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  1. Naked Snake

    Kentuckids need more dakka

    They come from China or other South American countries, not the United States, that was a deception being pushed by the DoJ. "OMG 90% of guns in Mexico came from the US!" they cried. Reality is, 90% of guns the Mexicans asked us to trace came from the United States, and the number they asked us to trace is infestimally small compared to the number of guns total. The guns they also asked us to trace typically were 8 to 12 years old, so they weren't even recently smuggled. Also I'd like to note that the "Fast and Furious" scandal revealed that the ATF was willingly helping suspected gun smugglers get their guns across the border. I dunno where you get your info, but think about this for a second. Why would a cartel spend 3x-6x the cost on a gun from the US, that is semi-automatic only, when they can get full-automatic versions from China, Venezuela or even divert them from Mexican military / police armories? They generally don't. Where are these cartels getting M60 squad machineguns, hand grenades, light-anti-tank rocket launchers? It sure as shit isn't Billy's Gun Shop in a Texas border town. I also like the completely bullshit line about the gun industry in the US "doing whatever it wants." That's a good way to find yourself shut down by the ATF and sent to prison, there's over 10,000 regulations on the manufacture, sale, production and distrobution of firearms in the United States. ITAR regulations prevent export unless approved, end-user certificates document where a shipment was sent, requirements to log every single firearm they create and sell, the list goes on and on. Once again, if you want to talk about an arms industry with no scruples, take a look at China, or maybe even Austria (ask yourself how Steyr weapons make themselves availible in Afghanistan / Iraq).
  2. Naked Snake

    3D printed gun

    Technically speaking, the version they made has a 6 oz block of metal in the frame specifically to set off metal detectors, but yes, somebody who was planning something bad would ignore that step. The firing pin is a metal nail, but the amount of material is not enough to set off a metal detector on its own. Somebody pointed out to me that apparently the scanners at airports use shape recognition, that's why toy guns get flagged sometimes even though they're made out of cheap pot metal and plastic.
  3. Naked Snake

    3D printed gun

    Another way to look at is that it is equivalent to decrying milling machines, lathes and wood duplicators, all of which make any variety of products, including guns. Harbor Freight can get you set up with all the shop tools you'd need to produce guns or gun parts, aside from barrels. There are quite a few barrel makers, large and small, in the US, people have tons of barrel blanks ready to be countoured and threaded already.
  4. Naked Snake

    3D printed gun

    Eh, if he wasn't acting like a lunatic, me and those dudes wouldn't have gathered the info on him. Plenty of legitimate things have criminal uses, you can make a bong out of almost anything, you can use a car to escape a bank robbery, you can use a camera to make pornography in a country where it is illegal. Criminals already have plenty of means of procuring weapons, this allows people who are disarmed and have no reasonable way of getting a firearm legally to get around that. Obviously this makes them "criminals" where this is illegal, but that doesn't bother me. As we say in the US, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."
  5. Naked Snake

    3D printed gun

    The amount of effort (work) involved in acquiring the $9,000+ for a 3d printer is greather than the amount of effort (work) involved in acquiring the $4 in materials you need to make a tube shotgun. That is the entire point, levelling the playing field, removing "skill" or even questions of legality out of the equation. Some, such as myself, are of the belief that laws that disarm the law-abiding are illegal and immoral and therefore breaking said laws is not immoral. It is not illegal in the US to openly provide blueprints for firearms, and this is already on a torrent network, that's what DefDist is. Any machinist with access to a hobbyist-level shop or greater can make a firearm of varying quality. These guys for example, build all sorts of guns, usually from scratch. People already make guns, if you boil them down to their essentials, they are quite simple machines.
  6. Naked Snake

    Kentuckids need more dakka

    Oddly enough, I was shooting a .22 like that when I was 5 and I am neither a hillbilly nor did I kill anyone. It's horrible that this boy will grow up with that strain on his heart forever.
  7. Naked Snake

    3D printed gun

    You can make a usable and safe 12 gauge shotgun with less money and effort, using readily-avalible materials and regular hand tools. A British gentlemen wrote several books on how to construct working and safe submachineguns in 9mm Luger, he also wrote books on how to make shotgun ammunition and pistol ammunition from hardware-store components and how to make gunpowder. This curiosity is merely symbolic, it is clearly designed to be an "insurgent weapon" in the same vein as the original Liberator or the CIA "Deer Gun" pistol. Not only is that creepily Orwellian, people making their own guns aren't breaking the law, Federally at least, in the United States. State laws vary, but almost all states allow you to make a firearm if you can legally possess it in said state. People could simply replace the PCB with a "clean" version that has no FBI bullshit on it and print whatever the hell they wanted. Also, wouldn't that require the printer to be connected to the Internet in some fashion? Or does it have a cellphone built in?
  8. Naked Snake

    Doom Turns 19, It's One of "Those" Birthdays

    Such a terrible transgression is unprecedented in our history! For shame, sir, for shame.
  9. Well, I'm old as shit. Decided to treat myself to a bolt-action .30-06, was looking at a Birmingham Small Arms sporterized Mauser, it was $300 last time I had went but was now $375. Next to it was a rifle that had almost the exact same lay-out (21" barrel, iron sights on the barrel), but the sights were better and it had a scope. Apparently the scope and ring combination is worth $200, so after paying $351 after tax for the whole shebang, turns out I got a great deal. The scope is a Weaver El Paso K4 fixed telescope (not variable) and it has a pivoting mount so I can drop the scope out of the way to use the iron sights. Perfect deer and bear rifle. It is a Savage Model 110, made in the US, made in Chicopee Falls, MA.

    Side 1

    Side 2

    Scope pivoted

    Scope locked in

    If my research is correct, this is possibly from the first year of production and may actually be the 5656th of this rifle ever made.

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Very nice. And 26 isn't old. In fact, that's two years younger than I am :-P

    2. ReFracture


      Nice, I like my Savage 110 .270. Need to get out and shoot the damn thing more though.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Mike.Reiner said:

      Nice, I like my Savage 110 .270. Need to get out and shoot the damn thing more though.

      If you go to a public range and see dudes shooting .30-06s, save their brass, you can reload it into .270 cartridges.

  10. Naked Snake

    Sylvester Stallone's Son Dead at 36

    It's always a horrible thing when a parent must bury their child.
  11. http://wnyt.com/article/stories/s2677899.shtml


    I met this crazy asshole on an IRC channel. One day he admitted to me that he had an illegally sawed-off shotgun and an illegally possessed handgun (he lives in New York, like me, and New York requires a permit to possess handguns). Another user of the channel pointed me to his public profile on the website the channel is dedicated to. On his profile was longitude and lattitude coordinates to his house (seriously? seriously.) and pictures of said illegal guns. Little did I know that the CETME .308 caliber rifle pictured next to his illegal handgun was in fact a fully-automatic machinegun and not a semi-automatic rifle.

    I promptly LOL'd about his stupidity and proceeded to paste his public profile in several channels and one person, who was a member of both channels, took notice and LOL'd along with me. During this time, we noted several very disturbing comments and an attitude that suggested that he and his father believed national chaos was imminent and that if it came about that he was going to be free of moral scruples. This was the impetus for us to report him to New York state authorities. We compiled as much evidence (IRC logs, URL of pictures he removed from the HTML of his profile but did not actually delete them from the image host, and his IP / hostmask) and he reported the guy to New York's crime tip line.

    As they say, the wheels of justice grind slow, but they grind fine, and as the weeks rolled into months, we wondered if the cops had forgotten about it or something, but then today he got an e-mail (the cops periodically e-mailed back and once called him) saying that they had executed a search warrant at the address provided and had recovered machineguns, sawed-off shotguns (the one he had shown us was clearly visible in the police evidence photos that the news article I read) and pistols. Turns out his father had used a Federal Curio and Relics collector license, which allows you to have elligible firearms shipped directly to your home, to transfer the pistols. However, to do so legally in New York with handguns, you must have a handgun permit, which neither of them had. The machineguns were built from lawfully-acquired parts kits, which are typically built by hobbyists into completely legal semi-automatic firearms (by law, the receivers must vary enough to not accept fully-automatic parts).

    I am very pro-gun, I do believe it should be legal to own fully-automatic firearms and it is legal in around 40 states to do so (NY not being one of them) but I also believe that ignoring unjust laws is not a moral way to protest them. It saddens me this young man has been arrested for violating laws that should not exist, particularly the law about "collapsible stocks" that New York has, but at the same time, I cannot pity him too much, he and his father knew full well that they were breaking various State and Federal laws and he was callous enough to make this public for ANYONE that Google searched his IRC nickname (first result, actually) to find.

    EDIT : technically they haven't found him or his father guilty, just charged him...but as far as cases go, they just don't get any more closed than that.

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    2. Blastfrog


      Considering [PROTOTYPE]'s recent creepy knife thread, should we turn him in to the Romanian authorities? :P

    3. Bank


      What a bizarre definition of justice you have.

    4. GreyGhost


      Sodaholic said:

      Considering [PROTOTYPE]'s recent creepy knife thread, should we turn him in to the Romanian authorities? :P

      He could become their contribution to a Syrian peacekeeping force, that's assuming the UN Security Council manages to resolve its current deadlock.

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  12. I was at a nearby gun shop to pick up some ammo for my AR-15 when I noticed a sporterized Carcano (modified for hunting as opposed to the original military configuration). The Carcano is an Italian-designed bolt-action rifle, most infamous as being the type of weapon used to strike down JFK, and this tragic incident apparently gave it an undeserved reputation as "cheap Wop junk" (excuse the slur). Well, as a result, most sitting in gun shops are marked for low prices and sold as unshootable due to rumors that they are unsafe (they aren't) or are generally poor quality in general (they aren't).

    This particular example is somewhat uncommon. It is a Model 38 in 7.35x51 Carcano, a cartridge intended to replace the 6.5x52 Carcano (they share the same case, 7.35 is merely modified to accept the larger diameter projectile). It was manufactured by an Italian state-run arsenal known as Terni in 1939, the first year of a production run of only 2 years (1939-1940). After 1940, they decided to re-adopt 6.5 due to supply issues. Thus, they stopped making Model 38s and started making them in that pattern, yet in 6.5, calling it the 91/38. A lot of 7.35 Model 38s were given to Finland as aid against the Russians, which probably confused the hell out of the Finns. "What do we do with this rifle that shoots ammo we don't use?" so they just ended up giving them to people who MIGHT NEED a rifle as opposed to ABSOLUTELY NEEDED one.

    I figured it would be a neat piece to hang on my ammo cabinet, so I asked the guy if he would take $50 for it instead of $75, he did, so after filling out Form 4473 and getting a NICS instant backround check run on me, I walked away with it in about 5 minutes.

    Right side

    Left side

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    2. Csonicgo


      Sodaholic said:

      Do unto bronies before they do unto you.

      I think the Spongebobbies are the ones that will snap first.

    3. printz


      Planky said:

      My favourite bolt action will always be the karabiner 98k.

      Heh, I made the same association when I read bolt action (that, and the Wolfenstein games).

    4. Blastfrog


      Csonicgo said:

      I think the Spongebobbies are the ones that will snap first.

      What I meant was kill them all before they make you join their ranks of ponified evil.

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  13. Naked Snake

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I actually used to be a red fish with dreadlocks, but after a few bouts of painful plastic surgery, that was the result. YMMV.
  14. Naked Snake

    Post a picture of yourself!

    This is one of the few pics I have of myself It's not too old, but not recent either.
  15. Yesterday my uncle stopped by to work on his car. While we were working, I noticed my grandpa's old .22 in his trunk. I commented on it and picked it up and he was like "oh yeah, you can have that, I don't really do anything with it anyway and I can't take care of it". I was pretty happy, I wanted it but I didn't want to bring it up. My uncle had sanded the stock down ages ago but never refinished it, so my buddy grabbed some stain and polyeurethene and refinished it. I got the metal cleaned up as best I could, looks a lot better. Now all it needs is a magazine.

    It is a Mossberg 350KA, made in the late 1950s until the middle of the 1980s. It's pretty over-engineered for a .22, built way tougher than it'd ever need to be.

    My AR-15 upper receiver arrived today, it is a Del-Ton A3 with M4 feed ramps, 16" chrome-lined barrel, mid-length gas system. Pinned and welded (fucking NY) Yankee Hill Machine muzzle brake with "agressive end". The carrying handle is from DPMS. The lower receiver is Aero Precision, the lower receiver parts kit I used was from DPMS and the A2 stock assembly (stock, tube, buffer) is from Model 1 Sales. It seems like it will be a really fun gun.

    And it continues to grow ;-P

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    2. printz


      Do you have a vault to stash all those guns?

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      printz said:

      Do you have a vault to stash all those guns?

      Nah, just a metal cabinet for the guns and a wood cabinet for the gear / ammo.

    4. Xeros612


      Not a bad collection! Could use a few handguns of course. :P
      Certainly puts my "collection" of two Mossberg shotguns to shame.

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  16. Naked Snake

    Mitchell "engineer" Keesee passes away

    Engineer was one of the few Doomers on AIM that I regularly talked to. He was a night owl like me, so often at around 3 or 4 AM it was just me and him talking about this and that. I'll miss you, man.
  17. Naked Snake

    Finally: Doom Is Legal in Germany Now

    Probably because they had better things to do than appease a foolish law that serves no purpose other than thought control. It should be relevant to you, why do you accept the fact that your Government does not believe adults can make proper decisions on what media their child consumes? Why do you accept that the Government has a hand in censorship / control of content allowed in media?
  18. On July 31st, I turned a quarter of a century old. Go me! As a sign of my decrepitness, I spent most of the day sleeping after I got home from work in the afternoon.

    My mom decided to take me shopping for clothes for my birthday, so I got three pairs of shorts and two shirts, which is all I really needed. I thought XL would be right for me but these things are fucking tents on me, but since I work in a restaurant, I don't mind. Loose-fitting clothing can be the difference between burned skin or not.

    A friend of mine got an old wood gun cabinet for me from some guy he knows, it could only hold 5 guns and had really, really tiny shelves, about a little bigger than a shotgun shell box. Needless to say, I had no use for a wooden gun cabinet when I have a metal one. However, the size and double-sided set-up were perfect to unclutter my room. After knocking all the old shelves out with a hammer and pulling the nails out of the thing, which took forever, my friend hooked me up with some old spare 2x8 boards he had. We cut them to length and then cut about a blade's worth off one pair for each shelf so it would fit. The left hand (with your back to it) top side actually has a shim using a smaller scrap piece off the end of one of the boards and a part of the old shelf (waste not, want not, right?) Another spare piece was used to make the divider on the right hand side.

    I found an OLD carving of my name from when I was like, 10, so I put it on the door. My brother bought me that Winchester plate a long time ago but I never really had a place to put it until now. I also put up a Mustang logo (says 239) with some of the small brass hangers that were in the cabinet. The shotgun and pouch belt is hanging on a stronger hanger than was also inside it.

    And a "War Room" pic just for the hell of it :-P

    1. Danarchy


      Grats on the level up. 25 is about when it all gets fuzzy. You can't remember what year anything happened in anymore and sometimes you can't even remember your age. :P

    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Danarchy said:

      Grats on the level up. 25 is about when it all gets fuzzy. You can't remember what year anything happened in anymore and sometimes you can't even remember your age. :P

      That happens to me for a few months after every birthday, I always forget that I aged so I always say I'm a year younger than I am :-P

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Happy birthday! Welcome to the start of feeling old.

  19. I got a Revelation 310C (Mossberg 500C 20 gauge made and marked under Western Auto's house brand name) a long time ago from my Uncle for free. It had a badly cracked stock that made it all wobbly, other than that, it was solid. I didn't have a good "before" pic, so I found one on Imageshack.





    Had to make a collar for the UTG forearm, my model is older.



    26" barrel was reduced to 18", the original bead was re-installed and it was ported in the style of this Mossberg 185KA 20 gauge bolt-action, 5 vertical cuts down the side. I plan on getting an OLight T15 1xAA model light and a CR123A battery tube for it. I am also most likely getting a Beamshot green laser for it.

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    2. ReFracture


      Technician said:

      I have nothing wrong with people collecting guns for a hobby. I have four riffles and two hand guns. I'd much rather they admit to that instead of hiding under a zealous title as defense. One firearm is defense, any more is a collection.

      True, saying you have a gun hobby does sound better than saying you have 20 firearms for just self defense.. heh.

    3. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Aaaaand the anti-gunners shit up another thread.

      Regardless, that shotgun sounds pretty good. Do you have a way of making videos? I'd like to see it in action.

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Technician said:

      I have nothing wrong with people collecting guns for a hobby. I have four riffles and two hand guns. I'd much rather they admit to that instead of hiding under a zealous title as defense. One firearm is defense, any more is a collection.

      This is the only firearm I own with the sole intent of using it for personal defense of my home. The rest are for their utility or historical value.

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  20. Naked Snake

    The most unique easter egg you've seen in a game.

    Duke Nukem and Blood had some good ones. Metal Gear Solid is made of Easter Eggs. Urban Brawl 1 and 2 is also made of awesome Easter Eggs and in-jokes.
  21. Naked Snake

    Bad News, Good News, Crap News

    No shocker there, I don't see Carmack sticking with the company much longer anyway. I assume he's already groomed a few in-house programmers on taking over for him. I don't really see this as hurting id, per se, because really, they could make a Hovertank 5000 based on their old DOS game and it'd sell at least 1,000,000 copies legally at say $50-60 a pop. Why shouldn't it be? Because Nintendo didn't make it? It's a pretty decently-powered machine in the palm of your hand, it has a unique interface that allows a pretty good gaming experience, I don't see why this is a problem at all. This sounds like a case of "STOP HAVING FUN, GUYS!" (note : I don't have an iPhone or a Mac :-P)
  22. Naked Snake

    Vuvuzela Rocks Doom

    As I have said before, I support the homicide of anyone over the age of 12 caught using a vuvuzela. I support the immolation and defenestration of the author responsible for this! :-P
  23. Naked Snake

    Fuck the ATF

    Gun control doesn't hold up to close scrutiny. There have been record numbers of gun sales in the past few years, yet a NOTABLE DECREASE in all manners of violent crime across the board. Ever since the 1970s as states made it easier to conceal handguns, crime lowered in those states. Florida is the prime example. High rate of gun ownership and CCW licensure and crime has dramatically lowered since then. My state of New York has relatively strict gun control, yet we have a lot of violent crime.
  24. Naked Snake

    Gunman goes on rampage

    I'm more well-armed than the average street thug, yet I could never contemplate such a horrible atrocity. I feel for the victims of this tragic assault.
  25. Yes, I got ANOTHER gun today...I am a little surprised myself, but the price was too damn good to pass up. It's a Romanian SKS, those go for $350-450 or more around here, I got this baby for $250.

    I modified it to make the bayonet seat in the stock

    1. Creaphis



    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Mr. T said:

      Is that an SKS?

      Welcome to the first sentence of my post...

    3. SYS


      Ah the SKS... I was shooting with one of those yesterday. Was out with a group of friends. Buddy who has the SKS we call him Frank Castle as he is utterly obsessed with guns. Like somebody in this blog posting :D Bayonet while a neat touch, is pretty useless in that you'll likely never need it.

      Very nice rifle to shoot with. Found it to be really accurate, or perhaps too much CoD: WAW got me accustomed to aiming with rifles since I last went shooting. Made me wish I got my FAC, he picked his up for $199.50 + 12% tax.

      They also offer the SKS with 1120 CZ rounds for only $350.

      It's the Simonov Russian SKS: http://www.leverarms.com/

      Under the headings "New Arrival" and "Special" if you want to take a look.

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