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  1. I know that this quarantine is being very bad for most of the people, but for me and doom mapping, it's being very fruitful... After "Quarantine", here follows another wad I've been looking for finishing: "Impy Vendetta". Its main story: Poor Imps... they're constantly killed and ripped open by Marines (also slayers) in every Doom Mod. But not this time. They will pursue their justice fighting against one of the most corrupt and evil institutions of the whole Galaxy: Union Aerospace Corporation - known as UAC. Gameplay characteristics: This is a mixture of weapons/graphic mod with 4 new maps, playable both in (Ultimate) Doom and Doom 2 (yep!). It features eight weapons with attack and alt-attack, and jumping and crouching is need for the four extra maps. A few inventory pickups also are disponible, so you must set keys for its use. This mod runs in (L/G)ZDoom, in both (Ultimate) Doom and Doom 2. Warning! If you're used to play Doom in Ultra-Violence, you'll find this mod very hard. So it's better switch back to easier skill levels. Takes some time to get used to the gameplay changes, since the weapons are totally different from the traditional ones. Now, let's go!!!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/sjwqi3xdxfxyx41/Impy.zip/file
  2. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Hi dear Austinado, Thanks a lot for your detailed review! Seems that nowadays, shorter maps are preferred, because gameplay gets boring in fact. I'll take this into account on the next mods. I'm struggling to get this on archives.gamers.org... any idea? Cheers!
  3. Very good looking! Awesome job!
  4. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Ps: you can use the altattack!
  5. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Hi! Yes, that maze is a "pain in the ass". I'll keep the map on so it should help. It was inspired on mods such a Legacy of Sufferin'. About MAP02, there is a trick you can do in the elevator: just crouch. Imp's fireballs will not hit you ;Daqqq
  6. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Dear Austinado, Thank you very much for the review! So the maze was a "pain"? I'm sorry... Lucky in the following maps there isn't nothing like that - maybe on map04, in the start, when DoomGuy gets loose on Titan's atmosphere and must return to the spaceship to get ammo. Do you think if map enabled would help to avoid map01's boring search?
  7. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Good advice! I'll do this! @Era Di Cate, I don't know a lot, but there must be a lot of similar mods out there...
  8. QuadDoomer

    Quarantine [Finished]

    Yep! Freelook, jump and crouch are not only allowed, but necessary.
  9. Hello! For those who don't follow ZDoom forums, here is a new mod called "Quarantine" - four maps for LZDoom 3.8.5 (recommended) or GZDoom (at least 2.4.0) based on astronomical concepts to make UAC bases more "realistic". Maps need jumping and crouching, and the gameplay is intense and challenging (but not impossible) - first map has more than 1.000 monsters in UV, but only a few appear at once. PlayerPawn is slower than the original DoomGuy and also gets heavily damaged when falling from great heights, making him "more human". Some screenshots follow in annex. No more talking, go get it! https://www.mediafire.com/file/uqdri0u0kr1769n/Quarant.zip [link updated on May 17, 2020]