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  1. whybmonotacrab

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Episode 1 for Doom 64 is honestly one of the best e1 remakes I've played. Faithful, yet has enough of it's own personality and twists to stand out.
  2. whybmonotacrab

    Best Doom TCs

    The Alien Breed 3D Remake is very enjoyable. Never played the original but apparently it's quite faithful while also making a few minor changes to make some sections feel fairer.
  3. whybmonotacrab

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    I know I played a level or two at a friends house as a kid, but didn't really play it until I was around 21 (around 2012/2013). Honestly just never got into fps games until much later since I was always more into RPGs and survival horror.
  4. whybmonotacrab

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    I play the IWADS UV and most community PWADS/Megawads HMP outside of the easier stuff. The majority of community stuff seems to be at the bare minimum twice as difficult as Vanilla.
  5. whybmonotacrab

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    Day 2, here we go! Really enjoying posting here and seeing everyone's thoughts. GLBoom+ | hmp| Continuous Map 05: Bunker Hill Very much a gotta go fast map - my favourite type of map - which is reinforced by an uptempo midi that just seems to adopt better and better riffs as it goes along. I constantly felt the pressure, felt I needed to keep on the move and adopt guerilla tactics lest I be overwhelmed. I died twice on this map (damn rocket launcher ambush) and only got one secret. I love the theme of snowy bunkers, and that it's essentially a more complex figure 8, as that very much facilitates the movement heavy Alm/Skillsaw gameplay style this map seems to be going for. Also first appearance from our bony friend! At least on Hurt Me Plenty. Map 06: Insurrection A Fun enough map, but a bit of a step back from the past few for me. The midi was decent but not on par with what came before it - which is by no means the fault of the composer, the competition here is just super fierce. The level was a step down in challenge which is fine, but it didn't have the sense of adventure of map 4, the visuals of map 01, or the sheer manic fun of map 05. Not a bad map by any stretch of the imagination, just unfortunately preceeded by some true standouts. The secrets in this level are fantastic though. I love the secret within a secret trope, and this map does it with aplomb. The Revenant trap got me on the first attempt because I didn't notice the pain elemental lobbing lost souls around when I started firing rockets. Oh well. I only missed one secret. Map rankings so far:
  6. whybmonotacrab

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    So, I'm new to Doomworld, and have never done one of these. Read quite a few of them though, and they always looked interesting and I swore after I was going to join the next one. Played the first few levels of Akeldama when it was in Beta still and really enjoyed it but decided to wait until full release where I promptly forgot about it haha. This will hopefully give me a reason to finish the whole megawad. Also, sorry if I'm too late, I didn't notice this thread until a while after it went up. It should also be mentioned I haven't played a lot of the Megawads this takes inspiration. Never done Memento Mori or Alien Vendetta which means if there are overt nods to those I will almost definitely miss them. Seeing as how I suck at Doom, I'll be playing Hurt Me Plenty on GLBoom-plus. Also spoilering my descriptions so this 4 map dump doesn't take up too much space. Map 01: The Generator Map 02: Knights of Ilasac Map 03: Renegades Map 04: Chillwell --- There we go. Almost caught up! So far I am really enjoying this megawad. It has a nice difficulty ramp which is nice. I always enjoy a sense of progression, and Akeldama definitely has that. It's nice and atmospheric but still action packed. Map rankings so far: 1: Chillwell 2: Renegades 3: The Generator 4: Knights of Ilisac.
  7. whybmonotacrab

    What is your least favorite DOOM enemy?

    Chaingunners 100%. Deaths to them always feel cheap to me, and overuse of them has ruined a few megawads I was really enjoying.
  8. whybmonotacrab

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Interception II has been a blast.