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  1. Yesterday my uncle stopped by to work on his car. While we were working, I noticed my grandpa's old .22 in his trunk. I commented on it and picked it up and he was like "oh yeah, you can have that, I don't really do anything with it anyway and I can't take care of it". I was pretty happy, I wanted it but I didn't want to bring it up. My uncle had sanded the stock down ages ago but never refinished it, so my buddy grabbed some stain and polyeurethene and refinished it. I got the metal cleaned up as best I could, looks a lot better. Now all it needs is a magazine.

    It is a Mossberg 350KA, made in the late 1950s until the middle of the 1980s. It's pretty over-engineered for a .22, built way tougher than it'd ever need to be.

    My AR-15 upper receiver arrived today, it is a Del-Ton A3 with M4 feed ramps, 16" chrome-lined barrel, mid-length gas system. Pinned and welded (fucking NY) Yankee Hill Machine muzzle brake with "agressive end". The carrying handle is from DPMS. The lower receiver is Aero Precision, the lower receiver parts kit I used was from DPMS and the A2 stock assembly (stock, tube, buffer) is from Model 1 Sales. It seems like it will be a really fun gun.

    And it continues to grow ;-P

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    2. printz


      Do you have a vault to stash all those guns?

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      printz said:

      Do you have a vault to stash all those guns?

      Nah, just a metal cabinet for the guns and a wood cabinet for the gear / ammo.

    4. Xeros612


      Not a bad collection! Could use a few handguns of course. :P
      Certainly puts my "collection" of two Mossberg shotguns to shame.