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  1. whybmonotacrab

    Welcome to Doomworld- Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm an Australian who used to write about games for a living but then got extremely burned out on that and stopped to work at a job that might be equally soul crushing but might actually be financially sustainable. Because of that, my steam library looks like this: So far I've released one pretty meh map, but hopefully I'll release a map I'm actually somewhat proud of at some point.
  2. I don't think they stole it, I think it's just that the song sounds like every other popular alt metal band at the time. Tool/a perfect circle was a little too influential and as a result a ton of bands took in. Personally, I like it but that's because it reminds me of my teen years when Breaking Benjamin, 10 Years, Karnivool, Chevelle, etc were all like the be all and all of music.
  3. whybmonotacrab

    Flatline Road - DOOM Inspired MIDI Track

    Damn this is nice. I'd definitely imagine this popping up in some early to mid 2000s megawad!
  4. whybmonotacrab

    Whybmonotacrab Makes Music!

    So recently I bought a midi keyboard, and I've been learning to use FL Studios. Here's a chill little electronic piece. Let me know what you think:
  5. whybmonotacrab

    what's your favorite type of doom level

    Thematically I like Gothic maps - Scythe 2 and Eviternity's first episodes, Legacy of Heroes, some BTSX E2 levels etc. As a Quake fan, they tickle my fancy. Gameplay wise? I like Slaughter-lite gameplay, run and gun with a lot of forward momentum (Skillsaw, Erik Alm), and combat puzzles (Easier Ribbiks stuff, Fruit Salad). I'm starting to enjoy some proper slaughter (Thanks to Micro Slaughter Community Project), but I'm still not particularly good at it. That said I also enjoy slower, more dread inducing levels - Hell Ground is one of my favourites.
  6. whybmonotacrab

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Vanilla level is coming along decently so far. Still runs in chocolate doom at the moment, but I won't be too upset if it becomes a limit removing level instead.
  7. whybmonotacrab

    Any mods that are similar to Heretic?

    Ok, you asked if there's anything like Heretic, but you only really complained about stuff from Hexen in your post. Have you played Heretic? It's nothing like Hexen, it's basically Doom with items and fantasy weapons, whereas Hexen has hubs and switch puzzles. Now, if you like Hub structure but don't want something as obtuse and complex as Hexen, try Faithless, which is a Heretic mod that takes the good elements of Hexen but leaves out the bullshit. Wayfarer is also fantastic as it cuts down the sponginess of enemies and makes Heretic more palatable to those who just wanna run and gun. It also comes as a standalone mod so you can play through vanilla Heretic with the changes it makes. If you just want a medieval fantasy setting in Doom, the first episode Scythe 2 and Eviternity have you covered. Attack on IO came out this year and has some gorgeous medieval maps, as does Legacy of Heroes that came out in 2017. Finally, there's Rekkr, which is like an in between of Heretic and Doom.
  8. This isn't true. At that particular point, FPS was still pretty niche because it was primarily a pc genre and PC Gaming was niche. Most people played on consoles, and the dominant genres were: Platformers, JRPGs, Fighting Games, and Racing Games. If you look at the top selling games of the 90s, of the 38 games that sold over 5 million copies, only one of them was an FPS, and that was Goldeneye.
  9. Any Ys game has amazing music, but this song from the newest entry is speaking to me at the current moment:
  10. whybmonotacrab

    How Heavily Do You Weigh Gameplay Vs Visuals?

    To steal Notjabba's rating system: Combat/flow: 50% Aesthetic craft/beauty: 20% Storytelling/concept: 30% Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed by beautiful maps, but I'm much more interested in a strong gameplay hook though. I want the visuals to give the set a sense of place and a sense of being, but a set having God Tier visuals will only carry it so far if the gameplay/atmosphere isn't grabbing me.
  11. Hard disagree. To me, the modern standard is a gameplay thing that comes from having learned from the past and having been meticulously playtested. It means don't progress behind secrets unless you're a puzzle map. It means design your layouts in a way that flow naturally and are intuitive. It means thoughtful placement of enemies to create the perfectly balanced fight. Do some older megawads have these traits? Absolutely, though it was less common though because people were still learning, and it was harder to get feedback on something you created (I'm guessing, I wasn't into Doom in the 90s because I was like 7 at the end of the decade). Likewise, some newer megawads fail at this too. But to me this is what the modern standard represents.
  12. whybmonotacrab

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    I'll never pass up an opportunity to play Khorus maps so I'm in. E1m1: UV, Crispy Doom, Deaths 0 Great opener. Fast paced but not too difficult. Has great visuals but detailing is fairly clean. The midi is fantastic, really getting you amped up to kick some ass. The secret is dumb though. It's got a weird trigger and it only rewards you with a medkit and some shells? Overall a great start to a great megawad.
  13. whybmonotacrab

    Best starting maps

    Look, I feel weird tooting the horn of 2 people already in this thread, but Exomoon has a great opener, as does Thy Flesh Turned into a Draft-Excluder. Neither pull punches and let you know what you're in for. Sunlust's opener is one of the most fun levels I've played. It looks gorgeous and that Flashback Midi is A+. Deus Vult 2's opener is so gloriously fast paced and over the top you can't help but love it. That bit where you mow down a ton of zombiemen with an upgraded mini game is one of the greatest power trips in Doom. I love A2Rob's opening map in Nova 3. That's a map I'm down to play any day of the week. Also, echoing what others have said with Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Heartlands, Alien Vendetta, Eviternity, Scythe 2, Arrival, and Hell Ground.
  14. whybmonotacrab

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Hrot: Depending on how the other episodes go, this has the potential to be the second best throwback fps next to Dusk. It's a lot more atmospheric, and the fights play out like a slightly faster Quake. It kind of feels like a surreal horror game in a lot of ways, and I love how it weaponises certain limitations of older fps titles to keep you on edge and not know what to expect. Also, it's quite difficult, mainly due to health being someone scarce. Still, a fantastic title, and I think more games should give you the option to do a pistol start run from the main menu. Valheim: Back in lockdown so I needed something with a bit of a progress treadmill to trick my brain into thinking I've accomplished something. I do like Valheim though. It's kind of a survival game for people who don't like survival games. It's definitely more of an RPG that feels a little bit old Elder Scrolls, a little bit Souls, and a little bit Rune. Good stuff.
  15. whybmonotacrab

    Positivity Thread

    You make nice art.