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  1. Fuck me sideways with a rusty spork, Vrack got mean at the end there. Certainly in no rush to play Vrack 2 or 3 after that experience, oy vey.

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    2. Horus


      Heh, Vrack 2 & 3 both play differently from the first, but both are also harder so perhaps a good call lol. Vrack 2 has a lot of traps and arena-based fights, whilst Vrack 3's challenge comes more from ammo scarcity and an incredibly evil laser maze trap, one of the most evil I have ever seen...

    3. Endless


      That Lazer trap is pretty damn genius tho. I actually like the challenge in the trilogy.

    4. Biodegradable


      I'll brave them one day, my friends. But not yet... not yet. ;^)