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  1. Neobis

    Angel Flash's Maps, my first releases to the public

    I really liked your maps. Keep up the good work. The background music was fantastic and there was no frenzy when playing. In contrast to the Map Unsure by the author Van Daemon, which I played through before. I hope there is more to come from you in this direction. When will you bring the update to map 4 with the Secret and the Cyber Demons? I'd like to make a video of that as well. Here are the videos of the first 3 maps. All 100% and in 4K. Angel Flash's Maps - Episode 01 - Map 01 - Cenotaph - [100 %] Angel Flash's Maps - Episode 01 - Map 02 - Crypt Ceepers - [100 %] Angel Flash's Maps - Episode 01 - Map 03 - Cyberpunk Graverobbers - [100 %]