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  1. Facepalm of all facepalms... damage control much? They've literally made themselves look even worse by responding like this. The hypocrisy... Bethesda aren't making another cent from me until they show some decency because right now this dumpster fire is turning into an inferno and they're literally pouring petrol on themselves.
  2. Doom-X-Machina

    UDB Crashing

    Yes this just started happening to me also. Radeon RX570 however I don't recall doing any recent updates. I usually do them manually. Will investigate this because not having access to UDB is like cutting one of my arms off.
  3. Doom-X-Machina

    Hotkey selections in UDB?

    Hey all, been a while. How you all doing? Got a UDB question. Is there a way to hotkey a selection? Say I have a bunch of sectors that I may need to come back to a bunch of times, is there there a way to assign them a hotkey? or a group? Like in an RTS where you have a bunch of tanks on hotkey 1... just select them all when needed? Is this a thing? Cheers peeps :)
  4. Hey all, So I'm curious to know what the general consensus is among the community as to map count/map sizing in Megawads. What do you prefer as a player - 32 maps that begin small and easy and progress to larger and harder maps or fewer maps that are larger in size? The reason I ask is I'm currently replaying Scythe for the 5474th time and I feel that a few of the early maps are very short and could have been combined into larger maps, which would obviously reduce the overall map count but would probably make those maps more engaging and more "epic" per se. (not knocking them, I love the Scythe series). The megawad I'm currently working on is 15 maps but they're all very large, even MAP01 dwarfs the largest maps found in the official Doom and Doom II wads. Basically... bigger maps and less of them? smaller maps and more of them? or you don't care as long as you're engaged the whole way? Cheers :)
  5. Doom-X-Machina

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    It's a start, it is impressive and with more refinement it could look absolutely amazing but I'm gonna pass on this for now. It's still too early in development.
  6. Skipping E2M2: Containment Area everytime I play because I just... hate... that... fucking... map...
  7. I think it goes without saying...
  8. Doom-X-Machina

    Most "Inflexible" Monster in Vanilla Mapping?

    They're replaced in the ports because of lack of memory, not inflexibility.
  9. Hey friends, Looking for a resource that may or may not exist(?) but also seeking advice on how to make it myself if I need to, or if it's even possible at all... Is there a resource out there in internet land (like a spawner) that can create electrical arcs that run across the floor/ceiling/horizontal axis? I'm thinking of damaging floors that can electrocute you and have little electrical arcs running across them. I'm very familiar with the lightning spawner from Realm667 which works on the vertical axis, but is there something that does a similar thing on a horizontal? 1) Any WAD's with something like this that anyone can direct me to for ideas and inspiration? 2) If I manipulated the vertical lightning spawner by realigning the sprites horizontally would it spawn horizontally instead? 3) If I animated a sequence of textures with a transparency would it work as a thin 3D floor (UDMF) stacked on a sector floor? Any knowledge or advice would be massively appreciated :) Cheers.
  10. Doom-X-Machina

    This UDB bug is a pain; does it happen to you too?

    Is this like... you're just working away and somehow the empty dead space between major map sections becomes a sector of it's own but without textures and you don't realise it until you run it and the whole thing is a fucking mess? If yes, then I have also encountered this oddity in UDB. Thankfully I've caught onto it quickly and was able to CTRL+Z and undo a bunch of steps until before it randomly just nerfed everything. Edit: watched the video, not the same error you've encountered. I'm not sure what's causing that. Perhaps an issue with external resources not loading??? Not sure.
  11. Doom-X-Machina

    How light works in UDMF?

    It's not. You're just not taking advantage of the amazing possibilities it offers with ACS.
  12. Doom-X-Machina

    Hey guys, really silly question but.

    Use dual monitors. Once you do, you'll NEVER go back to a single monitor.
  13. Doom-X-Machina

    How light works in UDMF?

    Why make things more difficult for yourself than they need to be?
  14. Doom-X-Machina

    How does sector raise/lower timing/speed work?

    I think this is exactly what I was after. Thankyou so much dude :)