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  1. danidf96

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Got it, thank you very much.
  2. danidf96

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.7.2 (8/2023)

    Is there any way to add thumbnails to wads that don't have one? I'm playing memento mori and the launcher isn't finding the wad on idgames so it won't show any thumbnail and it is starting to bug me. I'm trying to add the intermission screen as the thumbnail but i can't find the option.
  3. danidf96

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    If anything at least the spritework is good
  4. Este proyecto va duro de cojones, mucha suerte a todos los participantes
  5. +1 for DOOMKID.WAD by @Tarnsman super solid maps and a good use for the amazing midis made by Doomkid.
  6. Finally two of my favourite games put together, good luck to all the mappers.
  7. danidf96

    Any good WADs for Halloween 2022?

    This underrated gem
  8. +1 for @Bloodbath Giraffe and his one man effort Azazel's Second Descent
  9. danidf96

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I have nothing of substance to say
  10. Oh those screenshots look clean, can't wait to check this out.
  11. It's a matter of what the creator has in mind. Part of the fun in doom is how relativly simple the enemies are compared o other fps , and because of that you can create many different situations or scenarios. The first thing that comes to mind is the chaingunner and archvile duo in the first level of plutonia, two enemies that dont really complement each other at first glance just so happen to work because of a fantastic idea by the creator of putting the archvile behind a wall. It's only function is to revive the chaingunner inifintly and then chase after you. For me the best combat scenarios are the ones that have enemies that complement or combo of each other, always keeping in mind the resources given to the player. That is why if i had to answer my own question i'd say generally speaking the most misutalized enemy in Doom is the baron of hell, he just seems to be tossed around for no reason when a hell knight or even an imp could serve the same function. Worst of all he doesn't really combo all that much so most of the times you see a baron of hell is in groups or by itself. You bring up a great point. Do you blame the blacksmith or the tools he is given? My answer to that is simple if a begginer blacksmith is given top of the line tools he would probably still make a mediocre product, but if you give an expert blacksmith simple tools he might just create the best thing you have ever seen.
  12. Absolutely agree but i feel like turret Cyberdemons are way worse than close quarters ones, atleast those requiere some level of skill
  13. Exacly what i was looking for! I was searching for a wad to get back into Doom after my year long break and this was it. Great mapset with fast paced action all across the board and with a perfect length of short but sweet. Thematically the maps don't have much in common but i don't think that was what you where going for. What the mapset lacks in visual consistency it more than compensates it with the blood pumping action. Great job overall, can't wait to catch up to all of this year's releases.