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  1. I hate racists. Yes, I will admit, I have used racial slurs, but never did I mean it seriously. Racist groups like the KKK in America should be banned and the governments of the world should ban racist groups as well. Racism is disgusting and vile and the last racist I met, I damn near killed the sick asshole.

    "Yeah, when I grow up, I'm gonna break into nigger's houses and crush their babies heads, so that means less niggers"

    Let me tell you, after that fuckhead said THAT, there was nearly a lynch mob on his ass, which would be ironic, the racist getting lynched. Actually, it isn't just racism, I also really hate religiously intolerant assholes. I've talked to a few priests in my day and they have told me that they honestly do not feel any contempt towards any religions because they believe God gave us free will for a reason. I do NOT like it when people believe that it's either their religion or you have to die. It's bullshit.

    Homosexuality, IMO, is fine, but I really dislike homosexuals that fling their sexuality in your face all the damn time. They're just looking for attention, that's how I look at it. One guy my uncle worked with was gay and out of the closet, yet you'd never know he was gay unless you were told. Now, I've seen some homosexuals walking on the streets wearing pink shirts and talking retarded, that's just them going "LOOK AT ME! I NEED TO BE THE CENTER OF FUCKING ATTENTION ALL THE TIME". It's bullshit.

    Discrimination against people with mental disabilities is vile too. I saw some kids pestering this kid who was retarded and I got super pissed. It's not his fault, and frankly, he probably has a better chance of living in society. He could read, write, do math and basic work like being a cashier or stockboy, which is pretty good, some mental retards cannot do even that.

    The human race sickens me sometimes.

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    2. KDarigal


      Ultraviolet said:

      Leaders by example have better followers than leaders by force.

      ...leaders by example have a harder time getting followers, though. Flashiness gets you noticed, and there's nothing flashier than force, apparently.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Flashiness is tacky as hell. So nyah. :D

    4. StRiKeR


      fraggle said:

      nigga please

      LMAO, lets mix all the crackas and milk chocolate into a nice big vat and have a party!