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  1. downloading. thanks for the awesome looking wad :)
  2. terminator

    the player-mapper conundrum

    hi, i'm a doom newbie. recently started mapping, and found it strangely satisfying as if playing classic doom itself. is this considered normal progression in the doom world? newer wads were still being downloaded, but less played due to mapping. felt slightly guilty since have less time to explore all those lovely worlds. curious to know, how do other classic doom mappers fair when they first tasted the joy of mapping? how does a mapper balance their time between playing other people's wads and mapping their own? tq.
  3. terminator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    a fan of your work since [bad religion]. hope to get to play your new map soon :)
  4. terminator

    Imagine that you win the lottery.

    after tax: 2.5% for self. 2.5% for backup cash. 2.5% for expanding backup of essentials (long-term food, equipment, etc). 5% to parents. 12.5% to charity. 25% for online investments (equities, etc). 25% for offline investments (local businesses, etc). 25% for offline assets (property, jewelry, percious metals, etc).
  5. terminator


    depends on recommendations stated for the wad. have 4 source ports: gzdoom (my main - since it has the widest compatibility for cosmetic mods) k8vavoom eternity prboom+
  6. terminator

    overkill ratio for traps

    noted. thanks for the tips :)
  7. terminator

    What happens when we die?

    umm. like to play it safe. there is a logical pattern to this with a common result. if one could be resurrected by cryogenic technology, then that's fine. but if such technology still could not awaken the frozen dead, then one still has to consider if there is life after death. if there is no life after death, nor heaven and hell, that's fine because all living things die anyway. but if there is life after death and a heaven and hell, then one should lead a life of good. if there is no incarnation, then that's fine too. but if there is incarnation, then one should still should lead a life of good. if there is no god, then that's fine and everything just follow social local standards. but if gods do exist, one should still lead a life of good. since there may be many gods, perhaps one could just ask the truest most powerful god (a god should be able to listen from anywhere in the world) if the god can guide oneself to the true religion that the god truely acknowledges, and be steadfast in that religion till death. if no result, that is fine too since at least one had asked the god. so as the common result, one just need to lead a life of good and ask god for guidance if the god truely exists, whatever the circumstances after death. i'm inclined towards the sciencey side of things, but i also believe there is a supreme entity too. reason is, if energy could not be destroyed and could only be converted into a different forms (law of conservation of energy), then energy cannot first come into existence from absolute nothingness, since that would break the law itself. the general consensus amongst scientists have concluded time is not a loop (thorne's and hawking's), eliminating the theory that energy have always existed. therefore, according to modern science standards, it is impossible for energy to suddenly exist from absolutely nothing. unless it was created from absolutely nothing by someone. to summarize, i prefer to play it safe since the inevitable end for every living thing is death.
  8. terminator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    a vanilla map, looking like that? absolutely gorgeous. looking forward for its release :)
  9. terminator

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    enjoy your break, ketmar :)
  10. terminator

    Things about Doom you just found out

    "In any game that uses the Doom engine, linedefs can be activated regardless of the player's Z position. This has the side effect of allowing the player to flip a switch despite being at too high or low of a height to reach it, or even if it is hidden in the floor. In certain maps, this can provide a shortcut of some degree depending on what the switch does." (source). just knew about it today :P
  11. terminator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    i see. imo, perhaps the reason some members felt the series was getting dumbed down was because their own gaming skills may have sharpened over the years to very high levels? therefore, making maps at dbp for the general masses that have average gaming skill levels would felt "dumbed down" in terms of difficulty. from a certain perspective, this is good for the general masses since they could have more options. the general masses could choose to play dbp and those that are very skilled could prefer dbk. it is also good for those formerly from dbp to get to breathe fresh air at dbk, and at dbp to have mappers that are not stressed by what they love doing (making maps). again, this is all my opinion without any basis at all. hope all ends well for both dbp, dbk and for the general classic doom players.
  12. terminator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    hope everything's ok at dbp and between them and dbk.
  13. terminator

    How to play faster?

    well, you could learn speedrunning tricks like strafe50, wallrunning, rocket jumping, etc and join speedrunning discord groups for more info like [https://discord.gg/ghWqUYu], as per suggested by @4shockblast. you could also make your own map incorporating your own handicap so you could train specifically for it, thus increasing your gaming efficiency. examples: [hello wad] my own map to tackle my own handicap for battling in small spaces with high monster densities. [a beginner's nightmare] made by @Jacek Bourne for practicing platforming. [15cc-wad], a 15 cyberdemon challenge in 2 minutes made by @Nine Inch Heels for players to practice killing a cyberdemon with a single bfg shot (using the tracers for further damage). [2 shot 2] made by @Outrageous Videos for more practice to kill cyberdemons. hope this small reply helps.
  14. terminator

    How do you organize your save slots?

    000.level 1 start 001 (progress, up to before a battle/trap) 002 (progress in battle/trap, up to end of battle/trap where player looks at the floor before saving as thumbnail indicator) 003 (next progress up to before a battle/trap) 004 (progress in battle/trap, up to end of battle/trap where player looks at the floor before saving as thumbnail indicator) 005 006 ... and so on ... 120 (example end of level 1) 121.level 2 start 122 123 ... and so on... repeat all above till end of wad. all gamesaves would be purged before playing the next wad. reason for the large number of saves is because sometimes there is a need to return to specific in-game locations/events even after finishing the game (eg. troubleshooting with map author, re-shooting screenshots, etc).
  15. thanks for the video. gave me a whole lot of ideas on secrets on where to find them (when playing) or to put them (when making maps). edit: now watching videos on "fortress of secrecy".