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  1. Azuris

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Watched a bit of Gameplay, looks nice, will try it out. To the Topic. I haven't really played FPS for Years because they bored me to much. It was Doom Eternal, Ion Fury and Hedon which brought me back into those Games and also to play Doom online. Doom Eternal showed me what i like about those Games: - No boring Rail Segments (Moorhuhn aka Crazy Chicken). - No Levels that feel like you can only walk forward, give me Space to move. - No Quick Time Events you have to repeat every Time you fail (hello Tomb Raider Reboot) - Stories ok, but let me play more than 5 Minutes straight. - No Whining, i can't stand it any longer, it's not a "deep Characterization" . - Let me try out Things, don't take me all the time on the Hand - Gameplay first. I'm sure i am forgetting Stuff, but almost every Game that follows more classical Game Design is something i have more Fun playing it. Right now playing through Dark Forces 2, what a great Game, and Quake 2 on the N64, it has short but good Levels, so you can play it here and there.
  2. Azuris

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Maybe we will get connected to Doom 3 and the Guy from Resurrection of Evil :P
  3. Azuris

    Bionicle Heroes: Doom Edition V0.9

    Will look into this tomorrow or maybe in the Evening :)
  4. Azuris

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    I also want to throw into the Room:
  5. Azuris

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    Than the first Dragon Age could be a good start. It is darker in Tone but is near enogh to classical high Fantasy and RPGs. Fire Emblem is more Stategy, here i would recommend Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, the newer ones seem to have to much Waifu Stuff. Skyrim gives you the Oportunity to play a Game how you want and to develop your own Adventure. The Mainplot is only a Way to bring you to the many Side Maindquests in the World (i can't call them only side quests). Imo Morrowind gives you more Freedom, but to get into the Game is harder and the World is further away from normal Fantasy Settings and more Abstract. If you want a more anime Style Game and you have no Problem with cuter Designs, Dragon Quest XI is really great. The original Warcraft 3 is also a really great Fantasy World. But here you should get a original Copy on Ebay and don't update it, the newest Version online merged with Reforged is pure Crap. Divinity Original Sin is a really good Rpg with good Humor in it.
  6. Azuris

    One of my first wads - CASTLE.WAD - UPDATED!

    Yep, i think they where just right. There was enough Space to move around and you gave out the Weapons to kill them. I had 40% of the Secrets if i remember well. With the Map in the Lava Pit it was easy to get the BFG hidden in the Wall. Seeing Biodegradables Video on UV makes me happy that you have implemented a good Dificutly Curve :D That would have been to much for me^^
  7. Azuris

    What is the appeal behind Fantasy?

    If you want to get into it, my first Question would be: What kind of Games do you like? Than i can recommend something to you ;) Science Fiction and Fantasy have very much in Common. The Appeal is a World in a Setting more or less comparable to our own real World, with different Races, fantastic Creatures and the Adventure that lies in the Stories that those Setting is bringig up. Be it because political Distress within the World, a common Foe or the Discovery of the Unknown. What the Magic is to Fantasy is the Technical Stuff to the Science Fiction. Just a Example: Romulans and Vulcans are Enemies but related to each other. Also High Elfs and Dark Elfs are mostly related but Enemies to each other. What the Klingons are to the Federation are Orcs to some human Alliance. What the Borg are to the Species as a common Enemiy are Demons in the Fantasy World.
  8. Azuris

    One of my first wads - CASTLE.WAD - UPDATED!

    So, i wanted to record it but that Win+G Application from Windows 10 just stopped when i've maximized the Window of the Dosbox... So sadly, no Video :> But the good News, your WAD is DOS-Compatible :) On the Room that gots black is a missing Texture on the left Site of theLift. My Brain is halway dead because i had to stand up at 3AM for my Shift, so i've died a couple of Times in the Lava Pit haha But overall, it is a really nice Map, i like it a lot and is much bigger than it seems at the first Glance, took me about 25 Minutes. Level Layout is really good done and nothing looks boring. The Fights and Rooms have Diversity and are not feeling Cheap. There is the Opportunity to bring Monsters into Infighting and you give out the Weapons to deal with them. Played it on Hurt me Plently. As Orcsbreath mentioned, it has a Vanilla Feeling and thats something good, keep it on like this :P I will try to play it again tomorrow and make Video, that helps a lot to analyze it for you. Sad that i could not record it in my brain dead run, that gives a whole different View of Things haha.
  9. Azuris

    What do you expect from DLC2?

    Just was i am thinking. I am not looking forward to have Fun with the Expansion. What a Shame, i really love the Base Game. I don't know what they're thinking making it so annoying
  10. Azuris

    One of my first wads - CASTLE.WAD - UPDATED!

    Will play it when i am at Home :)
  11. Azuris

    Narrative Style Mapsets

    Well, when you play Doom the first Time as a Kid and you encounter those two and hear their Battle Cry for the first Time, it is a "Oooohh Shi..."-Moment. And as mentioned, when you enter the Portal and it ends like it ends, it is a really Dark Idea that enters your Mind. From that Kind, yes, sometimess lesser is better. Music, Sounds and Level Design can tell so much more and immersive than every "epic" cineastic Game can do. I've learned that some Games with orchestral soundtrack and cineastic gameplay bores me. Meanwhile some Super Nintendo Games are burned into my Brain with its Atmosphere (Super Metroid has an insane Atmosphere)
  12. Azuris

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    The Secrets makes the Game way more Fun, puzzling around how to get to a certain Spot is just Fun, they are adding to the replayability and make the Game easier on harder Difficulties.
  13. Azuris

    ZDS #699 - Survival Run Plutonia

    Ahhh! Ohhh! So i have to get some Beers to keep my Nerves calm haha Please turn the Spectator Mode on, i'm sure i'll need it haha
  14. Azuris

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    I have a 8Bitdo Snes Style Controller at work, i unironicly rather play Doom on a SNES Emulator with that Controller than Doom over Freedoom with Touch Controls :D To the Topic: As said, sometimes you want just to have some Fun running through the Levels, so i play on lesser Difficulties, depending on my Mood. Edit: Mood is Doom backwards, hmm...
  15. Azuris

    Which console do you play doom on

    Got Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 64 on the Switch, because it is easy to pick up and play them. Doom 2016 also on the Switch, because my Girlfriend occupies the PC playing Monster Hunter. Doom 3 BFG i am playing on the PS3 because it supports the 3D Effects. Sometimes i play Doom on the Super Nintendo on a CRT, just because it is a bit insane. But normally i prefer to play on my PC or Laptop.