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  1. Hell Interface

    pickle head earth destroyer blood park - single map

    yeah it's like 80% a blatant rip off lol. My nephew is only 5 so that's why there are silly arrows and stuff. When or if I make another it will definitely be from scratch. Thanks for playing and the video! edit: i just want to clarify I did not actually copy or use the .wad's sectors or anything. It is literally made from scratch, just a blatant rip off..
  2. This is my second map made. I made this map for my little nephew as a christmas present to play together instead of buying him one because well the economy is doing great right now eh? I let him pick the map name... It's based off a map you all know and love by the best doom mapper to ever grace us with his beautiful mind XD. It's just a main room with doors all around so it's easy to navigate. I did it in a rush for christmas so I didn't make it look too great so the detail can be lacking. Decided to share it because why not? I'm open to critique and suggestions etc. Supposed to be a vanilla experience? Name: pickle head earth destroyer blood park Difficulty: uv Jumping: no Crouching: no Freelook: doesn't matter Monsters: 197 resources: doom2.wad and a james paddock song Format: zdoom (doom in udmf format) Secrets: 5 Tested with: zandronum link to map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rk5pexsurs6of8m/phedbp.wad/file
  3. I made my first map doom in doom2 format and I just started making another in zdoom in udmf format. Way more options and stuff in udmf. Will I be able to combine these even though they are in diff formats into a 2 map .wad when I'm done as usual? map01 then map02 etc..
  4. Hell Interface

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Does swingshotting actually work?
  5. Hell Interface

    blind wound single map

    edit: Fixed it all I think (tested with prboom too). lowered the mancubi pillars to make it way faster. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ut68apwzxlzjayc/blindwound.wad/file First map shared I made an unfinished map in 2013 or so and never mapped again until now. Meant to be vanilla gameplay? Tested with Zandronum Looks better with Gzdoom/Zandronum This was a learning experience as i'm new to mapping. it was made up as it went along It took maybe 2 weeks. I think I wasted way too much time on weird little details instead of making architecture/lighting that makes sense. Name: blind wound Difficulty: uv Jumping: no Crouching: no Freelook: doesn't matter Monsters: 69 resources: doom2.wad and a james paddock song Format: doom2 Secrets: 5 Tested with: zandronum
  6. Hell Interface

    blind wound single map

    WOW thanks for the critiques guys, the vids and for playing it. OH NO. The PE didn't explode on some ports I noticed from el_inf's video. Sorry about that I only tested this with zand and zdoom/gzdoom and it explodes on spawn in those ports... This was pretty much my first map so I'm not surprised I made the doors wrong. I will fix them in the future. Yes you are meant to spawn inside the PE. It's supposed to feel like you tele'd into the area and the PE explodes like some weird teleport canal afterbirth or something.. I also noticed el_inf couldn't get to the BFG secret. You should just be able to walk and drop on it without even running. Maybe I need to fix that? Mapping is fun, satisfying and almost a little addicting once you get those doombuilder hotkeys down. The mandatory secrets were a bit of an oversight and pretty dumb on my part. Secrets should probably not be mandatory. I'll pretend to justify them by saying you are not supposed to be in this hellish area and it's designed to keep doomguys like you out so just to be able to merely traverse through these dungeons you need to find secrets that only the demon architects know about? I will not do that in the future. Yeah mancubi part was weird and definitely slows down the pace I agree. I would speed up the mancubi pillars if I knew how. I did this in doom format and I should probably use udmf next time. You're meant to just blast through them by spamming rockets and or use your one BFG charge if you need to(or save it for other fights). The 3 archviles in the final room are made so you can run passed them and just hit the switch to exit. The one in the middle MIGHT block you for a second causing them to kill you. Meant to be RNG/skillful to run passed but ended up probably not conveyed well. Probably BS for some1's first playthrough of it too. There is actually enough ammo to kill everything on the map. I've done it but then again I know this inside n out. I need to rewatch your vids I think I might have missed some of your comments. Again thanks for the critiques and for actually playing it guys!!
  7. same here man. I made an underground hiphop thread in d2jsp "favorite songs and band chatter" section back in 2008. Last post in it was 3 days ago. It has 1058 pages LOL
  8. Hell Interface

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    Doom2! Diablo2 Darksouls1 (and only 1) Starcraft 1 Gears of War 1 (one of the few FPS franchises that got the shotgun instagib perfectly right). I can't think of many other FPS aside from doom2 and GoW1 where your shotgun is your go to weapon before the typical assault/battle rifle. Beautiful.
  9. Hell Interface

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    That "turned" political? That began politically spicy. Doomkid is a cool dude but it's easy to make fun of and pick low hanging fruit on either side of the "political spectrum".............. E4 is a love hate relationship with me. The biblical level names. The abstract hellscapes instead of techbase crawls. I thought the levels were more detailed than e2 and 3. Are they more fun? Depends on taste? e4m1 and e4m6 are two of my top 5 favourite doom1 maps. Then there's e4m2 being one of my most loathed doom1 maps. IMO unfair and full of absolute bullshit. Yet at the same time I find Romero's maps the most fun, atmospheric and encapsulating what doom was, is and should always be. I'm not a fanboy I like sandy peters, Hall and American too so fuck you. Why am I saying doom1? Doom. tl;dr Episode 1 is better than 4 but 4 is better than 2 and 3. Si6il is quite fun too.
  10. Hell Interface

    Babies First Doom WAD

    Fun little wad. I like quick maps like this. This is my style. Played on UV. Died on that one archvile heavy map but aside from that not much. I liked map05 the best. Was actually kinda spooky like a bad acid trip or something (That's the one with the spinal column elevator down to those 3 archviles I believe after the end exit. I also really like the dark atmospheric tech base map. People seemed to have mentioned everything already but yeah.. WAY too health heavy. WAY too *sphere heavy. Label those exits more. Keep up the work man I'd like to see more. These are way better than the first maps I made!
  11. Hell Interface

    aa.wad - [SCREENSHOTS ADDED]

    Mastermind: FUCKYES nuf said I enjoyed it. I can't really mention much that other people didn't already say. maybe have the hell knights in that 3 door room near the rev heavy room face the doors so they wake up the second you open any of the 3 doors. It felt weird they were not alerted.
  12. Hell Interface

    Tower of Lies

    Played on UV, 1 life, itemrespawn true. Didn't see a demon for a minute+ then started plowing through the high monster count and time just flew by. Very fun. Theme/concept is interesting. Atmospheric. fun and fair fights. Ending was "satisfying" ;) Great song too. Played through it a couple times with no item respawn and I died during the end "boss fight" both times. Challenging yet fair and seemingly beatable if I were to attempt it a couple more times. Solid. I just realized this wad is pretty old and is probably widely known to be awesome by now. Not sure why I made this review. Talk about beating a dead horse.