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  1. Doom-X-Machina

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    I have never understood why the default went from arrow keys to WASD... Don't know who's idea it was or why they somehow thought it was an improvement... From Wolfenstein 3D all the way through to Doom Eternal... arrow keys FTW!!!
  2. Doom-X-Machina

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    Arrow keys for movement. Since 1993. Will NOT change even if you put a gun to my head. Left/right strafe. Forward/back move. Turning and mouselook controlled by the mouse. Weapon numbers on keypad. Weapon fire, doors/switches on mouse. Weapon next/previous on scrollwheel.
  3. Doom-X-Machina

    Rendering issue with sloped floors and 3D sectors...

    It's in GZDoom that it doesn't render properly. The builder is fine. I can't use UDB anyway because it continually crashes on me while DZDB Bugfix runs fine. Currently 4.8.2. I'm yet to try it with 4.11.1
  4. Hey all, So I guess my question is more of a confirmation or clarification on something I already suspect... but if there IS a way around it that someone knows and could share it with me I would be very much in your debt... :) Working on a map that I designed with jval's DD_Terrain Generator. No issues with the map so far, until I decided to place a swimmable 3D sector in a depressed gully around a building... It displays properly in GZDoom Builder Bugfix... But doesn't render properly in-game. Large chunks are missing. I'm taking an inferred guess that GZDoom has an issue with rendering a transparent floating 3D sector who's horizontal intersects a regular sector floor's diagonal beyond a certain angle? Most of these sectors render correctly and I can swim (and die) in the liquid... but some sectors on the edge banks just dont render the liquid at all... they're all sloped... so I don't understand why some work and some don't... is there a limit to the angle of the slope that creates a rendering bug? Is this indeed a GZDoom engine rendering issue? Is there a way around it or am I flogging a dead horse here? Would appreciate any help or advice if anyone out there knows more about this?? Regards, Doom-X-Machina.
  5. Doom-X-Machina

    What Is The Best, and most lightweight Doom Loader?

    Longtime user of ZDL. Never had an issue with it. No reason to change.
  6. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    They're killed via script when the final elevator switch is flicked. If you've killed everything else, you'll get 100% kills.
  7. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    Awesome :) Thankyou for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed playing it... That room in map06... if you press the switch that closes the rift gate it stops the endless spawning demons from entering ;)
  8. Doom-X-Machina

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    Thankyou so much for this!!! I honestly thought my WAD had gone unnoticed and forgotten a long time ago... this has really spurred me on to complete Dissension II. I hope you enjoyed playing it :) I enjoyed making it. It's a bit of a trip-out to see someone else playing through with their own mods and alterations and getting down with something you've created :) <3
  9. Doom-X-Machina

    How is the map actually called?

    "Oh this one!"
  10. Facepalm of all facepalms... damage control much? They've literally made themselves look even worse by responding like this. The hypocrisy... Bethesda aren't making another cent from me until they show some decency because right now this dumpster fire is turning into an inferno and they're literally pouring petrol on themselves.
  11. Doom-X-Machina

    UDB Crashing

    Yes this just started happening to me also. Radeon RX570 however I don't recall doing any recent updates. I usually do them manually. Will investigate this because not having access to UDB is like cutting one of my arms off.
  12. Doom-X-Machina

    Hotkey selections in UDB?

    Hey all, been a while. How you all doing? Got a UDB question. Is there a way to hotkey a selection? Say I have a bunch of sectors that I may need to come back to a bunch of times, is there there a way to assign them a hotkey? or a group? Like in an RTS where you have a bunch of tanks on hotkey 1... just select them all when needed? Is this a thing? Cheers peeps :)
  13. Hey all, So I'm curious to know what the general consensus is among the community as to map count/map sizing in Megawads. What do you prefer as a player - 32 maps that begin small and easy and progress to larger and harder maps or fewer maps that are larger in size? The reason I ask is I'm currently replaying Scythe for the 5474th time and I feel that a few of the early maps are very short and could have been combined into larger maps, which would obviously reduce the overall map count but would probably make those maps more engaging and more "epic" per se. (not knocking them, I love the Scythe series). The megawad I'm currently working on is 15 maps but they're all very large, even MAP01 dwarfs the largest maps found in the official Doom and Doom II wads. Basically... bigger maps and less of them? smaller maps and more of them? or you don't care as long as you're engaged the whole way? Cheers :)
  14. Doom-X-Machina

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    It's a start, it is impressive and with more refinement it could look absolutely amazing but I'm gonna pass on this for now. It's still too early in development.
  15. Skipping E2M2: Containment Area everytime I play because I just... hate... that... fucking... map...