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  1. Well, I'm old as shit. Decided to treat myself to a bolt-action .30-06, was looking at a Birmingham Small Arms sporterized Mauser, it was $300 last time I had went but was now $375. Next to it was a rifle that had almost the exact same lay-out (21" barrel, iron sights on the barrel), but the sights were better and it had a scope. Apparently the scope and ring combination is worth $200, so after paying $351 after tax for the whole shebang, turns out I got a great deal. The scope is a Weaver El Paso K4 fixed telescope (not variable) and it has a pivoting mount so I can drop the scope out of the way to use the iron sights. Perfect deer and bear rifle. It is a Savage Model 110, made in the US, made in Chicopee Falls, MA.

    Side 1

    Side 2

    Scope pivoted

    Scope locked in

    If my research is correct, this is possibly from the first year of production and may actually be the 5656th of this rifle ever made.

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Very nice. And 26 isn't old. In fact, that's two years younger than I am :-P

    2. ReFracture


      Nice, I like my Savage 110 .270. Need to get out and shoot the damn thing more though.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Mike.Reiner said:

      Nice, I like my Savage 110 .270. Need to get out and shoot the damn thing more though.

      If you go to a public range and see dudes shooting .30-06s, save their brass, you can reload it into .270 cartridges.