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  1. Epistax

    Closed Caption for the Hearing Impaired

    Didn't I suggest this on Doomworld a few months ago? I got to RIT, home of NTID, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. I had always thought that closed captions in video games were for deaf people already. Anyway this is a very good thing, but iD should be scolded severely for not originally including subtitles. Same with the makers of other games when non-trivial voice is used.
  2. Epistax

    Doom Movie Info

    In the 50/60's it wasn't uncommon for actors appearing in bad scifis to commit suicide. That's right, your favorite MST3K episode has blood on its hands. Actually I think the whole thing is pretty funny.
  3. Epistax

    Awesome Doom Movie News!!

    For everyone who keeps saying it's a lie just promise to give the inquirer more credit when it turns out to be accurate, ok? Yeesh. Saying they lie doesn't make sense when they're right 95% (out of ass statistic) of the time.
  4. Epistax

    Awesome Doom Movie News!!

    The inquirer doesn't exactly lie, they just spread what they hear.
  5. Epistax

    Doom Movie Info

    It's official: it's going to suck. Here's a bit: Well, Doom won't be set on Mars. The monsters have nothing to do with Hell. Space marines are SWAT teams. The monsters will, apparently, be people mututated by a secret virus. And the article is http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=20044. Have fun :P Edit: I'm waiting for someone to counter this article. Please, someone?
  6. Epistax

    Doom On XBox Part Deux

    Well, apparently you had (have?) an SNES, PSX and Dreamcast ;)
  7. Epistax

    Uncapped FPS In PRBoom

    I'm limited to 5.18 gigs a day to off campus. Unfortunately that is evenly distributed for the entire day to 60 kb/s. Otherwise I'd offer. w00t college
  8. Epistax

    The Rock as Doomguy

    The only communicating the doom guy ever does is grunts, screams, and he moves his eyebrows. How is the rock NOT a perfect fit?
  9. What can I say I really like the new caco. It'd be far more orgasmic if it were more aggressive and had more health though.
  10. Epistax

    Doom 3 Beta Patch

    On the subject of "ironing". BILL BRASKY!!!! He hates Mexicans...And he's half Mexican!!!! And he hates irony.
  11. Epistax

    Do the Doom... Movie

    Might I suggest the part of corpse #12?
  12. Epistax

    Do the Doom... Movie

    Well I'd kill the producer. Once, for each.
  13. Epistax

    Do the Doom... Movie

    For every piece of comic relief I see, I shall kill him.
  14. Epistax

    Doom 3 monster redesigns

    I really would have appreciated an arachnotron.
  15. Epistax

    Doom 3 & Athiesm

    If someone invented a technology which unleashed monsters on the Earth, we would call those monsters demons, and we would call where they are from "Hell". This is human nature by default. Also "Hell" and "devils" are literary devices. The fact that they made "Hell" look like some of the fan-fiction based off the bible although not like others (Dante's Inferno, anyone?) doesn't make it a religiously binding experience. As mentioned the only symbol is the pentagram which is hardly binding either. It has had many different meaning throughout history. The Babylionians used it as a compass (showing fowards, backwords, left, right, and up). The corners mean Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus according to astrology, Mars being the upper point (hint?). As for the Christian relationship it was originally tied to the crucifixion, marking each wound. Later on the chruch (I don't know which, probably catholisism) decided to turn it into a "satanic symbol". However the most prevailent use was in ancient Greece where each point stood for things in a mix of philosophy and mythology. If you want to convince me that this is Christian Hell (hehe) I'm going to need to see something other than a pentagram. Unless there is any specific reference to Christ, this cannot be the case. Does a single voice over state that you cannot be saved? As for the threat to owning the player's soul forever, that's simply the transformation into a "demon". The Borg do that :) Addition: If you want to decide it's Christian Hell, fine. I have no reason to decide that and I enjoyed my experience with the game just fine. If deciding that this game is Biblical ruins your experience, just remember it's your call, whether you want to admit it or not. :-)