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  1. Wifi is still acting up as usual. I guess that happens when youre hundreds of feet away from the router.

    I didn't forget about you guys!

    1. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      Wifi problems? I understand you, my internet is somewhat crappy too.

    2. CrystalHawk_Doom


      Lol, i know that feel.


    3. Gustavo6046


      Hundreds of feet? What is that, a mansion?


      (I mean, pfft, laughable. It's merely a telephone pole to our metric eyes! Git gud!)

  2. i finally got around to seeing it [wifi problems] and i really love the video! the intro cracks me up "it isnt Yandere Doomer is it?... yeah it is!! oh what are we going to do?! okay i love you bye.." hahaha! great stuff
  3. My internet..... is terrible.....


    but it seems to be making slow progress.


    my inactivity has been due to internet problems.


    good day.

    1. Clippy


      Maybe you need to upgrade to 28.8k modem

  4. Yandere_Doomer

    Positivity Thread

    Another cute variation of the Gyate Gyate thing. Cute..
  5. Currently Traversing down the path of Doom mastery. I am starting my UV playthrough of Thy flesh consumed..

    After that I will be tackling Sigil, And then Tnt and Plutonia [havent figured out which order yet..]



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      Remember to patch your tnt.wad so the yellow key appears in map 31 (if you're playing it of course)

    3. Yandere_Doomer


       patch it? how do i do that?

    4. Lol 6

      Lol 6

      It's a wad called tnt31.wad, it fixes the yellow key bug so you're able to finish the level


      Here's the link https://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/info/patches.php

      Look for the final doom patch and whenever you're playing tnt, load that wad


  6. Yandere_Doomer

    Random Image Thread

  7. Yandere_Doomer

    Random Image Thread

    *Sigh* Thats what i get for hosting a special ed baking festival
  8. Yandere_Doomer

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    I am exactly the same... i always have cool new ideas that i never seem to follow through with.... I really need to finish Totg..
  9. Yandere_Doomer

    Funny Stories

    Hm, well... i was hitting a wiffle ball with a wiffle bat.. My parents and our dogs were outside too. I went to retrieve to ball, when all of a sudden one of our dogs chased me and started tackling me and humping my leg... one time when he tackled me i said "No!" my grandfather said "Say it like you mean it!!" I then yelled out "No!" more aggresively then the dog bit my balls and latched on... [not very hard though, thankfully] i was yelling loudly "Aaaagh!! my balls!!!!" then my parents started laughing. we all had a good laugh after that... no damage done....
  10. Here is a wad that I made a while ago.. My best so far, but i havent really made any changes to it since then... it is GZDoom compatible, not sure about prboom though...
  11. Yandere_Doomer

    Positivity Thread

    I still am that yandere character, so no worries. [and now since i changed my username it is definitely so.] I didnt know that i came across as a badass though, thanks for that!
  12. Yandere_Doomer

    Positivity Thread

    Roleplaying with you in the forest is really fun, you are a good roleplayer. I look forward to more of that.
  13. Yandere_Doomer

    What does anyone think about the mars volta

    Ah i see.. for some reason i thought that Goodwill were only found here.
  14. Yandere_Doomer

    What does anyone think about the mars volta

    Are you from Texas too @haruko haruhara? I think Goodwills are only found here
  15. Yandere_Doomer

    Random Image Thread