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  1. Good to know, my intention with the WAD is to progress with difficulty and complexity. So, i was wondering if an larger Map01 felt out of place.
  2. I've noticed that when i was working on a megawad, the first map lasts for about 7 minutes with 100% kills and secrets dealing with like 90 monsters, 10 Hell Knights and 20 Pinkies with just an shotgun, going for switches back and forth dealing with lifts, teleport and door-locked keys. Which i don't know if it might be tedious for some players and might turn off dealing with the rest of the WAD, so i've did an very small map with 30 monsters and just one lift, one switch and a key. I was wondering if simplistic the design, the better should be?
  3. MAP08 is finished, and made some changes in the WAD like replacing the Doom 2 music with Doom 1 music, remade textures and added an excuse to kill demons. See the comparison below with the same map from the older WAD. Auto-map comparison: Screenshots:
  4. Yes, but i wanted to try with the original limits and with the PSX charm to it. But never heard of that port until now, i will check it out. Thanks for the info.
  5. Some of the maps are going to be a bit slaughter, but not the entire wad.
  6. MPS

    Hey, can someone play my wad?

    Weird since some of them are facing another direction and doesn't look like it.
  7. Perhaps i was a bit afraid about hitting the memory limit and couldn't use many textures as the original. So, this is my best effort lol.
  8. @Vic Thanks a lot! Maybe i will port more maps to this version, it is a fun and satisfying process to be honest.
  9. MPS

    Hey, can someone play my wad?

    Reached to MAP05 since i was at 5% after going outside. A bit reminded me of my first WAD which is filled up with tons of monsters. Although same as my first attempt, there are some big issues that it would be nice to see it fixed in some future or an next project. First, the size of the WAD is very large considering the simplistic design of the maps (my first WAD contained 32 maps and it was only 2.5 mb), and checking on SLADE, it contains pretty much the entire TNT WAD with custom stuff. You might need to use a PWAD with just the necessary patches without the duplicates of the IWAD. If you want, open the first map and click on Save as... option in the editor, then open SLADE and take all the custom stuff like textures, music and etc in there. And for the maps it's just better using the Save Map into... option to the newer WAD. In that way you will save a ton of file size and the WAD will be distributed pretty easily. And beginning with the maps, MAP01 is very fun to be honest, the simplistic design is always appealing to me and the playing with the switches too. MAP02 is the one that i've didn't enjoy, too crowded and cramped. And the nukage area with the Revenants and Hell Knights considering are the strongest enemies in the map is really annoying with just the shotgun. I didn't even get the 100% kills on the map since i was too low in health and ammo. Also the MIDIs on the next 2 maps ends abruptly and it goes on a weird silence before loops again. MAP03 same as before, too crowded and cramped, but at least there's the super shotgun. And MAP04 it's just an library maze with too little to offer, and stuck zombiemans? And MAP05 where i was so little in ammo and died with 5% health and didn't want to cheat so i leave it there lol. Overall, it is enjoyable but you should fix the issues like the ammo placement, more open areas and a more varied enemy placement, then you would have a very enjoyable WAD with tons of replayability. Perhaps you should watch on Youtube some tips and recommendations about Doom mapping which is very useful to know for the future Doom projects. Hope you take care and stay creating Doom maps!
  10. While i've been working on my megawad and in the meantime, playing the PSX port (which is very cool btw), i was wondering if i could port one of my maps to this version and well, this is the result of it. Obviously, all of the original level has been totally simplified in order to run without getting out of memory, so, i was kind of annoyed by the trial and error and not letting me to place more varied enemies. So this is it. I would like to hear your opinion! And sorry for the bad gameplay, i still have some trouble playing Doom with the controller. And this is the working WAD.
  11. Added MAP07: Courtyard, and made some tweaks in the layout of some maps. Changelog above.
  12. MPS

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    I remember the first one was ZDoom back in 2017, then when i'm started making levels, i switched up to PrBoom+ and now i'm using Crispy Doom just for nostalgia purposes with a bit of enhances.
  13. Added a new map in the WAD for the slot 06. It's a more difficult map than the previous ones so it will require some fast reflexes and ammo conservation to get through this one. More screenshots below.
  14. First update of the mapset: - Swapped some of MAP01 textures. - Rework on the Spider Mastermind room on MAP03.