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  1. Doom-X-Machina

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

  2. Doom-X-Machina

    Most satisfying sounds in classic Doom?

    Room full of shotgunners going nuts... music to my ears... Always loved the "brrrrrrrrrrrrr" the Cacodemons make when fall to a heap on the floor.
  3. Doom-X-Machina

    How do I stop my texture file overwriting my wad file?

    Just import the entire OTEX into your WAD and create a new patch table and texture definition file that includes everything. Worked fine for me.
  4. Doom-X-Machina

    Whats your opinions on marauders

    Marauder's are awesome. Their dogs are total dogshit and make no sense whatsoever.
  5. Doom-X-Machina

    How to make enemies instantly appear?

    Well, the way I would do it... I use UDB and UDMF format so, I would build a sector outside the main map area with a tagged monster and then place a tagged teleport location where I wanted the monster to appear. Then I would set a linedef to activate when crossed to teleport that monster to the teleport location using action 71-Teleport (silent) so there's no teleport fog. Monster set to ambush mode so won't activate unless on sight or sound.
  6. Doom-X-Machina

    How fast did you finish The Ultimate Doom

    I can blast through Knee Deep In The Dead in about 20-30 mins... Shores Of Hell is where things slow down a bit... All up, all 4 episodes I can clear in about 6 hours and that's 100% kills on UV.
  7. Doom-X-Machina

    6.66 Update Crashes

    I got a similar box telling me to update my AMD Radeon drivers which I did. Haven't experienced any issues. Could be an Nvidia thing?
  8. Doom-X-Machina

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    COD:MW3's survival mode was wicked fun also. Another great take on a horde/wave/survival approach which has sadly been covered by the sands of time.
  9. Doom-X-Machina

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    +1 Gears Of War did Horde mode right.
  10. Doom-X-Machina

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    Master levels are awesome (as always)... New cosmetics are nice. Horde mode is not what I was wanting or expecting. Much left to be desired. I would've prefered a much more simple approach where it was endless waves of ever increasing difficulty that didnt end until you were dead. I don't like the bonus/traversal/blitz round bullshit. I think that's all completely unnescessary and it actually detracts from the flow and the potential of what it could've been. I may give it another spin, but first impressions weren't excitement inducing. Battlemode 2.0. It's still Battlemode. It's still garbage. It's not fun, even when you're winning. I hate it. The only way to improve Battlemode is removing it all together. For me, only the master levels are of any real interest. And still no deathmatch.
  11. Doom-X-Machina


    GZDoom. The V12 of Doom engines.
  12. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    Yeah there's some FPS drops in places, not as bad as they were in the previous version. Really tried to cut that down to a minimum. It's still not perfect but after working on it since February 2019... I'm not sure what else I can do lol But thankyou for the feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
  13. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    Yeah, if you drag both this and the Brutal Doom pk3 and drop on the GZ executable it should load everything you need. I use ZDL so I've got Brutal Doom and my mods all preloaded in a list before I boot.
  14. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    RELEASED: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cfddbsp44uowj6l/DISSENSION_v1.3_Remaster.rar/file
  15. I wouldn't advise modifying the Doom2 IWAD at all (unless you have at least 1 copy of the original backed up). PK3's have a different data structure to WAD's. The data is layed out differently (usually in folders) in a PK3. Simply throwing the contents of a PK3 into a WAD file isn't going to work. For the weapons in particular, you would have to find their DECORATE file (or their entries in a DECORATE file) and assign them a number so the builder can reference them, along with any required sprites/sounds/etc. and rebuild a new lump in your PWAD using SLADE. Don't worry, we've all done what you did... doesn't work too well lol. I managed to "reverse engineer" the BFG9500 by @Sergeant_Mark_IV from a BD-only PK3 to a GZDoom (no BD) compatible WAD but it took me a long time working out how to restructure the data into a traditional WAD lump layout. Perhaps he could help you locate the individual files you would need to extract to implant into your WAD? Ask him, we're all friends here.