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Status Updates posted by Pezl

  1. Sup everyone, ive been 2 years on doomworld (12.5.2022) And i can say this community is still super good. Thanks for good time spent here! Also sorry for no special map, i dont feel like doing anything these days even mapping, i will try to finish the 1 special map, cya and have a good day.

    1. RetroAkaMe


      I agree. I like being here at Doomworld.

  2. little preview i think this day is not being released (Enough of time)


  3. Hi so lets say that i have 110 monsters on my map but its only start (its not slaughter map)

    You can be ready for a lot of action, adventure & secrets



    4.2.2021 maybe?


  4. Maybe you asking why iam not active on doomworld..

    Before some weeks i got syndrome burnout.

    I will continue in mapping in theese two months, enjoy doom guys

    1. Clippy


      I been there buddy, nice to see ya :)

  5. coming soon next year 2021!!

    100 monsters but iam starting

    What if i publish this map with 2000 enemies ?

    staysafe and work hard


  6. Tomorrow I would like to create my first slaughter map. How many monsters should it have the least?

  7. I changed my profile pic to fish :D 

    Big plan is in developing

  8. I will upload new map, now iam fixing all bugs in it :)

  9. Sorry theese days iam lazy to do somenthing.

    1. Clippy


      I feel ya. Someday if you ever make another map give me a call

  10. I need to know why every map on doomworld is so much detailed or big rooms when i create map so it is small for me i want to do somenthing bigger give me months

  11. Hi, i want to tell you iam ending with creating wads forever. Have a nice day and bye!

    1. Clippy


      Get back here I want to play more of your maps buddy



    2. Pezl


      @Clippy thanks for motivation iam going to try to do somenthing

  12. New maps will be revealed soon give me week ;)



    Iam in another country without pc.