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  1. I want to make a cool DOOM desktop theme and I need a screensaver.Could someone contact me at foxstang2@netzero.net with a screensaver.NOT THE ONE WITH THE CYBERDEMON!
  2. Naked Snake

    Demon Introductions

    I owned all 4 DOOM novels and lost 3 of them...no big loss.I think those books were poorly written and not worth the paper they were written on.I just lost my last book...I was out of TP for my bunghole...
  3. Naked Snake

    RTCW and destructable stuff

    I would like to make things other than barrels and demons blow up in DOOM 3.Like running around and seeing a computer and blasting it to tiny bits of glass and like if you punch glass it hurts you.Punching a wall would make you hear the pain sound but you wouldnt lose health.