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  1. Pezl

    Holistic - A custom Doom II mapset by me

    Hey, i played through map 1 (video is like 64 pixels so i cant post that on youtube, you wont be able to see the gameplay) but i enjoyed it so far, good detailing and stuff. Also died few times whe the revenant crew show up. Nice and short, Later will play another one
  2. Pezl

    Lots of Spiders - Of course for DOOM2

    Thanks for the playthru and playing! Great skills of reading my text :D Anyways There should be somenthing less ammo and at the end i forgot to add archviles oh no. Nevermind Hope you enjoyed it tho!
  3. Hello everyone! Its been a long time since ive been on doomworld.. BUT- I managed to complete my map in 2 months and 1 week. I really had no ideas to make my map interesting and different than i do most the times, hope you give it a go :) Mapinfo: Name - Lots of Spiders levels - 1 Music - D_TENSE jumping/crouching - off Tested with: LZ/GZdoom IWAD: Doom2 DOWNLOAD: lots of spiders 1.zip Screenshots right here Old versions/Ignore:
  4. Pezl

    DESTRUCTOGASM - now on ID Games­čŹŚ

    Hey Clippey, ive played your map on hurt me plenty and it was enough challenge for me lol. Pretty hard map, Died few times on the start & that ending? Gets me as always like damn that was unexpected, anyways textures and gameplay 10/10.. Sorry for no video this time :( Enjoyed it, deadly as always :D PS: have found 3 secrets
  5. Pezl

    Lots of Spiders - Of course for DOOM2

    Thank you for playing in first place! I Hope the small details and stuff are not biggest deal, but i agree that infighting and way 2 big arena is true. Also these Light maybe were supposed to be edited in the building proccess but I probably forgot about them since I opened the map like 2 weeks ago and yesterday Last time before implenting mapinfo and music.. The map is easy even I have UV MAXED it 1st attempt. Should get reworked at some places how I see after uploading, still appriciate u had fun :)
  6. Pezl

    Lots of Spiders - Of course for DOOM2

    Thanks for playing! Im glad you enjoyed this one and I must say youre right There are not that much spiders as promised in the Title, :D Yeah the yellow keycard is pointless in the map I see.. Thanks for your tips anyways but yeah ill rather keep it as it is now. I will try to use them for the future works. ;)
  7. Pezl

    Lots of Spiders - Of course for DOOM2

    Thank you for reporting this bug!! I have moved him bit to side so now he can walk around :)
  8. Pezl

    Lots of Spiders - Of course for DOOM2

    thanks, i know its been a while
  9. Welcome to this community megawad! DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3mx00jz3kwgyld/OffSpeedWad v3.rar?dl=0 "Hey, We made megawad of speedmaps," IWAD: Doom 2 Port: Vanilla Jumping/Crouching: Not Allowed Freelook: Allowed Maps: 32 Whole megawad Created in : 6 days Tested in GZDoom, ZDoom Difficulty: Challenging LIST OF MAPPERS: Intermission screen: Pezl Custom bar: Pezl SCREENSHOTS: Old Versions:
  10. You guys found this project again congrats, for some reason i dont get notifications on old threads, if anyones going to play, have fun!
  11. Sup guys, ive made this quick doom 2 map aka remake of dead simple. This map is quite challenging so get ready for the war between you and the painfull monsters Play tested in: lzdoom, should work in most ports Iwad is DOOM2 since i menointed its dead simple remake And replacement is MAP01 There you have the DOWNLOAD --- Remake Simple .2.zip Have Fun slaying the demons! :) Easy - 12 monsters Medium - 18 monsters Hard - 20 monsters <-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-><-> CHANGELOG:
  12. My least used enemies are Lost souls, I dont see any positive things about this monster. I rather place Pain elemental which spawns them
  13. Hello everyone, pezl here with new map. I spent about 1 week creating this crazy map, so i hope you will enjoy it! The map is based on revisiting some places youve been through, so its not big map but still progressive :) As always any videos, reviews and more are much appriciated as always guys, now there is some info about the map: levels - 1 Sounds - normal doom 2 Music - Plutonia Experiment MAP14: PLUGGED IN MY BUCKET Graphics - none Other files required - none IWAD - DOOM2 jumping/crouching - isnt required but on Editors: Slade, GZDoom Builder Known bugs - none tested with: Lzdoom, Crispy doom Enjoy, i hope you will find this map interesting. DOWNLOAD: Small but Deadly map.zip https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/deadmap SCREENSHOTS:
  14. The wad is now downloadable on idgames, im surprised it actually got accepted
  15. Sup everyone, ive been 2 years on doomworld (12.5.2022) And i can say this community is still super good. Thanks for good time spent here! Also sorry for no special map, i dont feel like doing anything these days even mapping, i will try to finish the 1 special map, cya and have a good day.

    1. RetroAkaMe


      I agree. I like being here at Doomworld.

  16. @Luleta Thank you for review and imp file. Anyways i put there more megaspheres and cells for like "not the best doomers". I think difficulty settings could make it different, but as i know myself i put diff settings only rarely. Also sometimes i find some really well detailed wads, I try to inspirate from others to Master things. Hope I didnt miss any point of your review and thanks!
  17. @RedNecromancer thank you, thats nice to see, i didnt tried to make detailed map this time. @Silent Wolf Thanks for playing 2, i know its too much of ammo i agree it was a lot, i simply made the map and then tested it. I really should do somenthing with it but whatever. I appriciate your playthroughs and tips guys!
  18. This project looks great, i will play it when its published megawad! :)
  19. Thanks @Clippy for da playthrough! Too many hosts lol thats great. I see these bfg shots are really op now since i tested it with rockets, shells etc, i think i should not call it deadly. I really enjoyed this vid ;) And also thank you @Large Cat for your review + imp video file, ill play it when i hop on computer. Now i understand why not to put bfg too much and megaspheres too lol. I will do one harder version today and then edit this post probably (it won't have 20 but only 1 megasphere). Will it be challenging? I Hope so, anyways i want to keep this version up. But Im glad you enjoyed it and found interesting!
  20. Pezl

    HMP shouldn't be scoffed at

    Well, HMP is the difficulty i play the most.. Depends on which wad i play, if its some classics than definetly hurt me plenty, I dont consider myself pro to play on UV lol I think everyone should play diffiuclty they want
  21. Man living in the space?
  22. Pezl

    What country are you from?

    Czech Republic.
  23. Random Doom Base v3.zip ------------------------------------------- Hey, this is my full episode 1 for DOOM 1 (8 maps) Its Episode 1 but music is from episode 2, dont ask me why I hope you all will enjoy this one, now its open for testing so let me know any bugs etc. please! :) After the testing part i will submit this mapset on IDGames, IWAD: DOOM Maps: Episode 1 Build time: 3 weeks in total CO-OP settings: no jumping/crouching: off Difficulty settings: no Pistol starts: yes Tested in: zdoom, lzdoom, Crispy Doom 5.1.1 DOWNLOAD---> Random Doom Base v3.zip Some screenshots here..
  24. Pezl

    Random Image Thread

    Cheems dog