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  1. saltybiscuits

    Should there be a new Quake Port?

    Quake should get a fifth installment where you play as Ranger and finally defeat Quake. Or maybe some spin-off based on that Commander Keen screen talking about a trans-dimensional Quakeguy
  2. saltybiscuits

    Random Image Thread

  3. saltybiscuits

    Rate this rig I'm thinking of buying

    Get an AMD Ryzen CPU (Intel is jackshit the last 3 generations) and hold out until the RTX 3070 releases. You may or may not benefit from an NVMe SSD, but they're expensive-ish, so keep that in mind.
  4. saltybiscuits

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

  5. saltybiscuits

    Level making inspirations thread

    That third pic will absolutely not give anyone nightmares and is most certainly not an Eldritch horror-spawn.
  6. saltybiscuits

    Level making inspirations thread

    Post cool images that give you a jolt of creative energy to make DOOM levels!
  7. saltybiscuits

    What is your favorite WAD maker on Linux?

    Sweet, thanks!
  8. I'll be installing Fedora on my laptop and wanted to see what are my options if i want to make Doom WADs on Linux.
  9. saltybiscuits

    Doom vs Doom 2?

    Akschually, Thy Flesh Consumed takes place after Doomguy teleports from Dis (E3M8) back to Earth and fends off the demons that went through the teleporter before Doomguy.
  10. saltybiscuits

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    Serbian, English and somewhat Russian.
  11. saltybiscuits

    Self-hosting a Zandronum/Odamex/ZDoom server

  12. saltybiscuits

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    2 years ago, I'm 15 now.
  13. saltybiscuits

    What are you listening to?