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  1. Is the "chainsaw" included anywhere on the map....?
  2. Thats just it... it is fun. But i see no godzilla references besided the title screen picture. But again i havent seen all the movies or played the full wad. If im not missing any references, the title/picture could be changed to avoid copyright since there seems to be no other reference.... Please correct me if im wrong. Someone want to speedplay the wad and help find references? Not where i found the wad, but first search sudjestion.... Just the "godzilla" is what im playing/talking about.
  3. Opening the one wad in slade, the file consists of graphics/sounds and a dehacked file which does read. But going down the list of text, it only really describes ammo and shows no context of any specific weapon or even the graphic/sound files.... Im beyond lost now.... tomorrow afterwork im going to attempt to open the one pk3 file and see what is able to be worked with, and il post a copy/text of what one dehacked file reads.... maybe someone can educate me more :(
  4. Opening wads with dehacked files on slade, i only see graphics/sounds and the dehacked file that has no important/direct editing to weapons. Pk3 is just a zip file? Oh man.... this is going to be interesting.... i hope i can find something. Thank you for the info.
  5. I guess im not going to acheive the results im looking for anytime soon :( maybe someone can do me a small favor... recomended an editor that can view dehacked/pk3 files!
  6. Ok.... i reallllly need some help. I cant find a wad editor besides slade v3 and it doesnt read any of these wad files or pk3 😒 Only wad it will open is the ghettoblaster, and really all i can manage is to rename it, change the sound, damage and fire speed... any other change either seems to do nothing or wont load the wad on gzdoom. Trying to change it from replacing the chainsaw to being the fists, and not "shoot" 360Β° around me... a barrel can be directly behind me and i end up shooting it πŸ˜‘
  7. The PKG file i want to copy a monster from, does not open/show anything. One wad only shows graphics and sound files, except for a dehacked file that seems to only adjust enemy damage.... Other wad just has blank markers and "unknown" files :(
  8. Not getting into maps and dont plan on making this a full time hobby. I can borrow my buddies laptop "anytime you (me) need as long as its just for a day or so". Using slade and opening the wads i have, i cant really do much to even read let alone edit it... Il get a picture after dinner... really the only thing i can edit is some sprite and sounds. Im trying to change weapon and enemy behavior. :(
  9. So i got my hands on a laptop for about a week. Im not sure what WAD editor(s) to use?! Found a small list on the wiki and had alot of issues... some editors had no current links (all hosting sites gone/removed), the others would not run because one file is missing.... using the install.exe or not. Slade was one of them, and thankfully had a list of previous versions... going down the list trying, version 3.0.0 is the only one that runs.... Apparently reads out hieroglyphs also... Anyone have a better WAD editor to sudjest?
  10. Defdock

    Most replayable games

    This is the only exception i have for MK. After 4 they moved to newer systems and everything 3d, controls were slow responsive and the gameplay lacked because they focused more on the graphics. Armageddon is the only cd i own for ps2 still, and its still in the cd drive lol. Long process of time but i got a ethernet/hard drive adapter just a fews years ago and still have not installed it.(i have the old Phat ps2 which is "jailbreak" able) One game i forgot to put on my list... -Call of Duty: Black ops 2. I have all the dlc zombie maps and its never dull playing the game..... the main challenge is to see how many rounds i can hit before my Ps3 would freeze, id get to round 50~ and it would crash....
  11. Defdock

    Most replayable games

    -Diablo 1 and 2 along with expantion pack (the 3rd game ruined the series) -Crash Team Racing (not the "tag team" racing. -minesweeper lol -tetris And obviosly Doom! Edit: and Mortal Kombat 4.
  12. Defdock

    Post your Mod/WAD ideas

    Perfect! Edit: Tomorrow il be picking up/borrowing a buddies laptop. I haven't a clue what wad editor to use.... but im going to attempt to "steal" the suicide bomber coding from Moon manπŸ˜‘. I wanted to attempt to change the sounds/sprites if i can even read/find the coding once i open that BS wad.... those dwarfs are a perfect replacement. Those bombers are definatly "fun".... get to the end of the map, open the exit door and here come bombers from that room and kill you RIGHT BEFORE you finish the level.
  13. Defdock

    DOSbox wad suggestions

    Cheaper than the last time i looked... 8~ years ago. Im not sure how it operates on a pc... their game wad? Or thier OS? Thier app for phones/tablets is ran on GZdoom, it only comes with freedoom 1 and 2 game wads, you have to add your own extras easily.
  14. Defdock

    DOSbox wad suggestions

    And a good gzdoom port for android. 😜
  15. Defdock

    Post your Mod/WAD ideas

    A wad for itself.... a certain mod previosly made has alot of enemy behavior changes(along with graphics/sounds).... id like to take the one aspect, changes Pinky into a "suicide bomber" that blows up on contact. It made the game a bit harder and interesting. Change the sounds and possibly monster graphics and it would be a great stand-alone mod.