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  1. Biodegradable

    Rem (Commercial)

    The animation looks great!
  2. Biodegradable

    Doomcute thread

    Cool office space from Doom Zero.
  3. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    MAP11: Too Close to Home UV | Continuous Play with Saves | GZDoom We've got ourselves a city map that looks a lot more like a city than the notorious Downtown we all like to dunk on, with some added effort to some DoomCute with the office building where you grab the yellow keycard. Combat's a bit on the dull side though, unfortunately. The first encounter with a Caco-Cloud, the zombie-infested office building and the warehouse fight were all fairly decent and I didn't mind the cluster of Revs in the second-last building either. Bit disappointed that second-last building didn't spring any traps on me with its locked doors. Also, I think the open streets outside could've been utilised better by having them be repopulated after grabbing the keycards with new demons teleporting in. Just feels like some missed opportunities for some more dynamic combat situations in general with this one. I'd say this is the first map of the WAD that left me slightly deflated, if only because it could've tried harder I feel.
  4. Biodegradable

    Anyone else think the Doom Eternal fanbase can be really rabid at times?

    While I haven't been paying any attention to whatever is going on in the nuDoom side of the community, I can assure you based on my own observations regarding discourse in the online gaming sphere for well over a decade, this bullshit is very typical with new/popular games. This isn't a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination and will dissipate over time or at the very least wither considerably. It's only REALLY LOUD and in your ear right now because of your proximity to it.
  5. Biodegradable

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Alternatively, he just clenches the torch between his pectoral muscles.
  6. Biodegradable

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I mean, if you've only got one hand, I guess it's realistic for you then. :^P
  7. Biodegradable

    Anyone else think the Doom Eternal fanbase can be really rabid at times?

    Oh boy, it's nuDoom Fans Make Me Cringe thread #4865993-B.
  8. Biodegradable

    Sandy interview clip - Bored with Nelly

    I believe the "Snake" character Sandy is referring to is Tim Willits. My reasoning being that he was one of the 4 people who made all of Quake's maps (Romero, Willits, McGee and Sandy) at the time and is the only one Sandy doesn't name in the interview. Sandy also mentions how "Snake" stayed at id Soft while many other members left over a long period of time (Willits wouldn't leave id Soft until mid-2019). He's the only person who fits the profile because the only other person who stayed at id Soft longer was Kevin Cloud, who as we all know was an artist, not a level designer. So unless there's someone else who made levels for Quake who was never credited for their work, I think Willits is the snake.
  9. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    MAP10: Leap Gates UV | Continuous Play with Saves | GZDoom OH MY GOD ENOUGH WITH THE PAIN ELEMENTALS! Ahem... so, DZ ramps up the stakes a little by throwing a lot at you in particularly cramped conditions right from the get-go. I experienced my first death of the run here thanks to the Mancubus double-team ambush in the tight caves and didn't have time to switch to a better weapon because I had really low health and was barbecued pretty much instantly lol. There's a lot of encounters like that with all sorts of devious little tricks like hiding Barons and HKs in thin alcoves behind walls, which I thought was particularly sneaky. This map feels like it's really testing your knowledge with demon attack patterns and how well you can handle taking on a crowd in very little room to maneuver, especially with the final battle at the end. Besides that one Manc Gank, I managed to survive them all, which gave me a nice little confidence boost for sure hehe especially one Revenant ambush where I got out of unscathed. That's a rarity for me, given how much grief those Bone-Heads usually give me lmao. I'm hoping the next map will give us a little more breathing room, perhaps give as some bigger area challenges so I can practice my crowd-control skills. So far, DZ seems to focus on compact maps, so I'd be interested to see how it tackles larger-scale fights.
  10. Biodegradable

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Uh @xScavengerWolfx the thread's called, Post YOUR Doom video lmao not just random vids made by other people :^P
  11. Biodegradable

    Facility Lab 08 Wad

  12. Biodegradable

    Lego Carnage - WAD DOOM 1

  13. Biodegradable

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    MAP09: Ancient Archive UV | Continuous Play with Saves | GZDoom This was a fun one that really expanded on the elevator-style puzzles from MAP07 and honestly improved it in a lot of ways and took advantage of constantly surprising the player with different area reveals, monster closest and even some secrets! Really good fun, honestly. It even had an awesome library section, which is a bonus in my book hehe. So the Archives themselves was a fun area to run around and fight in. There was also a larger emphasis on platforming in this one that I think might be an omen for what's to come as the mappers push to Think With Platforming to give us an idea of what waits for us up ahead in later maps. Oddly enough, the beginning area gave me MAP06 vibes from Doom 2 with the metal textures and compact layout. This map was also a lot longer than its predecessors, which makes me think if Doom Zero plans on shaking things up a bit and letting go of the bite-sized maps we'd been used to so far and is deciding to shift to some more medium and large-scale maps for us to traverse as we press on into the second episode.
  14. Biodegradable

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #006

    Drama, Pizza Et Tortilla UV | GZDoom and Vanilla+ This is one of the most tedious and annoying WADs I've ever played. I can see the mapper was trying to be tongue-in-cheek with the whole thing, but this player wasn't laughing alongside 'em. This thing was an agonising slogfest that set out to do nothing but disorientate, frustrate and waste my time. I fucking hated this map.
  15. So many episode WAD releases, I can't keep up with them all!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Clippy


      But it's pretty awesome that the doom community is thriving with more things than can be played!

    3. Soulless


      Dont tell me about it buddy, I stopped adding stuff to my list,

      Just finished URE2020, started DBP21, and going to check

      Imperfect Hatred or Hellevator, also mapping in the process.

      Being a doomer aint easy!

    4. Biodegradable


      We're so spoiled for choice and I wouldn't want it any other way. :^)

  16. Biodegradable

    currently making my new wad's cover img. how do you think about it?

    I too like the second one. Just 86 the big, clumsy signature.
  17. Glad to see you active on here again. Got any new maps in the works for us? ;^)

    1. Bri


      Hey mate. I'm thinking of extending Attack on IO further, but we'll see how I go. :)

  18. Biodegradable

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    I'm probably overdue for some burnout since I'm just two weeks shy of having played absolutely nothing but Doom for an entire year, save for the time I spent playing Prodeus when it came out, but honestly I'm still obsessed and love murdering Satan's children and testing works for mappers.
  19. Biodegradable

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    Yeah, but he's not a scrublord like me either lol. Incidentally, you've got to bear in mind that Civvie is an entertainer prone to exaggerating things for comedic effect, so taking everything he says as gospel is just silly. Incidentally, I don't think he's specifically at fault for painting Plutonia as HOLY SHIT, PLUTONIA'S THE WORLD'S HARDEST DOOM WAD AAAAAAA! because I've watched his vid about a million times (I have a severe addictions to his videos lmao) and he mainly highlights its meanest traps, its history for being the most difficult at the time and setting the new standard that would inspire the community for decades and also acknowledges how the community's efforts have long since surpassed Plutonia. I'd pin it more simply to its reputation rippling throughout the years among the community. It will still always reign as the most devious of the original IWADs and the bane of new player's existence when they experience it for the first time.
  20. Biodegradable

    Onn Uake.Wad

    Pretty cool map, fam. Really fun combat arenas and progression with some good detailing and use of height variation. A very strong first impression. Welcome to Doomworld! :^)