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  1. This is a silly question. Ever heard of a Total Conversion?
  2. Naked Snake

    I saw a Pinkie Demon as a hood ornament!

    As suggested, it was probably the Reaper mini used as a hood ornament.
  3. Naked Snake

    How to purchase original, boxed DOS doom?

    Ultimate Doom isn't rare.
  4. Naked Snake

    R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

    Bobby Fischer deserves no respect, because he was a crazy lunatic.
  5. Naked Snake

    Your most HATED monster?

    Actually, they probably saved a lot of man-hours and money editing the Cacodemon sprite than making a new clay model for the PE.
  6. Naked Snake

    Selling 50$

    There is probably an exemption for pieces of collectible value.
  7. Naked Snake

    3d model replacements

    There are a few, but they mostly suck, unless there was a new, better one released under my nose.
  8. Naked Snake

    So, What did you get?

    -a new HP monitor, widescreen, I think 19 or 20 inches -A pre-WWII bolt-action Russian rifle and ammunition to shoot it -Clothes -Targets to shoot -A gunsmithing book

  9. I am 5'7"

    My rifle, with bayonet attached, is 5'4"

    It came with a sling, ammunition pouch, oil canister (smothered in cosmoline, a bastard grease that protects metal parts) and the screw-driver, and cleaning-rod attachments. $99 for the rifle, $15 for S&H and $30 for the transfer fee.

    I also got a bad-ass 19" HP monitor, and we got a bad-ass 50" TV.

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    2. Sharessa


      Not if it's your own intellectual property. :O

    3. Lüt


      Huh, you've got the same smoke detector as me.

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Lüt said:

      Huh, you've got the same smoke detector as me.

      We used to have a massive metal one hanging there that made the loudest noise, I'd rather have that than that one.

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  10. Speaking of WWII, my parents got my Russian WWII-era rifle (may even be pre-WWII), which will be under the tree.

  11. Get on it, I'd eat there, bring girls there, etc.
  12. Naked Snake

    14/15 year old girl can sing like Celine Dion

    She may sing like Celine Dion, but can she fuck like Britney Spears? I'm already going to Hell, so I figured I'd just say it.
  13. This should come as a shock to nobody, but I have decided to become a Master Gunsmith. I have sent for an info packet to a gunsmithing school in Pennsylvania. Pretty sweet deal. In sixteen months, I'd be a certified Master Gunsmith, capable of operating my own shop and teaching apprentices. I'll be learning the basics of firearm operation, to the most esoteric of operations. By the end, I will literally be able to start with nothing but metal and wood and with the aid of some machines, create an entire firearm from scratch.

    Yeah, it's a pretty odd career choice, but it's what I really, really want to do with my life. Fuck working for some corporate asshole, I can be my own boss.

    After I am done with that, I plan on attending a two year college and getting a degree in small business management, so I can better learn how to properly run a business, should I start one.

    1. zark


      BBG make some awesome guns, k.

      Good luck, etc.

    2. SyntherAugustus


      With your obsession with guns I'd imagine this could work.

    3. Gokuma
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  14. Naked Snake

    R.I.P. Evel Knievel

    It sucks he didn't die the way he wanted to : in a painful motorcycle accident.
  15. Naked Snake

    Old videogames

    The password is elcyer (thanks mewse)
  16. My brother got into an accident the other day, due to road conditions, and hit a building. Heh.

    I am going to buy a bunch of cheap Russian bolt-action rifles, and then a few Nazi Germany-era bolt-action rifles. Then I am going to save up some major dough and get an M1 Garand.

    1. sgtcrispy
    2. exp(x)


      How's his dog doing?

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Both he and the dog that was not involved in the accident are fine.

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  17. Naked Snake

    Do you hunt?

    It's hunting season with shotguns here in NY and I was wondering if anyone here hunts at all? If not, do you fish? EDIT : Shit, forgot a "I'm a Greenpeace / tree-hugger asshole" option. So if you're that type of person, just say so!
  18. Naked Snake

    Do you hunt?

    Oh, yeah, in that context, yep, it's the head, then the legs are removed from the trunk. Some butchers will get the meat off the legs as well for extra sausage meat, most don't.
  19. Naked Snake

    Do you hunt?

    Then you place the tag in the lip, cheek, tongue or ankle?
  20. Naked Snake

    Do you hunt?

    No it's not. You put your deer tag in the deer's ear, call the # in and the tag must be attached when you take it to a taxidermist or a butcher.
  21. Naked Snake

    What instrument are you?

    If you were to play in a band, what instrument would you play and why? What genre would you like to perform in? As the poll shows, vocals are an "instrument". If you do play in a band, tell us the name and what you play. If I was to be in a band, I'd sing because I like to sing, I guess, heh. I have a pretty good vocal range, so genre isn't really important. If I could play guitar, I'd do that too, because you know, chicks dig guitars. I really like the sound of the electric guitar and I find it interesting how it melds with all the other instruments in a rock band (drums, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals and back-up vocals). I'd really like to play drums too, but drumming and singing can be pretty hard. Sure, it can be done, but playing a guitar or just standing there singing is a little easier.
  22. Naked Snake

    Halloween thread

    I worked on Halloween, and was glad.
  23. Heh.

    AC/DC's new DVD set kicks ass. They scoured the globe, searched for old-ass films and dusted off the archives of national TV networks. And it was worth it.

    I think what makes AC/DC so damn awesome is the live show. Sure, on a CD they sound pretty good, until Fly on the Wall, but when it's live, it just seems to be better. Even once-crappy songs like Flick of the Switch just gain this extra bad-ass edge.

    I dunno how many of you all dig AC/DC, and to what extent, but if you liked the Bon Scott era, there's some pretty memorable shows / songs on the first DVD, which is all Bon Scott.

    I got the three-disc set and it came with some stickers, repos of backstage passes, and a sweet poster, plus a booklet with words and peekchars! I haven't checked out the third disc yet, but I will soon.

    1. GGG


      Naked Snake said:

      on another AC/DC note, since you mentioned it, The Razors Edge is when they started to not suck again, Ball Breaker saw the return of Phil Rudd and a return to their earlier blues/rock sound.

      Cover You In Oil could have used a little work (it doesn't get any more repetitive than that) but the rest of that album rocks.
      So, the band is apparently actually in their studio recording their next album now and not just saying they are.

      Danarchy said:

      Always hated AC/DC though.

      Only Losers hate AC/DC.

    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Danarchy said:

      Always hated AC/DC though...they're one of those bands I'll always turn off the radio when they come on.

      Oh thank god I'm not alone.

    3. spank


      Lüt said:

      <font size=16>O</font>_o

      No band that has even an average recording job will ever sound better live. If they do, then they should do more than a first take while recording the album.

      Well, that, or you need a better home stereo system - sometimes I forget not everybody listens to music on studio equipment :P

      SYL's Oh My Fucking God sounds much, much cleaner on No Sleep Till Bedtime than on City! I remember having a tough time deciding out which was actually the actual original version back in the AudioGalaxy days. Then again NSTB is one of the best recorded live albums I know. THEN again, Devin Townsend is a great producer.

      Also, there are some slight mistakes in Dream Theater's Scenes From A Memory that the band manages to correct in the live version of the album.

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  24. These past few weeks I've been ordering at least one thing a week.

    -Rammstein Voelkerball Limited Edition 2 CD, 2 DVD with huge-ass photo-book $30
    -Rammstein Live Aus Berlin DVD $13
    -AC/DC Live in Donnington $10
    -AC/DC Family Jewels (it's a 2 DVD set, one covers the Bon Scott era and the other covers Brian Johnson's tenure) $10
    -AC/DC Plug Me In Limited Edition 3-DVD set with reproduction memorabilia. Like Family Jewels, Disc One is devoted to Bon Scott, and Disc Two is nothing but Brian Johnson. The special third DVD contains material from both singers. $34

    1. printz


      Yet you've spent 97 dollars, yick.