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  1. I like your use of default textures. The starting area is nice and coherent with the brick sidewalks and light trims and stuff. Honestly any kind of bordering is almost always going to look good. It's easy to remember your way around, which is good. The gallows are good atmosphere and nice to see some basic rock layering (the line-defs and height stepping). I might advise using a slight bit more texture variety in rocks. As a fan of using weapons for progression, I'm kind of okay with where the SSG was, but maybe would have had a better time with the Chaingun closer to the start and some more bullets would be nice. Either way, good starting point if you want to make more.
  2. That was a fun little adventure, perfect length really. Stumbled across some of the secrets without looking too hard, and probably had an easier time because of them. Maybe I'll get the confidence to start recording these soon.
  3. Kyukon

    Bludgeonator II: Ultra Bleeder

    I have rarely cleared slaughter maps before, but have been thinking of trying it more often. I'll just give you my personal experience, which isn't very objective haha. I played on Ultra Violence. The arena looked pretty neat, I liked the little clips as usual and also the smileys and stuff. As always your maps hardly ever have any wasted space, which is nice, whether it's thing placement, or sector details. The start forces you to scramble into place, and seemed to require a bit of luck to get going right, good setup. The symmetry on the weapons was a little confusing. I didn't realize there were 2 platforms on each side, since each little teleport room does a u-turn and I ended up doing the initial wave with rockets and plasma. I only realized the Double Shotgun and Chaingun were there after the Hell Knights and Revenants were down. After that, the key door waves felt like they could've used a little more variety, maybe some revenants appear on the stimpack islands when you open up the doors, or something. The ending trigger was slightly confusing, but only for a minute. All in all, fun way to kill some time, thanks for the map Clippy!
  4. Kyukon

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - On IdGames!

    I'm going to have to pass on this, year was really hit or miss on when I had time to sit down for stuff.
  5. Getting around to some UDMF and OTEX with a little inspiration from Final Fantasy.


    Aethero 1.png

    1. Clippy


      Nice to hear from you again buddy I absolutely love the visuals

    2. Kyukon


      Been busy at new job, but now comfy enough to get back to doing this.  Also might see if I can't make the deadline for your xmas wad.

    3. Clippy


      Dec 9 would be latest if you're interested. Even if it's a tiny map. No worries though

  6. Not sure many will see this, but I've been on hiatus, and keep checking back here to look.  I hope to return soon, and start mapping again, but it's been a busy time.  I've gotten some inspiration anyways, and might aim to make another mini wad, attempting to apply what I learned from the last one.

  7. I had been using Doom Builder 2, and XWE, but recently made the change to UDB and Slade. Watching Bridge got me really curious about more advanced things like UDMF, and I've been learning and experimenting with those lately.
  8. Kyukon

    New members of Doom World, what brought you here?

    I've liked Doom ever since it came out but pretty much kept it to myself all those years. Played my Dad's Doom and Doom II until the release of Final Doom. Had the Collector's edition and probably watched the trailer for Doom 3 a few too many times. That shit was mindblowing at the turn of the century. I wore out Doom 3 along with the resurrection of Evil, and remember downloading every new version of the Classic Doom for Doom 3 mod with the snazzy music from Sonicclang. Finally opened up to my friends about liking a super old game when they started playing Doom 2016 and started work on a classic wad for them. After I had made it, I decided to watch all of Vargskelethor Joel's wad contest streams on youtube, and really felt like I missed out on a fun time with all the Arch-Vile memes, but that finally gave me the push to show my wad to people I didn't know on here, after which I tweaked and added to that wad, and plan on doing more now.
  9. WiP of this level. I'm honestly not sure if it's Plutonia enough, but maybe some feedback will help that when I get the first draft done.
  10. The above changes have been added to the updated wad file, as I polish off these 10 levels, in an attempt to bring them closer to each other in terms of quality. I also have come to the conclusion that it may be a good idea to consider concluding this project after fine-tuning the level design details. I didn't understand much about formatting when I started mapping for this, and now I understand that it's better to make maps for either Boom or UDMF formats, rather than GZDoom in Doom 2 format like this wad has been. Still, thanks to all who have tried this out, and all who have helped me learn more about mapping. I originally only ever thought a few close friends would see this, and never imagined I'd get over a dozen people to play, or over a hundred people watch those people play this first attempt at making something competent. I'd like to take that experience and move forward with bigger things, thanks to inspirations around this forum who have shown the amazing things you can do with Doom.
  11. Kyukon

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - On IdGames!

    Count me in then, should be fun.
  12. I echo this sentiment. Freelook is totally cool as long as you don't use it to skip/break a level that wasn't designed around freelook. And, even if that happens, oh well, I'll get over it in like 10 seconds. It's probably a bit of self projecting of me to say this, but I play with freelook on, only to avoid getting motion sick, and attempt to play as close to classic as possible, using auto-aim, and trying to keep my field of view as level as possible. For some reason, I can't play or look at Doom for too long without getting sick, if vertical freelook is off, and weapon bob is on. I mean, there's a million and one ways to play Doom, just have fun with it.
  13. After receiving another round of feedback, I've decided to take the time to go back and polish up the first several levels of this wad. It feels like a good time to do so after getting through level 10. It's still ongoing, but I've got a couple of points to share: 1. I don't think I'll be converting this to Boom compatibility or to UDMF, at least any time soon, after looking into those options. It doesn't look the way I want it to in the Boom copy I re-textured, and UDMF is a bit too much of a stretch to redo 10 levels with. (If anyone has any advice on compatibility, I am open to listening, as it's an area I still need more knowledge of.) 2. Map02 is mostly undergoing texture alignment, with some more detailing added in. I've also decided to remove 2 of the 3 Hell Knights from the red key room initially, and have them come in as an ambush after you grab it, to make this less of a slog. 3. Map03 is getting a new area, that will get you armed with a non-secret super shotgun. It's also getting one rather nasty Arch-Vile because I thought it was a crime that this map used the track, Message for the Arch-Vile without having the titular baddy. Again, Textures are being fixed to look more appealing, with more attention on alignment this time around. The Exit Door will also be made double-wide to give the enemies more space to come out. 4. Map05 is getting a bit of a rehaul, texture-wise, as well as the lost soul hallway, is getting a bit of a rework into something with more space. 5. On Map06, I finally found a way to make the glass mid textures disappear after grabbing the red key! I was pretty happy about this one, and it involves some geometry tricks. The result also gave me ideas for the future, seeing as you can actually watch the glass (Or any mid texture) go up. Which, as far as I know outside of this geometry trick, mid textures are usually removed with scripts. This idea is kind of an expansion of what was done in Plutonia's Cyberden, involving a few extra steps. 6. Map08 will be getting a new secret involving water, as well as a rebalancing of the room behind the yellow door, to have a little less infighting. 7. Map09 will have a few 64 wide doorways increased to 128 wide to reduce amounts of Door Combat, and the Mancubus now walk all the way over, instead of having a monster block line. It should take them a while to join the fight, but they won't be awkwardly blocked anymore. 8. Map10 needs a fair amount of texture work done on it, otherwise, I'm happy with the gameplay of it. I'd like to continue to improve this wad, and as such, any feedback is appreciated, even if only in text form! Thanks again to all who have checked this out!
  14. Kyukon

    Arch-aeology - A Standalone Map

    @Biodegradable I totally put that Baron in to harass the player until they got more weapons, but I never imagined he'd be that effective! Lol. To elaborate I guess, this is part of my further experimentation into how to make progression on maps based more on weaponry than on keys. I feel like my maps get a little cluttered when I use all 3 key types, so this was an effort to work on better combat in a smaller space. I also find it pretty interesting that you, Clippy, and Zellis all took around 25 minutes for blind clear. Thanks for playing! @Pseudonaut Thanks for giving it multiple goes! That's about what I got runs down to before uploading it, too, so it's nice to see some consistency. Also glad to see all secrets too! I had fun with them, and most of them just kind of came to me while detailing. @Clippy Glad you liked the title card, your wads motivated me to start doing some of that. I've been trying to make sure I learn how to do at least one new thing with every map I make. I think this is going to be the last map I make as GZDoom in Doom 2 format, as well. I've been told that it's a better idea to get my mileage worth out of GZDoom and just go for UDMF for extra features or make Boom maps if I want vanilla stuff, so I'll probably do them both. Also, that Arch-Vile sure got his money's worth in resurrects! Thanks again!
  15. At first pass, video quality does appear to be better, as I looked at the difference between this and your Video of LVENdead's Aspect of Daedalus, among a few others. I guess the real test would be on something with a lot of contrasting colors in small amounts all over the place. However, it doesn't seem worth it for that kind of upload time, if waiting for it to upload prevents you from doing other things.