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  1. terminator

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW on a map/mapset you played?

    mapset title, author: tnt goes boom! episode 1 & 2 (by @The_SloVinator). theme/features: ammo well balanced, circular meat saw, clever traps, coutyards, expert use of tnt textures, great lighting, impressive interior design, iwad tnt, lava moat, not a slaugterfest/slaughtermap, torture room, puzzles not too difficult (just nice), waterways, warehouse. review: a rare treat as there are not many tnt based wads around. visually, this mapset generally adheres to the classic tnt theme. however, at certain locations in mapset, it delivers its own flair with fantastic architecture. gameplay in uv was challengingly fun, but gratefully not oppressively insane. an 11 map long journey, gameplay thoughout the mapset did not feel dragging due to clever traps sprinkled throughout the mapset, enticing the player to keep moving on. in other words, a meticulously well designed mapset which is both an eye candy and also awesomely fun to play. love it. download/more info: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=122326 screenshots:
  2. terminator

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW on a map/mapset you played?

    mapset title, author: advent (by @El Inferno). theme/features: blood flowing on buildings, blood fountains, blood rivers, castle, cathedral, gothic industrial theme, grey red colour scheme with contrasting deep blue sky, grey water, high monster count (>1000), huge open arenas, masonry, maze, slaughterfest/slaughtermap, spires, stepping pillars of all sorts, stonework, superb architecture, terrain would sometimes snag player movement, towers. review: visually, this set of 2 maps is astounding with superbly detailed architecture. not many wads could compare to its intricate charm, a real hidden gem. however, its incredible beauty is a stark contrast to its brutal savage nature. this is no jolly spraying of bullets kind of gameplay, but one that requires serious planning, with very little room for error especially in uv. in map01, ammo was extremely tight. often could not effectively use monster infighting due to narrow pathways, numerous obstacles and large groups of monsters consisting of the same monster type. had to manoeuvre the swarms to be concentrated into small spaces /corners /recesses in order to kill as many as possible with each shot to conserve ammo. had a rough time dodging attacks too since some walls, having near invisible corners, would sometimes snag player movement. completed the level barely alive. map02 was a different ball game altogether. stranded on a tiny island in the middle of a huge toxic lake that removes 10 health points per second, at the same time being surrounded by literally a thousand hell knights all at once, was far beyond my gaming skills. roughly 4.5 hours later and after dying countless times, managed to finally complete the mapset. felt little relief however, more of feeling raw and shaken after such an extreme ordeal. kudos to the author for making such a beautiful yet immensely challenging mapset, and to the person that set par time of 14.5 minutes on map02. insane :) download/more info: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/advent2 screenshots:
  3. that would be dangerous without seat belts. cheers :)
  4. wow! thanks, @ketmar. love it :)
  5. terminator

    My 2nd Map - Corruption Factory *Fixed*

    fyi, i made a short review after completing this map in uv. thank you again for this superb map release. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2308653
  6. terminator

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW on a map/mapset you played?

    map title, author: corruption factory (by @Lazlo Panaflex). theme/features: clever traps especially with archviles, delightful route hunting, indoor toxic lakes, large map, not slaughterfest/slaughtermap, spider sniping, superb architecture, superb lighting, toxic pools, udmf map format, uv difficulty only, vanilla textures. review: a big map, exploring it was a delight. unexpected routes to take, fantastic architecture with awesome lighting, all enticing the player to delve ever deeper into the map. gameplay was challenging in uv but not insane. and some of the traps were exceptionally nasty, complete with backup archviles. although a large map, gameplay did not felt dragging at all; an obvious sign the map was exhaustively well designed, and a mark of superb mapping skills by the author. played this map in the wee hours of morn, and it kept me up far better then coffee! love it, lots. download/more info: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=126957 screenshots:
  7. terminator

    My 2nd Map - Corruption Factory *Fixed*

    i apologise. the mistake was on my end. i was playing [corruption begins] (a map from you), but had to stop and save game just 1-2 minutes from the start due to some errands. then i downloaded the updated [corruption factory], and accidently put in in the [corruption begins] folder. i posted in the thread [corruption factory] because when i searched "corruption begins" using the doomworld's search bar, i could not find the [corruption begin] thread, so i thought maybe you have changed the name of the map like some mappers have done. my bad and sorry again for the unintended confusion. its 4am on this side of world, so maybe i should go off to sleep :P
  8. terminator

    My 2nd Map - Corruption Factory *Fixed*

    the fixed one. was surprised with the different start :) tq.
  9. terminator

    My 2nd Map - Corruption Factory *Fixed*

    hi again. i found that i could shoot the spider mastermind from this location, and the spider mastermind could not shoot back to hit me, nor could it move. idk whether this is intentional due to the player being at a vantage point, or just a monster misplacement. just to let you know. currently using gzdoom 4.5.0. tq.
  10. terminator

    My 2nd Map - Corruption Factory *Fixed*

    hi. i may found a bug in your map as per screenshot below. location coordinates of the bug also provided in one of the screenshots. tq.
  11. terminator

    Oops! All Techbase - Final Release! NOW ON IDGAMES!

    at first, thought that @Remilia Scarlet released a sequel to the wad [oops! all greyboxes]. still, really glad this thread was bumped. otherwise would not have stumbled upon this magnificient looking wad. thanks, @princetontiger, and many thanks @ZeMystic and the techbase team for such an awesome release. definitely in my playlist.
  12. terminator

    Slaughterwads - Anything we've missed?

    one of my favourites, oceanside. ideal for introduction to slaughtermap gameplay:
  13. terminator

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW on a map/mapset you played?

    mapset title, author: oceanside (by michael jan krizik @valkiriforce). theme,features: based on actual location (oceanside city in california), beautiful suburban scenery background, bright and sunny, car park, custom textures, gardens, house, many outdoor battles, medium monster count, slaughterfest, slaughtermap, soccer field, warehouse. review: a beautiful sunny set of 3 maps with discernible increase in difficulty, from vanilla gameplay to slaughterfest in large open areas, then in spaces full of obstacles. lots of fun, especially when manuevering cyberdemons to decimate hoards of other monsters via monster infighting (a must since ammo is limited). with a medium monster count (>100 to <1000) per level in uv, this mapset is a perfect introduction to slaughterfest gameplay for those who desire such skills in carnage. a definite memorable delight. download/more info: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/oceansde screenshots:
  14. terminator

    TNT Goes Boom! Episode 2 - Vanilla TNT Evilution Replacement

    hi. i may found a bug in map03. if you click multiple times at the metal wall with revets as per screenshot, the level ends early with just obtaining the yellow key. currently using gzdoom 4.5.0. tq.