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  1. ckejo

    Should there be a new Quake Port?

    Quake should get a fifth installment where you play as Ranger and finally defeat Quake. Or maybe some spin-off based on that Commander Keen screen talking about a trans-dimensional Quakeguy
  2. ckejo

    Random Image Thread

  3. ckejo

    Rate this rig I'm thinking of buying

    Get an AMD Ryzen CPU (Intel is jackshit the last 3 generations) and hold out until the RTX 3070 releases. You may or may not benefit from an NVMe SSD, but they're expensive-ish, so keep that in mind.
  4. ckejo

    Level making inspirations thread

    That third pic will absolutely not give anyone nightmares and is most certainly not an Eldritch horror-spawn.
  5. Post cool images that give you a jolt of creative energy to make DOOM levels!
  6. I'll be installing Fedora on my laptop and wanted to see what are my options if i want to make Doom WADs on Linux.
  7. ckejo

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Akschually, Thy Flesh Consumed takes place after Doomguy teleports from Dis (E3M8) back to Earth and fends off the demons that went through the teleporter before Doomguy.
  8. ckejo

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    Serbian, English and somewhat Russian.