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  1. whybmonotacrab

    GTA VI Trailer

    This trailer doesn't show gameplay so I give zero shits about it.
  2. whybmonotacrab

    i finally get unbanned (its not my fault this shit)

    Welcome back. Enjoy your stay. Don't fuck it up.
  3. whybmonotacrab

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    I bought a new PC since my old one was dying. Was on a budget so I could only get an RTX3050 rather than the 3060 I wanted but oh well. It'll do the job until I upgrade the gpu. The first thing I tested it with was... Minecraft. That raytracing is pretty sick, and like the only game I've seen where Raytracing actually seems to be worthwhile. I also played Doom with Raytracing but it looks hideous.
  4. whybmonotacrab

    What's your favorite video game?

    I think we all know roblox is objectively the greatest accomplishment in human history and we're just lying to ourselves when we say otherwise.
  5. whybmonotacrab

    What are your creative crutches?

    Custom Palettes. I don't think I've ever released a map in the standard palette and I doubt I ever will.
  6. I haven't cared about the story in any Doom game so far, I'm not going to start now.
  7. whybmonotacrab

    Cool wads for kids and teenagers?

    He's 10. I doubt he'll care about the classics people are talking about. Show him something that looks cool as shit - Eviternity, Elementalism, Lost Civilization, etc. Or maybe show him something that's weird/funny - Going Down, Head Trauma, Infested etc. Show him something cool that will excite him.
  8. So it's not finished yet and I don't know if it will be before the award window ends, but regardless this is a wad more people should be aware of. It feels like a modern merging of Going Down and Karma Sutra. It's chaotic, stuffed with inventive level themes - and tons of doom cute - and the combat is delightfully devilish in all the right ways. @AshtralFiend is definitely a mapper to watch going forward.
  9. Thanks for the kind words! By signposting it do you just mean let the player know that it's how you get the BFG, or that you should have all the keys by that point?
  10. No. Without interaction it is a book or a movie. Something doesn't have to stroke your ego to be allowed to be part of the medium.
  11. Nope. I don't. Some of my fav games are purely narrative, or are cozy vibe games about relaxing. I love hard games too - dark souls is my all time favourite game and I love me a good Ribbiks map - but other experiences exist in this artform and to deny them is elitist nonsense that just holds the medium back.
  12. whybmonotacrab

    What is the coolest scenario in fiction of the 3 listed

    I played it on PC. I have a 1070 and i7-8700 and it ran fine. As long as you don't try to push above 1080p you shouldn't have any issues.
  13. whybmonotacrab

    What is the coolest scenario in fiction of the 3 listed

    Damn dude you couldn't think of Resident Evil? It's not even like it's just a legacy series us oldheads bang on about - there was a game released in the series this year! Adding to your list mainly because over-hating of zombie fiction is getting tiring: -Project Zomboid -They are Billions -The Last of Us -Zombi-U -Days Gone (It's super underrated) -Dead Space (I think it kinda counts) -Siren -Nightmare of Decay -Night at the Gates of Hell -Telltale's The Walking Dead
  14. A little ashamed to be frank considering 70% of my country still doesn't want to give political rights to a marginalised group they have repeatedly discriminated against. Unfortunately it seems my country is more racist than I thought.
  15. whybmonotacrab

    What are your Relaxing Games?

    A bit of a weird one, but I find repeat playthroughs of the Soulsborne games really relaxing. The first playthrough is obviously really tense and intimidating, but once you've conquered it and are coming back it just feels weirdly cozy. I agree. It's been my go to game to unwind after coming home from work. It helps that the game is still fun even when you're losing because just the aspect of composing your team is satisfying.