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  1. I already downloaded it and I think is the best texture pack i have ever seen
  2. Put the right monster in the right moment, sounds easy but maybe its one of most important things to do. Before the only thing in my mind was that a lot of monsters placement makes more difficult and funny the game. But now i realize that the truth is far away for that. Thanks for the answers, now im going to focus in the realistic game. Smart demon and items/ammunition placement, 2 spoons of traps and 1/4 cup of slughty (depending of the level).
  3. In the short time that i have been here i have seen that there is a lot of kind of wads and diferent preferences. In my personal opinion, i like hard wads with traps and with some slaughty fights. But i dont like to much or they are not of my preference that maps that have horde of monsters, a lot of traps and very longer. But i will like to see your opinios about what is the line that separate a wad or a map of been easy or hard.
  4. Lykos

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here is my proyect of remaking my first Doom wad called Doom Zodiac The first map to remake was map10 stampeded 2 first was before, the last 2 are now
  5. Lykos

    Add monster to my wad

    I recently downloaded 2 monsters in realm667 and i want to use them but, when im going to add them like a resource in my map with doom builder, nothing appears. Its a problem with the download? Or only work with slade?
  6. Lykos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP05- MAP06 Where did the snow go? In MAP05 you start to see a patron, no, 2 patrons that repeat in the wad: 1) The beggining of the slauthy 2) Secrets with a lot of monsters If in map04 you recive, 1 soulsphere, 1 blue armor and 1 megasphere to defeat weak monsters. Now forget it. If you want a computer map, fight for it! Revenants are happy to recive you. I enjoy the fights in both maps, but im playing with Brutal Doom fast monster UV, so the difficulty rise very fast and now im thinking to keep that mode, maybe change the fast monster thing
  7. Lykos

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    Maps 01-04 Good maps, until the moment the difficult is quite good. Map 01 good introduction of the wad i enjoined it. I didin´t understand why map04 has so many secrets, blue and green armor were not needed. But stiil i joined the map, good fights. Its me or there is an inspiration of plutonia map04 at the end? I love plutonia. With map02, good visuals and the knights of the beggining were good. About midis, map04 was very good, not noisy at all. Map03: keep the good level of the wad but personally i didint like it to much that map i dont why.
  8. Lykos

    TNT: Revilution

    Very good wad! Nothing to tell about visuals and maps desings, very good quality 5/5. Gameplay 3,5/5. Some maps were boring in terms of challenge. It never get harder, with some few exceptions of course. My favorite maps was, in order: 12: The best map of the wad! very good music, textures, and atmosphere. Map 20: The same! (love your soundtrack Eris falling) Map 29: The map with the best difficulty. Map 30: Very good IoS. Original as hell. Map28: Good one but what the hell the red and blue keys? I didn t understand that. I know that some autors made more than 1 map but I think that a project with many autors need more variety with the gameplay.A lot of maps looks like was made by the same guy, i mean, very fine maps but almost the same challenge, similar atmosphere and noise midis. I tell this in a constructive criticism way. Love u guys.
  9. Lykos

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    Episode 4? just love it. It has better visuals than some of doom2 maps. Good to know that im not the only one who think that the first 2 maps are very hard in fast. Now im trying to do that with brutaldoom in realism mode and its fucking impossible, map 2 just own you.
  10. Lykos

    About textures

    Okay, so if i want to make a wad with ZDoom compatibility, i can use PK3. But if i use Pr-Boom? And Whacked... what is that?
  11. Lykos

    About textures

    Textures: Yes! i mean just that, thanks, so i can use the textures of that link? looks very real. Thanks for info i appreciate it
  12. Lykos

    About textures

    Hello guys, im making a wad and im looking for marmol textures, where can i found it? And what is better, put the new textures into the wad or just using the pk3 file and the last thing, Whacked is the correct program to change the textures right?
  13. Hello everybody Years ago, i uploaded a megawad called Doom Zodiac. This wad was remove from the page because it didnt comply all the conditions. It stayed in doomworld idgames like a few months, i think, because this wad was remove because it didnt comply all the conditions. Now i played it again to remember my first megawad that i did, and... oh god, it has some bugs and only have a few good maps and others that i didnt like for many reasons. So i was wondering, why not change it in a community proyect? First the idea This wad is based in the anime Saint Seiya, where you have to go through 12 houses to save Athena, in this case, the world of demonic orders (1 house of each zodiac sign). The houses are placed in the santuary, a place of greek (uploades images like a basic idea, not has to be the same necesarily) . The first sign or house (Aries) starts in map07, first 6 maps can be city or Uac lab for example, whatever you want. The map that following the sign (this case map08) is the way to go to the next house. That map can be a road or whatever goes through your heads. The maps can be very big or small, its your choice but it has to be better that what i did (thats the point, right? its not gonna be difficult to do. Only 2 conditions for the megawad : 1) Every house of every sign has to be made of marmol, this doesnt mean that you cant make a backyard or catacombs for example). 2) 1 cyberdemon is added in every house, i mean, for example Leo(number 5 of house) has 5 cyberdemos, Virgo 6, etc... About Map 30: for now it has Icon of Sin and 13 cyberdemos but we talk about chance that. In fact we can talk about chance everything else because is a community proyect. Now with shame, the megawad link to really see what im talking about. I used Plutonia IWAD for the sky and it has Pr-boom compatibility, can be played with Zdoom and zandronum too https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xt-Tkk3qCt4Mj_oJntcSX5VViDP5HJ0a?usp=sharing Please feel free to give your opions, critics, ideas, jokes or questions. I want to know if there is interested people in this to make another post and start the proyect. Thanks for your time!
  14. Lykos

    Tnt or Plutonia.

    One of my greates mistakes in Doom, was have played first Plutonia and then TNT. When i finished the 32maps of Plutonia (spended more than 1 hour in map32) i felt like it opened a new doomworld to me, another dimension . So expect the same with TNT but no...TNT have only a few maps with good design (better than plutonia) and with some difficult, but the rest is like have played Doom 2, longer and easier maps. TNT have good and new music but u need more than that to be better than Plutonia. Bitter end in the world of the four IWADS. In fact i prefer Doom Episode 4 instead TNT