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  1. UnusualBug

    Any Well known Doom Sprite artist you recommend?

    Thank you, I'll be sure to check em out.
  2. UnusualBug

    Any Well known Doom Sprite artist you recommend?

    Awesome! Are there any others you know off? Or not for now? I remember there was that wad that has that nes style where you play as a furry lady that is inspired by castlevania.
  3. UnusualBug

    Any Well known Doom Sprite artist you recommend?

    Enemy sprites to be specific. I'm looking for doom sprites that can do cartoony look to it. Something like that wad that has that "COMIC" look to it. This one for example. You know anyone that is familiar with this?
  4. I’m looking for recommendation to collab with pixal artist who’re familiar with doom sprites and size.
  5. UnusualBug

    Box Party [Demo v1.3.2]

    This looks so cute! It reminds me of that Q friend game thing.
  6. HEY You have a discord account? I need your help on the doom sprites.

  7. I have an artist who doesn't play doom or even owned doom, but willing to edit over sprites of the enemies. But I wasn't sure if sprite sheets supports SLADE 3. Do I have to send my artist the PNG files One sprite at a time? or is spritesheets he found is good enough? This one to be exact. He said this was easier. IS it possible?
  8. UnusualBug

    Post your Doom textures!

    Thanks, I'll try to figure out what you mean. I think I got it.
  9. UnusualBug

    Post your Doom textures!

    How do I make my own custom texture?
  10. Awsome! I really appreciated. If you find more, post it here when you find some. Actually, how do I put these textures into UDB?
  11. I'm still waiting for an answer. Maybe I need to be more specific. You know how Duke Nukem 3d has city places, and bikes? That's the stuff I'm looking for.
  12. UnusualBug

    How (and when) to host a community project

    I'll give it a try. Been trying to make maps of my own.
  13. Hey, I'm looking for textures that is on the "normal/mundane" and less bleak. I'm working on a small Mall Map just to train myself to making doom mapping textures. But it's hard for me to make a Small Mall Map look welcoming when the game's og textures are so bleak and creepy. Here's my MAP: I look for some other mods that tries that "regular buildings and town" look to it. This is kinda what I'm trying to go for. I just need textures that is welcoming, colorful, or mundane if there is one.
  14. UnusualBug

    Which Doom Map Software is best for 2021?

    thanks! For everything! I think I got what I needed! Hmm... This one uses Doom Builder. Isn't Doom Builder and UDB the same? What are the differences?
  15. UnusualBug

    Which Doom Map Software is best for 2021?

    Thanks! I got that. I'll be sure to look up guides!