. Mostly unstable Psychology that leads to extreme Decision.
  15. I guess everything in Japan, all their Titles are more like an Teaser.