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  1. well thats unexpected

  2. Farewell my friend...

  3. He's really banned?


  4. Free my boy, he ain't done anything wrong!

  5. Yandere_Doomer

    Most recent movie you saw

    So i decided to watch the 2016 Ghostbusters again, it is as bad as i remember. i hope i wont have to watch it again
  6. Quick question, do you pronounce pecan like Pe-kahn, or Pi-kan

    1. SuperPecanMan


      I usually say Pee-Kan, but it can vary heavily depending on context and mood.

  7. Yandere_Doomer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i think i saw one of those in a lake while i was fishing once..
  8. Yandere_Doomer

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I was searching for a pfp that spoke to me (i had to weed through a bunch of anime ones, it was not easy) and i found this one. i edited it in paint3d to give it the grey background (it was originally white) and whenever i am able to, i will change it to a new version with glasses that i photoshopped on.
  9. Yandere_Doomer

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    Thats the problem, it hasnt been a year yet. and i am on a xbox (because of internet problems with my pc) so until february i believe, ii cant change it yet, so i want people to just refer to me as my old username until then.
  10. Yandere_Doomer

    A title image sort of thing

    cool, i need to check it out some time.
  11. Yandere_Doomer

    get anything cool for christmas?

    I got the Digital Xbox that i am using right now. and i also got a 20 gauge break open shotgun and a 22lr Mp5 made by GSG. and i got a few boxes of ammo.
  12. Yandere_Doomer

    Help with Doom Builder

    Send a screenshot of the logo or something.
  13. Yandere_Doomer

    A title image sort of thing

    oh neat! is this from some retro game i dont know about yet?
  14. Yandere_Doomer

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    Is this the Fear the sentinel site or something? if not then why are you making this one?
  15. Yandere_Doomer

    Help with Doom Builder

    if you use UDB the camera will be placed wherever your cursor is. i learned this the hard way. EDIT: I just realized this has basically been said already, darn.