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  1. Yandere_Doomer

    Most recent movie you saw

    So i decided to watch the 2016 Ghostbusters again, it is as bad as i remember. i hope i wont have to watch it again
  2. Yandere_Doomer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i think i saw one of those in a lake while i was fishing once..
  3. Yandere_Doomer

    The story behind your custom avatar

    I was searching for a pfp that spoke to me (i had to weed through a bunch of anime ones, it was not easy) and i found this one. i edited it in paint3d to give it the grey background (it was originally white) and whenever i am able to, i will change it to a new version with glasses that i photoshopped on.
  4. Yandere_Doomer

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    Thats the problem, it hasnt been a year yet. and i am on a xbox (because of internet problems with my pc) so until february i believe, ii cant change it yet, so i want people to just refer to me as my old username until then.
  5. Yandere_Doomer

    A title image sort of thing

    cool, i need to check it out some time.
  6. Yandere_Doomer

    get anything cool for christmas?

    I got the Digital Xbox that i am using right now. and i also got a 20 gauge break open shotgun and a 22lr Mp5 made by GSG. and i got a few boxes of ammo.
  7. Yandere_Doomer

    Help with Doom Builder

    Send a screenshot of the logo or something.
  8. Yandere_Doomer

    A title image sort of thing

    oh neat! is this from some retro game i dont know about yet?
  9. Yandere_Doomer

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    Is this the Fear the sentinel site or something? if not then why are you making this one?
  10. Yandere_Doomer

    Help with Doom Builder

    if you use UDB the camera will be placed wherever your cursor is. i learned this the hard way. EDIT: I just realized this has basically been said already, darn.
  11. Yandere_Doomer

    haruko haruhara megathread (favorite CDs)

    @haruko haruhara I have to agree with Redneckerz here. you make way too many posts talking about a dead source port despite being told countless times that nobody really cares. i have even told you personally that nobody really wants to talk about Zandronum or skulltag on here. if you really wanted to post something about it you can just make a status update on your profile, Not an entire thread about it! just dm your friends about it if you want to talk about st or zandro. and i still dont know why you dont use your megathread. i dont think it was meant as an insult, it was just a way to consolidate your posts because you post so frequently. and you should also stop being so defensive when it comes to this too, people have the right to an opinion, not everyone needs to agree with you, that is not how the world works, i wish you would realize that.
  12. Yandere_Doomer

    Which do you prefer, software rendering or openGL?

    I only use software rendering if my pc cant handle a certain wad. but a lot of the time even that wont work. but other than that i solely use OpenGL
  13. Yandere_Doomer

    Most recent movie you saw

    Ghostbusters Afterlife. they finally made a great modern reboot, unlike that Woke dumpster-fire that was the 2016 Reboot.
  14. Yandere_Doomer

    New to the site, Few questions

    Welcome to the site! Slade is definitely the bread and butter of Doom map editing and UDB is the standard in map making in general. if you want to make a simple map with no new resources all you would need would be a doom builder (i.e UDB) but in order to insert custom music/textures/scripts/weapons etc. you will need slade. using slade may seem daunting at first but you will get used to using its interface. as far as tutorials go, i recommend watching Chubzdoomer and Doomkid, they have taught me and a lot of other Doomers a lot with their Exceptional walkthroughs.